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Just before noon today August 14, 2017, the last chapter in the Arsal and its rural area horrific days started to end after 3 years of daily crimes and terror… Continue reading: Cleaning of Arsal Completed | Syria News

Security forces in Lebanon arrest members of a network recruiting for ISIS terrorist organization and smuggling recruits into Syria.

Continue reading: Security Forces in Lebanon Arrest an ISIS Recruiting Cell

Israelis trying to find a way to get out of the mess they found themselves in after their agents in ISIS and al-Qaeda operating under the FSA banner against the Syrian state not only failed in their mission but brought… Continue reading: Israel’s Next Confrontation with Hezbollah will be Against a Whole Axis

According to a Lebanese Resistance (Hizbullah) military source, ISIS controls a much larger swath of land in the rural areas of Arsal town in East Lebanon… Continue reading: Lebanon: ISIS in Arsal Large Land Few Terrorists | Syria News

Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah Fighters advance in rural Flaita, Western Qalamoun Mountains, taking over control of a number of hills on Kora 1, 2, Qarnat.. continue reading: SAA and Hizbullah Advances against Nusra Terrorists in Qalamoun | Syria News

Source: Maaloula Receives Bodies of 5 Christian Martyrs Killed in Lebanon by Nusra Front

image-Maaloula receives bodies of 5 Christian martyrs killed by FSA Nusra Front in Lebanon

“Israel and Terror are two sides of the same coin” – Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari defaces the ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ at the United Nations Security Council reminding all members of the real focus of the meeting which Western members and their regional stooges try to sway it away from discussing the Israeli occupation.. continue reading: Jaafari at UNSC: Israel and Terror are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Syria has largely returned to the Internet and half Russia sinks into the booze. This happened because the blackout of the Internet was seen as something threatening and the word made the round that in the case when Syria latches back into the Internet and Bashar al-Assad is still the president, they wanted to get drunk due to the joy about it.

Well, all right, there is a little reason to celebrate, even if the situation is still anything but relaxed. Shortly before the end of the blackout, the Russian online newspaper “Vzglyad” reported, citing an “Israeli television channel”, that Damascus would be surrounded by a 40,000-strong “opposition army”.

First, heavy fighting was already reported in three towns near the Damascus International airport and that Syrian residents situated in the southern district Jaramana would already organize vigilante groups.


The enemies of Syria have been planning this catastrophe for a long time, and the different stages have been orchestrated very diligently.

Ever since the independence of Syria and Lebanon, Syria has been dubbed Lebanon’s “big sister”, and in more ways than one, Lebanon has depended heavily on Syria. Even during the period of political and financial instability, Syrian wealth was exported to Lebanon when Lebanon was having its golden age.

When the Syrian troops entered Lebanon in 1976 on request of the Lebanese government, they went in to establish peace and to enforce a cease fire. Whilst that elusive objective was not reached till 12 years later, Lebanon was the country that was unstable whilst Syria prospered and moved towards more and more stability.


Various sources report that since today 12 o`clock GMT +1, the Internet and mobile phone network of all Syria were completely shut down. This does not only apply to SANA, the Syrian state news agency.

Indeed, Syrian contacts via Skype are no longer accessible; E-mails do not arrive to the receiver. It is clear that the thing was planned and coordinated

There are two ways of explaining it.

In Pakistan, for example, the government shuts down the mobile network in the cities every now and then in order to prevent mobile / radio controlled explosives from being detonated. Given the terror war against Syria, this could be a measure of the government.