NATO-sponsored Terrorists Infighting Kills and Maims Dozens of People in Northern Syria

When terrorists fight over territories and bounties of war they have no limits in their war crimes, the sad part is as always, the civilians who are caught in between pay the hefty price of this infighting.

The date was last Wednesday, 2nd of February, the location the main market of the Al-Bab city in the northeastern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo province, the type of the attack was an artillery bombing targeting the market, the casualties: 10 killed and 32 maimed, most of them are civilians if not all of them.

I suggest the reader finds out what the word ‘maim’ means from any dictionary online to realize the picture, in most cases, it’s worse than getting killed.
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The fighting parties, and here you will understand why I wrote NATO-sponsored in the title: The Al Qaeda and its affiliated forces fighting alongside the Turkish army and under its protection; the Turkish army is the 2nd largest army in NATO, and they are fighting against the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists sponsored directly by the US army illegally deployed and operating in Syria; the US army is the largest army in NATO.

The cause of the fighting is the territorial control over this strategically located city and in the process the control of the Syrian oil and its route in the region, the water especially from the Euphrates river, the wheat, barley, and cotton widely grown in the region in addition to a lot of assorted produce and olive trees, the result, nobody won and dozens of Syrian families suffered.

After the bombing, just to see how cheap these terrorists are, a side agreement was reached between the commander of the Kurdish SDF terrorists in Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, and Raqqa provinces in the northeast of Syria, and Al Qaeda terrorists in the north and northwest to sell the stolen Syrian oil extracted from the Syrian wells occupied by the Kurdish SDF and their US army units who are ‘democratizing’ these wells, sell the stolen oil to the Al Qaeda’s main faction called the HTS which is directly connected to the family business run by the Bilal Erdogan, the son of the Turkish madman Erdogan and NATO’s 2nd strongest leader, and his former PM Yildrim, most of the stolen Syrian oil is later sold to Israel and paid for by the US taxpayers…!

Side note: I challenge anybody to discredit any single word of the above.

More in this report: Al-Bab: NATO Forces Infighting Massacre 10 Civilians, Maim 32 Others.

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