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US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta has signed an order to deploy two Patriot air-defence missile batteries to Turkey, he said in an exclusive interview with the propaganda station CBS News. The Patriot missiles are expected to bolster Turkish defences against Syria but in reality the missiles are sent to Turkey in order to help to create and to protect a buffer zone in Syria near the Turkish border.

Thus, the US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta has misunderstood his office as Secretary of defence because it has nothing to do with defence. Of course, the two Patriot air-defence missile batteries that will be deployed to Turkey by the United States are followed by about 400 American “servicemen” in order to operate these missile batteries.

Already on 4 December, the questionable NATO Foreign Ministers have approved the deployment of Dutch and German Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish-Syrian border. Of course, the deployment of the German and Dutch Patriot missile batteries to Turkey is not happening in order to protect a NATO ally because Syria will not start a war of aggression against Turkey.


In Syria, the new week has again started with terrorist attacks and explosions, where many people died; dozens were injured and transported to the hospitals. The attacks occurred in the capital Damascus as well as in Hama and the area of Idleb (Idlib) – further heavy fighting between the Syrian Arab army and the Western-backed terrorists happened in other regions.

Although the attacks were clearly carried out by the groups of mercenaries, who are still celebrated as rebels in the Western media, there are still no signs that these crimes of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) will be brought to justice, or at least, will be criticized by the West and its media. What a shame for the so-called democratic West and the allegedly “free press”.

Many of the attacks were and are focused on buildings of the state power, police offices and bases of the Syrian Arab army, further terrorist attacks are clearly focused on civilian areas and Syrian civilians.

Syria sinks ever further into chaos and blood, but the so-called “free press” in the West is not listening to the Syrian people within Syria, all what they have to do in the West is feigning some sympathy and to further pursue the known “policy” towards Syria – by the help of the propaganda in the Western media.


First of all, the empathy with the feelings, the value system and the culture of people in foreign countries, is certainly something positive. Empathy is associated with an understanding of the others, and the understanding of others can and should lead to a respect for the other.

Davutoglu said in the interview: “It is possible to have zero problems if the other actors respect our values.” Of course, there is a further requirement for zero problems in the point that Turkey also respects the values of other actors.

Given the values ​​and principles-based empathic foreign policy by Davutoglu, one may safely assume rightly, that the reason why he has not mentioned this is that Davutoglu assumes this as a matter of course. The empathetic foreign policy, which is approached and favoured by Davutoglu, is therefore based on the principle of mutual respect. This is also a classic formula in the world history of foreign policy.

Nevertheless, the empathic acceptance of different identities in different places is not a traditional foreign policy. Is it thinkable that an American Secretary of State travels to Delhi, and then he declares himself as Indian guy there? Is it thinkable, that a German foreign minister travels to Riyadh, and then, on location, he declares himself as Saudi? Is it thinkable that a British foreign minister travels to Tokyo, and then he declares himself as Japanese? These ideas sound already really weird.

When a foreign minister travels to another country, he usually emphasizes the excellent characteristics of the own national identity – often drawn in the beautiful colours of the positive stereotypes – for example, US-American strength, German reliability or British behaviour.


“The European Union does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. On the contrary, according to the motto “War is Peace” of the novel 1984 the awards ceremony bears Orwellian traits.

The militarization of the EU, its aggressive foreign and security policy with numerous missions around the world, as well as the anchoring of a commitment of armament and an own defense agency in the Lisbon Treaty, receives now the glory of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Instead to honour whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning and Julian Assange on behalf of thousands of people, who stand up boldly for peace and are pursued for this, the Nobel Committee continues the tendency to give its Nobel Peace Prize to the protagonists of the prevailing world order, which enforce by war.”


From the interests of Qatar in Syria, much has already been written. Here, one is able to summarize all things which have been said, in one simple sentence: for Qatar, this is a pure war about infrastructure, whereby the country tries to address multiple, otherwise intractable problems.

First, it is about a blockade of Iran and the thwarting of its continental connections to Europe. Then, it is the attempt to establish a monopoly over the natural gas pipelines in the region; that would make the “bottleneck”, the Strait of Hormuz, which the Qatari super tanker have to continually pass through, make more or less irrelevant at the same time. Pure logistically, on this route, also the Suez Canal belongs to the bottlenecks.

A hand-tame Syria would also solve the problem of competition with the Transcaucasian (Azerbaijan) Trans-Caspian (Turkmenistan) natural gas supplies, which are a problem, once somebody imports them into a pipeline system that is not controlled by Qatar.

All in all, the disappearance of Syria from the map would open a range of possibilities for Qatar, which would elicit one or two clicks of the tongue of the voluminous Emir.


In a Washington Post article that appeared today, July 29th, 2012, under the title White House cautions Syria rebels not to repeat mistakes of Iraq, Obama regime has threatened to kill the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad and warned the terrorists from the USA Al Qaeda Federal Agency working in Syria not to “completely disband the Syrian security and government ‘apparatus'”, referring to Syrian army, security officers and police forces.

We had to warn the Obama regime of such a crime that would definitely lead to major regional war with mega devastation, if not World War 3. Here is what we wrote as a comment on the same article, hoping some wise men, if any left, in the drone president administration would move to stop such a war before it’s too late:

If Obama regime said: “if president Assad is killed” that means they are planning to kill him, and that means they’re far way stupid, or better say: mad and rabid, than we thought or imagined.

Don’t they learn from their own mistakes? They killed 4 leaders in the Syrian government: minister of defense, his deputy, a former general who is aide to the deputy vice president and the head of national security of Syria, the result? The Syrian army went on full ground assault against the terrorists with no mercy to revenge their leaders, while those same slain leaders were holding it back giving the terrorists a chance after another to lay down their weapons and engage in a political dialogue. I’m sure this might be news for many of you, because the media made you think otherwise, I’m talking about reality on the ground and not the virtual world the media created and moved you to live in it.

Syrian army is not a bunch of pawns or slaves, those who don’t know should understand that 16 months of all types of disinformation, and an unprecedented campaign from all NATO media tools including this Washington Post itself, couldn’t deviate this army not even an inch away from its responsibilities. Now kill their leader and cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Doha, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Athens and many others would turn into ruins. Ask those few wise men left in the Obama regime and they’ll tell you the range of the Syrian missiles, I didn’t mention the so called israel, because it’ll cease to be inhabitable. The Syrian army has its orders and field leaders can react to any event without returning to any ‘political’ leadership. It’s in a state of war against thousands of terrorists already inside the country, so they won’t wait orders, trust me on this.

If Obama regime is after Armageddon, then it should say so, Syria’s foreign ministry spokesperson already hinted at Samson option: All in all out destruction in the event of a foreign attack, and killing the president of the country is a foreign attack. Read between the lines.

It doesn’t matter if Obama himself bragged about killing president Assad later, or Al Zawahri, the head of the USA Federal Agency known by Al Qaeda. The enemies of Syria have already declared their names: all of those who convened under the name of ‘Friends of Syria’.

Call on your leaders to reason, the world is still too young for such a destruction, lots of WMDs exist in israel and for sure it’ll retaliate using them, but it’ll be its own Samson option as well.

“If you’re not careful, the newspaper will have you hating the people who are being oppressed & loving the people doing the oppressing” – MalcomX

And I keep saying: “They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable”.

After the entire world confirmed that Syria has won one of the worst plots to overthrow its sovereign government and install a puppet regime in its place, seems still some USAians either didn’t realize it or don’t want to realize it hoping further blood is spilled, here’s one of them: Eric Golub.

In an article naively-titled President Obama surrenders to Syria, he still insists on warmongering. Not because his venue is of any importance, nobody usually reads Washington Times and it doesn’t have any credible weight, but just for the sake of personal conscious relieving, I commented on his article:

“I don’t feel the urge to read the full article, just the first couple of paragraphs were enough to recognize a warmonger from an analyst.

Just a reminder to the writer of this post: Washington tried, since ever, every single way to install a puppet regime in Syria, since 1950s in vain, and now the role is very obvious to the blind media that’s why people like you could notice it.

If Syrians wanted to revolt they would’ve and didn’t wait for your Obama to dictate them which president ‘suits them better’. Syrians are more than happy enjoying for so long subsidized life essentials your people lack, like paying 1/5th of the cost for fuel, free education from 0 to PHD, free healthcare system from emergency checkup to periodic checkups to complicated surgical operations on the account of the govt, a great sense of personal security which was affected in recent riots but will come back very soon, freedom to move inside and abroad for the citizens, freedom to take public posts based on competency and not ethnic backgrounds like how the entire Foreign & Defense Affairs of the USA are controlled by a single ethnic group you know which, and I promise you, no sane human would let all those away just to earn the right to curse at the president of state openly, even that in Oriental cultures is not accepted.

Keep warmongering based on ‘activists’ accounts, what really matters is people on the ground and their stance that’s enabling their state ‘you call it regime’ to thwart every single attempt to control them and their resources. All propaganda proved a lie, and just take yesterday’s propaganda which was an attempt to release the stooges all over the country by giving them a hope that 5 top Syrian political, military and security officials were assassinated by the terrorists, to wake up after 2 hours from their fantasy.”

Syrians proved to be immune to your lies, not only because they’re more aware of their own interests and their own situation, but because they don’t trust you for the long history of your hypocrisy.