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The political analyst and editor-in-chief of ULUSAL TV, Adnan Turkkan, said in an interview in terms of the situation in Turkey`s neighbouring country Syria that the influx of the Western-backed foreign militants into Syria comes as the Turkish government under Erdogan is set to deploy six Patriot missile batteries in different Turkish cities along its about 900-kilometer long border with Syria.

Also the Russian, Iranian and Iraqi governments are sceptical about the real reasons for the deployment of Patriot missile batteries at the Turkish-Syrian border by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization – but some call it North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

NATO recently stated the questionable plan to deploy about six Patriot missile batteries to Turkey in order to “protect Turkey” from potential missile strikes by its neighbouring country Syria although the possibility of a Syrian missile strike against Turkey is next to nothing, virtually zero. Some believe that this stated reason of a missile strike by Syria against Turkey will never happen and that this is only a pretext by NATO.



While the German Bundestag is asked to agree on the deployment of German soldiers and surface-to-air missiles (Patriot missiles) to Turkey for the solidarity defence of the NATO area and this approval is deemed to be safe, the prominent Turkish columnist Abdullah Bozkurt, who is very close to the Turkish government, triumphed in the pro-government Turkish daily Today`s Zaman on Friday.

Thereby, this prominent Turkish columnist Bozkurt has casually explained that the German soldiers get by no means deployed to Turkey because of defence reasons, how it was communicated to the German Bundestag, but that the German soldiers and Patriot missiles should serve in reality a very different purpose in Turkey:


Following is the translation of a German Blog post about the information by a Russian journalist who is currently in Turkey in order to collect information and reports about the machinations of the Turkish government which is led by Erdogan.

The Russian journalist was already able to speak with some interesting people who have an insight in the developments between Turkey and Syria, but also in the machinations of both sides. The conclusion of this Russian journalist is sad and horrible.

A real war between Turkey and Syria seems to be imminent, because the Erdogan leadership is totally interested in and the Syrian side knows that all possible actions are worthless to prevent it in the end. The next war crimes by NATO member states and allies are imminent and the main stream media and so-called journalists in Western and Gulf States are also responsible for the crimes that happened and the crimes and violence that will happen.

Sevim Dağdelen is a German politician of Turkish origin and she is a member of the German Left Party (die Linke); she is also a member of the German Bundestag since the year 2005. The politician Sevim Dağdelen has also participated in the State dinner with the German chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House in Washington.

Since this year, Sevim Dağdelen has faced (hypocritically) criticism for her signing of a document that is accusing the United States of preparing a war against Syria and Iran. Of course, in a better world, this accusation would not be named controversial by media and other politicans in Germany, but presented as the truth, considering that the facts are no more able to keep secret.

In contrast to a lot, many other politicians in Germany, Sevim Dağdelen is one of the politicans that not only sees through current events and backgrounds, but she also has “balls enough” to speak the truth. Although it will not change anything, she has deserved respect for her stance and the statements, while the most other German politicans, including the Foreign Minister and Chancellor, have no backbone.

In addition, it is a fact that Germany is blackmailed by the United States, the Israeli regime and some other governments and organizations. Take our side against Syria and Iran, or face the situation that you do not get any Intelligence information anymore while the great economic deals are carried out with others, and so on. It is a hypocritical world. Politics is sometimes a whore, but with increased regularity one noble whore, for money, she does almost everyone.


The anti-Syrian war alliance of U.S., EU, Turkey and the Arab League, which calls itself even the so-called “Friends of Syria”, a clear mockery, still tries to undertake all possible efforts to thwart an internal Syrian peaceful settlement. Led by the U.S. administration, which make no secret of it anymore, that they share all costs of the so-called armed rebellion with the Saudi regime in the Levant.

At a meeting of the alleged so-called “Friends of the Syrian people”, the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has again announced to an increase in financial assistance to the armed opposition to an additional 45 million dollars, which will be recorded as “humanitarian aid”, although that is truly a wrong name for this blood money, and above all, a mockery.

The public has long been accustomed that these imperialist wars get palmed as humanitarian aid. The recent history is full of these imperialist wars that were sold to the public as humanitarian aid and/or a war against terrorism.


Yesterday, NATO held a Council meeting, which was demanded by Turkey. The intruder, Turkey, should persuade the NATO, that it was attacked by the Syrian Air defense.

Such an absurd claim by Turkey, that not even NATO wanted to expose oneself to ridicule. And thus, the NATO council meeting became a feigned meeting. Given the facts, hardly surprising.

But the anger and aggression behind the clown mask has a good reason. NATO was given on its paws. For example, Andrei Areschew (Andrej Areschew) reports detailed about the backgrounds.


On Monday, the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle traveled to the Middle East to discuss on site with his new democratic cuddly friends some solutions for Syria.

The German Foreign Minister Westerwelle has just chosen the dictatorship of Qatar to seek ways for democracy in Syria, while in Qatar, people who are not members of the minority, the leadership, have fewer rights and some would even say, these people in Qatar have no rights at all. But Germany does not care as long as they can achieve its duties and even gain some benefits.

Although the only thing, that one knows about Qatar, however, is the oppression and disenfranchisement of the population. How is such a dictatorship, such a regime, which has not even begin to democratic structures or accepted these, deliver democracy in another country? Is Germany on drugs?

Sure not, the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle knows, what he does, although a lot of Germans would put this into question, and Germany overall, wants to benefit from this farce, the so-called “Arab Spring“. That Germany wants to benefit from these situations in some countries is already proven by the German intentions in Egypt and, in addition, by the German interests for the time after the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


The following text is the translation of a blog entry of the ANNA News journalist Marat Musin, who was in the region of al-Houla (Houla/Hula – near the Syrian city of Homs) last week and who has own experiences how the horrible “Houla massacre” in Syria happened and who is behind the violent and horrible massacre near Homs.

The translation about the own investigations of the journalist Marat Musin, together with Olga Kulygina, about the massacre in al-Houla (al-Houleh/al-Hula) was made with best intentions, you can find the original text of Marat Musin (ANNA News) about the horrible events in Syria at the end of the translation.

As you can see, the explanations and descriptions about the “Hula massacre” (Houla massacre) differ, but considering that Marat Musin has been near al Rastan and the location of the horrible massacre, which was not the only massacre, carried out by armed groups last week in Syria, the question remains:

Why is the UN Human Rights Council not interested in using the information of this journalist Marat Musin and Olga Kulygina for the so-called investigations of the “Houla massacre”, but relies on the typical sources like phone calls with the Syrian opposition members and so on (more information)?

Translation of the information / article by Marat Musin:

Whenever the West needs an excuse to justify an invasion of the UN-NATO Connection on a sovereign country; whenever a session of the UN Security Council is announced, so-called “peaceful demonstrators” are shot by “Assad’s regime”.

Facts? No evidence, no facts! The German mainstream media babble and publish their articles in the manner of the requirements of the psychological warfare, like it is ordered by the people behind the curtains.

Western Politicians condemn the Syrian President al-Assad unilaterally, although they should know it better. From responsible politicians it is expected, that they want to know the facts to evaluate them, and to come to balanced results.


Since yesterday, the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan is again in the Syrian capital Damascus and he now wants to sign the final papers with the Syrian government for the use of UN observers in Syria.

Upon his arrival, Kofi Annan took the time to condemn the massacre of al-Houla (Hula/al-Houleh) and called for an investigation of the events in this place, which apparently only got this name by an intervention of the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the scheming of Google / Google Maps.

Already yesterday, Kofi Annan met with the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem, and will talk with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad today, before he will hold talks with representatives of the opposition.

Annan’s visit presents an important point in terms of implementing the peace plan, but the recent massacre of al-Houla (Hula) is like a Damocles sword above him and his mission. The so-called six-point peace plan by Kofi Annan for Syria is still officially promoted and, in public, the West sees this plan as the only solution for the situation in Syria.