Syrian Refugees Camp in Northern Lebanon Burned Down by Lebanese Terrorists

Lebanese terrorists attacked a group of Syrian workers returning to their homes / tents after a long labor cheap day in the northern town of Minya in Lebanon, after a quarrel and gun shooting in the air the Lebanese terrorists attacked the camp where the families of the Syrian workers were and set the tents on fire.

Many injuries mostly of burns and hundreds of Syrians were left without shelter and without their belongings in the freezing night of late December.

The crime of the Syrian refugees is trying to earn some money to support their families in the winter accepting lower wages from the Lebanese employers especially that the world only remembers when trying to convince them not to return to their country Syria in order to use them in the political blackmailing of the Syrian government.

It’s not enough the Syrian refugees have fled their original homes in their towns and villages because of the terrorist attacks that were highly sponsored by Lebanese politicians and Lebanese fanatics, it’s not enough that they accept to live in miserable conditions after being proud citizens, mostly farmers as the terrorists attacked remote villages the most, and it’s not enough it’s winter and they accept to work for longer hours for lesser pay, then you have these Lebanese fanatics working for the Saudis and the US.

The Lebanese authorities did their job and arrested 6 of the Syrian workers for trying to defend themselves, they further arrested a number of the Lebanese terrorists they called ‘Lebanese youth’ even though the official statement by the Lebanese Army confirmed finding ‘war weapons, munition, and military equipment’ in their houses.

Details in this report: Lebanese Terrorists Set Fire to Syrian Refugees Tents in a Camp – video included.

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