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US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta has signed an order to deploy two Patriot air-defence missile batteries to Turkey, he said in an exclusive interview with the propaganda station CBS News. The Patriot missiles are expected to bolster Turkish defences against Syria but in reality the missiles are sent to Turkey in order to help to create and to protect a buffer zone in Syria near the Turkish border.

Thus, the US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta has misunderstood his office as Secretary of defence because it has nothing to do with defence. Of course, the two Patriot air-defence missile batteries that will be deployed to Turkey by the United States are followed by about 400 American “servicemen” in order to operate these missile batteries.

Already on 4 December, the questionable NATO Foreign Ministers have approved the deployment of Dutch and German Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish-Syrian border. Of course, the deployment of the German and Dutch Patriot missile batteries to Turkey is not happening in order to protect a NATO ally because Syria will not start a war of aggression against Turkey.



In Syria, the new week has again started with terrorist attacks and explosions, where many people died; dozens were injured and transported to the hospitals. The attacks occurred in the capital Damascus as well as in Hama and the area of Idleb (Idlib) – further heavy fighting between the Syrian Arab army and the Western-backed terrorists happened in other regions.

Although the attacks were clearly carried out by the groups of mercenaries, who are still celebrated as rebels in the Western media, there are still no signs that these crimes of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) will be brought to justice, or at least, will be criticized by the West and its media. What a shame for the so-called democratic West and the allegedly “free press”.

Many of the attacks were and are focused on buildings of the state power, police offices and bases of the Syrian Arab army, further terrorist attacks are clearly focused on civilian areas and Syrian civilians.

Syria sinks ever further into chaos and blood, but the so-called “free press” in the West is not listening to the Syrian people within Syria, all what they have to do in the West is feigning some sympathy and to further pursue the known “policy” towards Syria – by the help of the propaganda in the Western media.


First of all, the empathy with the feelings, the value system and the culture of people in foreign countries, is certainly something positive. Empathy is associated with an understanding of the others, and the understanding of others can and should lead to a respect for the other.

Davutoglu said in the interview: “It is possible to have zero problems if the other actors respect our values.” Of course, there is a further requirement for zero problems in the point that Turkey also respects the values of other actors.

Given the values ​​and principles-based empathic foreign policy by Davutoglu, one may safely assume rightly, that the reason why he has not mentioned this is that Davutoglu assumes this as a matter of course. The empathetic foreign policy, which is approached and favoured by Davutoglu, is therefore based on the principle of mutual respect. This is also a classic formula in the world history of foreign policy.

Nevertheless, the empathic acceptance of different identities in different places is not a traditional foreign policy. Is it thinkable that an American Secretary of State travels to Delhi, and then he declares himself as Indian guy there? Is it thinkable, that a German foreign minister travels to Riyadh, and then, on location, he declares himself as Saudi? Is it thinkable that a British foreign minister travels to Tokyo, and then he declares himself as Japanese? These ideas sound already really weird.

When a foreign minister travels to another country, he usually emphasizes the excellent characteristics of the own national identity – often drawn in the beautiful colours of the positive stereotypes – for example, US-American strength, German reliability or British behaviour.


“The European Union does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. On the contrary, according to the motto “War is Peace” of the novel 1984 the awards ceremony bears Orwellian traits.

The militarization of the EU, its aggressive foreign and security policy with numerous missions around the world, as well as the anchoring of a commitment of armament and an own defense agency in the Lisbon Treaty, receives now the glory of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Instead to honour whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning and Julian Assange on behalf of thousands of people, who stand up boldly for peace and are pursued for this, the Nobel Committee continues the tendency to give its Nobel Peace Prize to the protagonists of the prevailing world order, which enforce by war.”


From the interests of Qatar in Syria, much has already been written. Here, one is able to summarize all things which have been said, in one simple sentence: for Qatar, this is a pure war about infrastructure, whereby the country tries to address multiple, otherwise intractable problems.

First, it is about a blockade of Iran and the thwarting of its continental connections to Europe. Then, it is the attempt to establish a monopoly over the natural gas pipelines in the region; that would make the “bottleneck”, the Strait of Hormuz, which the Qatari super tanker have to continually pass through, make more or less irrelevant at the same time. Pure logistically, on this route, also the Suez Canal belongs to the bottlenecks.

A hand-tame Syria would also solve the problem of competition with the Transcaucasian (Azerbaijan) Trans-Caspian (Turkmenistan) natural gas supplies, which are a problem, once somebody imports them into a pipeline system that is not controlled by Qatar.

All in all, the disappearance of Syria from the map would open a range of possibilities for Qatar, which would elicit one or two clicks of the tongue of the voluminous Emir.


In a Washington Post article that appeared today, July 29th, 2012, under the title White House cautions Syria rebels not to repeat mistakes of Iraq, Obama regime has threatened to kill the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad and warned the terrorists from the USA Al Qaeda Federal Agency working in Syria not to “completely disband the Syrian security and government ‘apparatus'”, referring to Syrian army, security officers and police forces.

We had to warn the Obama regime of such a crime that would definitely lead to major regional war with mega devastation, if not World War 3. Here is what we wrote as a comment on the same article, hoping some wise men, if any left, in the drone president administration would move to stop such a war before it’s too late:

If Obama regime said: “if president Assad is killed” that means they are planning to kill him, and that means they’re far way stupid, or better say: mad and rabid, than we thought or imagined.

Don’t they learn from their own mistakes? They killed 4 leaders in the Syrian government: minister of defense, his deputy, a former general who is aide to the deputy vice president and the head of national security of Syria, the result? The Syrian army went on full ground assault against the terrorists with no mercy to revenge their leaders, while those same slain leaders were holding it back giving the terrorists a chance after another to lay down their weapons and engage in a political dialogue. I’m sure this might be news for many of you, because the media made you think otherwise, I’m talking about reality on the ground and not the virtual world the media created and moved you to live in it.

Syrian army is not a bunch of pawns or slaves, those who don’t know should understand that 16 months of all types of disinformation, and an unprecedented campaign from all NATO media tools including this Washington Post itself, couldn’t deviate this army not even an inch away from its responsibilities. Now kill their leader and cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Doha, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Athens and many others would turn into ruins. Ask those few wise men left in the Obama regime and they’ll tell you the range of the Syrian missiles, I didn’t mention the so called israel, because it’ll cease to be inhabitable. The Syrian army has its orders and field leaders can react to any event without returning to any ‘political’ leadership. It’s in a state of war against thousands of terrorists already inside the country, so they won’t wait orders, trust me on this.

If Obama regime is after Armageddon, then it should say so, Syria’s foreign ministry spokesperson already hinted at Samson option: All in all out destruction in the event of a foreign attack, and killing the president of the country is a foreign attack. Read between the lines.

It doesn’t matter if Obama himself bragged about killing president Assad later, or Al Zawahri, the head of the USA Federal Agency known by Al Qaeda. The enemies of Syria have already declared their names: all of those who convened under the name of ‘Friends of Syria’.

Call on your leaders to reason, the world is still too young for such a destruction, lots of WMDs exist in israel and for sure it’ll retaliate using them, but it’ll be its own Samson option as well.

“If you’re not careful, the newspaper will have you hating the people who are being oppressed & loving the people doing the oppressing” – MalcomX

And I keep saying: “They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable”.

After the entire world confirmed that Syria has won one of the worst plots to overthrow its sovereign government and install a puppet regime in its place, seems still some USAians either didn’t realize it or don’t want to realize it hoping further blood is spilled, here’s one of them: Eric Golub.

In an article naively-titled President Obama surrenders to Syria, he still insists on warmongering. Not because his venue is of any importance, nobody usually reads Washington Times and it doesn’t have any credible weight, but just for the sake of personal conscious relieving, I commented on his article:

“I don’t feel the urge to read the full article, just the first couple of paragraphs were enough to recognize a warmonger from an analyst.

Just a reminder to the writer of this post: Washington tried, since ever, every single way to install a puppet regime in Syria, since 1950s in vain, and now the role is very obvious to the blind media that’s why people like you could notice it.

If Syrians wanted to revolt they would’ve and didn’t wait for your Obama to dictate them which president ‘suits them better’. Syrians are more than happy enjoying for so long subsidized life essentials your people lack, like paying 1/5th of the cost for fuel, free education from 0 to PHD, free healthcare system from emergency checkup to periodic checkups to complicated surgical operations on the account of the govt, a great sense of personal security which was affected in recent riots but will come back very soon, freedom to move inside and abroad for the citizens, freedom to take public posts based on competency and not ethnic backgrounds like how the entire Foreign & Defense Affairs of the USA are controlled by a single ethnic group you know which, and I promise you, no sane human would let all those away just to earn the right to curse at the president of state openly, even that in Oriental cultures is not accepted.

Keep warmongering based on ‘activists’ accounts, what really matters is people on the ground and their stance that’s enabling their state ‘you call it regime’ to thwart every single attempt to control them and their resources. All propaganda proved a lie, and just take yesterday’s propaganda which was an attempt to release the stooges all over the country by giving them a hope that 5 top Syrian political, military and security officials were assassinated by the terrorists, to wake up after 2 hours from their fantasy.”

Syrians proved to be immune to your lies, not only because they’re more aware of their own interests and their own situation, but because they don’t trust you for the long history of your hypocrisy.

3 different verifiable trusted sources, if you don’t have them don’t air the story; if you have to air the story with less than 3 different verifiable trusted sources just make sure you mention it in the disclaimer at the beginning and at the end. Sounds familiar? That was the old days of professional journalism, not any more.

A shaky mobile video with low camera resolution, some sound effects, and lots of movements, by a ‘somebody’, could be a ‘citizen journalist’, an ‘eye witness’, an ‘activist’, just ‘anybody’ as far as it serves the purpose; this is the replacement of journalism today.

Reliable and well established news houses would refer to the first option above to preserve their professionalism and their credibility, but the price sometimes is much more worth than credibility, if you don’t add drama and action to your stories, people would shift to where they can find it, people want to see blood, atrocities, crimes, the highest watched are the most violence, some very few would still want to hear good news.

To add some spices to your news, bring on ‘analysts’ to discuss from their point of experience what’s really happening to the audience who are too lazy to work their brains to analyse themselves and would prefer a fast meal of junk news, then ask to recruit some people of public desire like celebrities, clerics even fortune tellers so your story gets more attention and more talks, who cares whether it’s true or not? People want action and fiction so just give them what they want.

First, I’ll advise you to take a look at how journalism is supposed to be based on by reading the Society of Professional Journalists: Code of Ethics. Then when you are ready, come back here and check the following example.

The following is just one example out of tens of thousands that are polluting our environment with propaganda in a systematic way just to serve the same parties, those who ignite strife amongst ‘rogue nations’ citizens, then cry because of the bloodshed, then interfere to stop the bloodshed by shedding much more blood than would ever occur by its own, then crying again to get the rebuilding contracts.

He tweets: “#Syria Statistics 383 Days: Killed:12,460 Children:882 Females:773 Soldiers:1,089 Missing:+65,000 Tortured to death:491 Arrested:+212,000” and he’s literally nobody, but has 4,826 followers as of now, and this ‘tweet’ gets 50+ retweets (Twitter doesn’t count beyond 50 retweets, this figure could be hundreds) then this is followed by another tweet: “The source of the Syrian casualty/ arrest stat is an independent Swedish journalist SyrienNyheter

Then someone smarter would ask: “and what are his sources? i mean, is that independent journo in Sweden or Syria?”

Reply: “He’s done the count himself. He’s been covering it since beginning.”

And who is this super journalist that can count by himself: “12,460 killed out of which he was able to identify 882 children and 773 females (I assume adult females), 1,089 Soldiers (killed by who?), he also counted over +65,000 missing, 491 tortured to death and over 212,000 arrested”? Let’s assume he did all this counting in 383 days, where is he doing the counting and who is this super independent Swedish journalist?

He’s anonymous, and if an independent Swedish journalist why is he being an anonymous? and why would an ‘independent Swedish journalist’ use the NATO backed oppositions flag in his avatar?! and if this is not credible enough, from where is he sourcing his information and statistics?  Don’t guess much, he stated it on his own profile, it’s from Bassam Al Baghdadi, an Iraqi writer living in Stockholm, Sweden and counting the Syrian casualties!

If you find the above not stupid enough to base your news thus judgement on, take a look at the following image:

It's a Top Tweet by a guy sitting in Kabul, Afghanistan!

A nobody sitting in his tent in Kabul, Afghanistan with let me assume, some NATO technology to stay connected from there, reporting news about Syria, basing his reports on an ‘independent Swedish journalist’ who happens to be another nobody sitting in Stockholm, Sweden who did the counting of casualties himself by sourcing his information from an Iraqi writer living in Stockholm, Sweden! There you have your 3 credible sources. Go ahead and shoot it at the public.

Wait, before you leave, you need to make it public attracting, and you need a celebrity. There’s plenty of them, here’s one:

I’m sure Mia Farrow is not involved out of her sudden love to the Syrian people, otherwise she would have done something to stop the unilateral sanctions imposed on the Syrian people by the same powers crying for the Syrian people.

There is killing in Syria, there is a crisis there, but the questions everybody should ask are: Who is doing the killing? Who are the victims? How can over 3,000 soldiers be killed and by who? Surely not by some chants of ‘peaceful protesters’. Who did the many suicide bombings Al Qaeda style in Aleppo and Damascus? Who benefits from the killings in Syria? Should we accept that NATO destroys Syria like they did in Libya, devastate the country, kill tens of thousands of Syrians like they killed over 120,000 Libyans (Libya’s population is 9.6 million or was living on over 1.75 million square kilometres comparing with 24 million Syrians living on 185,000 sq. kms) to come one year later and say: “No Evidence That Gaddafi Fired On His Own People

Or like the Iraqi case still looking for those Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction that caused the deaths of over a 1 million Iraqi, displacement of 4 million internally and across the borders, and sending the country to pre-Stone age.

As I say always: They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s just because you are ‘Foolable’.

We Warned You

It’s understandable to hide certain information from the public by a president of the country and his administration team, it is also understandable that such information could be kept out of reach of politicians and even those elected to represent the nation in Congress or House, of course it’s understandable only when the national security of the nation is endangered.

What is not understandable is a president of a nation hiding information from his own citizens and their elected representatives when that information includes plotting against another country far away and never has caused or threatened danger against the nation, especially when the plot would consider huge amounts of spending, possible losses of lives and a great political price.

What is much worse than all of this is a president of a nation tricking his people and their elected representatives and taking advantages of some special provisions in the law to actually do what his people and their elected representatives voted against or at least didn’t give their approval.

What am I talking about? It’s how the president of the United States of America has tricked his Congress and its designated committees and appointed an ambassador to Syria at times when the USA itself calls Syria a state member of the ‘axis of evil’ and ‘state sponsor of terror’, accusing the country of crimes the US knows very well who committed (like assassinating former PM of Lebanon Rafic Hariri by MOSSAD) and all the other terms because this small country overseas doesn’t accept US hegemony on it, which has created a wound in the pride of US politicians over the years, if they have any pride when dealing in politics.

In some details, Obama, the US president has bypassed objections from the US Congress Committee on Foreign Affairs and appointed the first US ambassador to Damascus in December 2010 during the Congress recession, an appointment that lasts only one year before requiring to confirm it, but one year is more than enough for an skilled person like Robert Stephen Ford in a task he’s very well experienced in, and of course that’s not as claimed by the administration that the re-engagement with Syria is part of the administration efforts to make broker a peace deal between israel and it’s Arab neighbours; it’s another job required from a guy who is not good at all in forging peace deals, rather his best experience is in inflicting strife. Read this to know more about this person: Who is Robert Ford?

Mr. Ford didn’t waste time, the plot dubbed the ‘Arab Spring’ has already started in Tunisia and then in Egypt and he has to race time to ignite it in Syria. Why do I call the Arab Spring a plot? If you know Arabic or Turkish you’d better see a previous post of mine I highlighted a documentary of a Turkish journalist about the Arab Spring, it’s called: The Arab Spring and the Syrian Winter, but before you click the link I must warn you: this might change your entire perception of what’s happening in the real world and how media loves to deceive you.

As I said, Mr. Ford didn’t waste any time, meetings with known Syrian opposition figures in Damascus and other cities took place, sometimes at the US embassy and many times the enthusiastic ‘diplomat’ would jump from one remote village to another just to ‘meet’ a potential ally, and in many times a sleeper agent. He didn’t leave a single undiplomatic, against all respective international conventions, wrong gestures he didn’t hand over the Syrian government. His rudeness took him to Jisr Al Shoghour among a Syrian government organized trip to witness the atrocities of his own agents after a massacre of 120 Syrian uniformed security personnel were slaughtered in cold blood by terrorists crossing from Turkey to the border town. He didn’t report the truth about what he saw, which was also seen by over 70 other delegates, his administration instead said that his visit was to prevent the Syrian authorities from covering up their own atrocities in the city! The Syrian government would organize a trip for tens of journalists and diplomats to witness its own atrocities?! Well, that’s US politics and it does work very often with their masses.

Another visit took this faceless person to Hama, 209 Kms north of Damascus (130 miles), when the city was controlled by armed groups and the Syrian government forces were never in there.. Any other diplomat would fear for his safety from a stray bullet at least, but would a commander fear his own troops?

The Foreign Affairs ministry in Syria had to remind the ambassador with conventions that restricts diplomats of foreign countries from interfering in local matters in hosting countries and warned to restrict his radius of free movement to 25KMs like how the US restricts the movement of the Iranian ambassador to Washington, but he never obeyed, because simply his task is not materliazing in mass movements against the government, so started coordinating with NSA agents running social networks supporting the ‘Arab Spring’ in Syria and selecting flashpoints for protests to start and if that’s not surprising to you enough, he’d go to the designated location and starts asking the people to riot! But to his bad luck the gathering was mostly of patriotic Syrians and they hurled him away from the scene while wrapping him in the Syrian flag and a huge photo of president Bashar Al Assad, Syrian citizens who don’t fall for the plot dubbed ‘Arab Spring’ are referred to in NATO aligned media as Assad Loyalists: US Ambassador Robert Ford Attacked in Syria & Assad loyalists harass US Ambassador Ford in Damascus – note the terms used describing Syrians who refuse foreign intervention in their internal business and peacefully reacts. 

The restraint of 25 Kms was actually imposed on the ‘Ambassador’ but how can he respect it if his task is not completed? On 23 August, 2011 he travels 70 Kilometres to the south of Damascus to visit an opposition figure who was involved in attacks against government buildings and has been released by a presidential public pardon. The ambassador informed the Syrian Foreign Affairs ministry about his visit after he came back to the embassy in Damascus with a more lame justification: He travelled without permission because the Syrian government was not giving him permission! Read this interesting once in a blue moon article by Foreign Policy discussing this incident: Is Robert Ford trying to get thrown out of Syria? 

What amazes me when looking at such acts is how the US administration and its politicians consider themselves above any law or practice and how they look down at other countries. But this person’s acts and how the Syrian government reacted proved that while US politicians think they’re smart, someone plays with smartness. The Syrian government knew all the time about the past and skills of this person and how he created chaos wherever he was appointed in Bahrain, Basra in Iraq and then later in the whole of Iraq, previously in Algeria, and all, it did allow him to go, but in a country like Syria each of these acts has helped the government identify the risk areas while playing diplomatically with the undiplomatic. When Ford invited one of the opposition figures in Syria, Mr. Nawaf Al Bashir to his embassy and handed him a bag of money to be distributed among Mr. Bashir’s followers in Der Ezzor, the latter was arrested red-handed with the cash and his huge tribe Al Bakkara in Der Ezzor couldn’t do much for him because he was caught in action, so they felt ashamed instead of feeling angry and didn’t call for his release; he was later released in another presidential pardon. 

When Ford visited Hama, as I mentioned earlier, he met some of the armed insurgents leading the riots in the city, delivered high-tech communication devices and cash. Just after he left the city, the Syrian authorities were able to identify who are the culprits and who are forcing people to riot in the streets in the city at gun point and who are those in charge of attacking government buildings and police stations, thanks to Ford’s visit, the authorities arrested those few involved and suddenly the entire city restored calm!

Some patriotic Syrians started stalking Ford voluntarily, and wherever his convoy goes (him, aides and guards) they’d follow, and wherever he stops to start a riot, they’d gather around him and give him a taste of democracy mixed with eggs and tomatoes. By the way, his French counterpart was doing exactly the same but at a much lesser level and was welcomed by Syrians with the same eggs and tomatoes treat.

As you noticed, or maybe you didn’t because you watch FoxNews and other NATO media and you became ‘Jazeeratized‘, Obama was never interested in making peace between israel and its Arab neighbours as he and his administration were stating, he was actually fooling his own people and his country’s own Congress for a totally different reason: Help the Arabs in reshaping their countries and their own leadership in part of the Creative Chaos in the MENA region to replace governments there with puppet regimes that would serve Obama’s dream in pleasing his masters who appointed this miracle president, he’s the rare 3 in 1 president that is difficult to repeat: He’s a Muslim born to a Muslim Father, prays at a Church and serves the Zionist Jews.

The Arab Spring is not a Spring and definitely not an Arab as you might have realized by now, and Obama’s will to forge peace in this region is definitely not a will for peace rather a will for further hegemony and dominance. Thank God their plot failed in Syria, and the US dreams of invading and slaughtering further countries in the name of ‘Democracy’ is collapsing and now on the retreat. The important question to ask: Is this the only Obama fooling the nation incident?

89.4% of 57.4% of Syrians eligible for voting are non-people for the West. That’s 7,490,319 human beings out of 14,589,954 eligible to vote in a referendum out of the total population of about 24 Million in Syria.

If the West was keen to export real ‘Democracy’ to Syria and elsewhere then they should respect the ‘importing’ peoples’ will, unless the West wants this type of Democracy which they usually deliver:

Democracy Coming your Way

The West has always been and will always be hypocrites when it comes to slogans and what they really aim to do. Issues like Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Democracy, Protecting Civilians… Are all great slogans for ugly acts, how many lives were lost under these slogans in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon, Serbia, Bosnia, Vietnam… and the list goes on.

If the West really respects any of their preached slogans, they’d start implementing it in their own countries, we’ve all seen hunger protests and labour protests of half a million UK citizens yet their officials duped it Riots by Infiltrators. We’ve seen the Paris suburbs and Sarkozy who was the minister of interior in France then before Gaddafi paid for his presidency election campaign attacked the poor and hungry with an iron fist. We’ve seen how Greek officials handle their own peoples’ aspiration to rid of the control of bankers of their lives and the result was appointing a banker to rule them. We’ve seen Italians and how their government in a copy cat of Greek’s handled them. We’ve seen the remarkably peaceful and overwhelming Occupy Wall Street movement and how brutally it was handled by ‘law enforcement’ thugs in the USA.. and again the list goes on.


Then watch:

& Let ‘Democracy’ Reign
Let Democracy Reign