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Intercontinental Wars – Part 3 The Open Confrontation

Intercontinental Wars – Part 3 The Open Confrontation is one of 3 parts documentary series by the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen News Channel, the documentary is invaluable and addressed to Arabic viewers and we took the initiative to translate it this part. The documentary covers a number of pressing topics including and not limited to the Euroasian issue, […]

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Arkansas ‘Charity’ Still ‘Testing’ on Little Girls in Idlib

In November, Syria News wrote a piece on an Arkansas ‘charity’ funding a woman-less women’s center in Idlib, whose reputed cosmetology students were tested on their skills in painting little Syrian girls as though putting them on the Epstein market. The class consisted of two students, completely covered in niqab, one of whom was actually a man, identified […]

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More NATO Terror against Syria While Media Avert Their Gaze

NATO terrorists continued their second day of trying to sate their insatiable blood lust, celebrating the latest cessation of hostilities. On 14 January, NATO supported snipers opened fire on al Nawra Square in the Jam’ayat al Zahra neighborhood of Aleppo City. One civilian was murdered. Western outskirts of the city and safe villages have been targeted in […]

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Israel Launches New Air Aggression on T-4 Airport in Homs, Syria

At 2210 on 14 January, Israel launched a new criminal aggression against Syria, bombing the T-4 Airport in eastern Homs countryside. The criminal jets came from the region of al Tanf — where Trump regime illegal occupation forces have a base — near the Syrian-Iraqi border. ISIS’ first air force in Syria dropped several bombs, most of which were […]

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US Defense Secretary Esper Says Trump Lied to Justify Killing Soleimani

Mark Esper, the former US Secretary of Defense (it’s a matter of time now) said that his chief Donald Trump lied to the US citizens about the justification to carry out the most heinous murder crimes against two top commanders who fought ISIS and saved US and European lives, including the soldiers from the USA and Europe. […]

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NATO Diplomats Bark over Detention of UK Envoy; Neglect to Read Vienna

NATO diplomats have again exposed their arrogant peak colonialism, barking outrage over the short detention of UK’s Robert Macaire, in Tehran. Spewing exceptional smugness, the usual NATO clique may imagine saying Vienna! will suffice in intimidation, that none could actually read the protocols. We appended below the post the related articles of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations […]