Not in Mainstream Media: US-sponsored Israel Bombs Damascus after Midnight

Shortly after midnight, the people of the Syrian capital Damascus were awakened by terrible very strong sounds of explosions coming from the outskirts of their city, short calm, another series of the same sounds, a Syrian soldier was killed, 5 others injured, Qudsaya residential district received shrapnel from the incoming missiles, several houses and vehicles damaged.

Have you heard about this latest bombing in your preferred mainstream media? It happened yesterday 9th of February, I couldn’t report it on time because I had the flu for the past 3 days and just recovering and no, I didn’t take the experimental vaccine, and God forbid I would be forced to under any condition, back to the story.

The fact that none of the western mainstream media made this a headline in their news bulletins tells a lot, they’re trying to normalize these war crimes. Why should they report it as headlines? Every NATO member state is heavily invested in Israel’s military capability and any war involving Israel will instantly turn into a regional war ‘highly likely’ develop into a larger war.

If it wasn’t for the 146 BILLION US dollars Israel receives in direct cash from the US taxpayers, and the constant supplies of weapons, munition, and gears, in addition to willfully granting the Israelis access to advanced US military and spying facilities and the Israelis granting themselves access to the US military and spying facilities they’re not supposed to access, and if it wasn’t for the direct political support and the wars the US fought on behalf of Israel against each of its enemies since it was built on stolen land to settle Euroasian Jews in the heart of the Arab world, to the extent that the USA has accumulated 30 trillion dollars because of those wars (7 trillion in direct cost as per Donald Trump and the rest for the banks lending the USA that money, guess who owns them?!) If it wasn’t for all of that and for the thousands of US servicemen and women killed in those wars, Israel wouldn’t survive one month.

Surely, the US citizens enjoy a very high standard of living, they have eliminated poverty in their country, there’s not a single homeless, their children do not have student loans, and their sick receive free healthcare, enjoy the utmost liberties and freedoms that they can spare all that extra money to finance Israel and all its acts, and to finance their war machines going around the globe starting wars and conflicts under the guise of spreading democracy and freedoms to the rest of the world.

See why the mainstream media should have reported this triple war crime as headlines in their news? Triple because the first bombing came from over Lebanon violating that country’s air, and then because of bombing Syria, twice, a sovereign state who happens to be combating the world’s largest terrorist army on behalf of humanity, mostly alone.

I reiterate: the Syrians have very long patience, once they’re fed up with the BS against them payback will be painful, whoever is behind their enemies, after all, all of the previous empires fell under Damascus’s feet, even when France occupied Syria Paris fell to the Germans in WWII; if you don’t know history try reading an unbiased history book, or if you don’t like history, try reading Mark Twain and what he wrote about Damascus, and by the empire here I’m not referring to Israel, I’m referring to its sponsor(s). You can ask those from ISIS, you can get access to them through Langely, or ask the US and British occupation forces in Iraq 2003 – 2009.

This gem by American political analyst Miri Wood details more about this latest Israeli war crime: Israel Bombs Damascus: Soldier Martyred.

Your objective comments are always welcome.
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