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President Bashar Al-Assad and his wife, the brave and beloved First Lady Asma’a Al-Assad have visited the death tunnel transformed into a thing of beauty by the amazing group of Syrian artist sculptors.

death tunnel - jobar damascus
Dr. & Mrs. Assad listen to Syrian artists describing the joy of their transforming work.

After the liberation of Eastern Ghouta neighborhoods, the Syrian Arab Army discovered tunnels created by terrorists to move weapons, undetected.  These death tunnels were built by… Continue reading:

syrian-artists-tunnelSyrian artists sculpt light from darkness.

Damascus, SANA 11 August — An art group of 18 Syrian artists have started a magnificent art project, using underground tunnels dug by terrorists in eastern Ghouta as a setting for making artistic sculptures.

The project was inspired by sculpture works made by Muhannad Moualla, an artist and a fighter in the Syrian Arab Army who a year and a half ago has begun, at his own leisure, to turn walls in Jobar city near Damascus into… Continue Reading:

Syria scientist martyr Scientist Aziz Isber and Martyr Muhannad Abu Ammar Assassinated by Israel and ISIS
Martyr Aziz Isber and Martyr Muhannad Abu Ammar Assassinated by Israel and ISIS

Israel’s dirty hands managed to finally assassinate one more highly intelligent Syrian scientist, this is a new crime added to the Israeli record of similar crimes in draining the Syrian brains in particular, and all other brains not working for its evil existing worldwide.

Dr. Aziz Isber, the Director of the Scientist Research Center in Masyaf, Hama, was assassinated by an IED that blew up with his vehicle killing him and his driver. This is a targeted assassination using local agents from the ‘Moderate Opposition’, the US and its minions sponsor in Syria.

Martyr Aziz Isber’s Research Center in Masyaf was bombed by Israel less than… Continue reading:

Chinese and Syrian Military Commanders Meet

In welcome news to Syrian government forces preparing to launch a campaign to liberate the northern province of Idlib, China’s ambassador to Damascus reportedly told Syrian media that Beijing is prepared to aid the government’s push to retake territory throughout the country.

Speaking to Al-Watan, the Chinese envoy, Qi Qianjin, said China’s “military is willing to participate in some way alongside the Syrian army that is fighting the terrorists in Idlib and in any other… Continue reading:

image-SAA Repels ISIS Attack on Khalkhaleh Military Airport in Sweida Countryside

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled a new coordinated attack by herds of ISIS terrorists on Khalkhaleh Military Airport in Sweida countryside south of the country.

A group of ISIS terrorists based in US-protected Tanf area tried to sneak into the perimeters of the Khalkhaleh Military Airport which was terminated by the vigilant SAA troops in the airport.

The attempt to sneak into the military airport was followed by a heavy vicious attack by the ISISterrorists on the strategic military airport and was repelled by the SAA units after fierce battles with the… Continue reading:

Sweida Massacre by US-Sponsored ISIS مجزرة السويداء ارتكبها داعش المدعوم امريكياً

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad condemned the latest terrorist attacks in Sweida and vowed to continue cleaning all of Syria from terrorists.

Dr. Assad stated that the monstrous attacks in Sweida confirm the correctness of the state’s policy in fighting terror all over the country.

The Syrian President’s comments were made during receiving Russian President’s special envoy Lavrentiev and the delegation accompanying him.

Syrian President Bashar Assad Receives Russian President Putin Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev
Syrian President Bashar Assad Receives Russian President Putin Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev

President Assad confirmed that the crime committed in Sweida and its northeastern countryside proves that the countries sponsoring terror are trying to revive the terrorist organizations in order to continue using it for political… Continue reading:

US NATO illegals occupying Syria.

Would it be too much to ask for NATO to be able to invade Syria, while at the same time demand Iran withdraw its military support totally, under the pressure and threats of a planned US economic blockade of the country, with Russia offering cooperation in compelling Iran to leave its Syrian ally?

It depends who you ask. Certainly the people of Syria are vehemently against a strong supporter being forced out, leaving them vulnerable to a resurgence of terrorist groups currently on the verge of total defeat. If you ask Israel, the answer is a definite yes, as it is the prime architect of a policy presented to the US as essential in rolling back and containing Iran and its alleged malign influence and support of terrorism across the Middle East. The Trump regime marches in lockstep with Israeli desires, reinforced by Trump’s powerful backers at home who insist on total alignment with the objectives of Israel in relation to… Continue Reading:

Deadly terrorist attacks follow Israel bombing Syrian jet, extracting death squad White Helmets from occupied Golan.

Sweida, SANA 25 July — A number of citizens were martyred and others were injured on Wednesday in a terrorist suicide bombing in Sweida city.

SANA reporter in Sweida said that a terrorist suicide bomber blew himself up in the area of al-Souq in Sweida city, as a number of citizens were martyred and others were injured.

The reporter added that the competent authorities hunted down two terrorist suicide bombers and killed them before they were able to blew themselves… Continue Reading:

Israeli jets Bombs Near Missyaf - Syria from Over Lebanon

Israeli US-made fighter jets targeted a Syrian military post near a research center in Masyaf, Hama, central of Syria, evening local time, causing material damage in the place. The Israeli jets fired its missiles from over Lebanese Hermil village.

The bombing that was carried out at 19:17 Syria local time was an unusual as Israel have continuously bombed sites within Syria in the dense of the nights to assist ISIS and other branches of the FSAthroughout the Syrian crisis.

With the latest swift collapse of its proxies of ISIS, Nusra Front, and other terrorist groups operating against the Syrian state, Israel is the biggest loser trying to obtain some guarantees from Moscow to protect its occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights under the… Continue reading:

image-The White Helmets - Al Qaeda Propaganda Arm
The White Helmets – Al Qaeda Propaganda Arm – Credit: @SyrianWarNewsInfoMedia

Israel has again encroached upon Syrian territorial integrity, this time to extract 800 members of the deviant, criminally insane, White Helmets. Given Israel’s ongoing flaunting of UNSCR 242 (1967), this invasion is not as arrogant as having kidnapped Mordechai Vannunu from Italy. Nonetheless, it is a breach of International Law, cheered by Israel and its western psychophants as a stunning ‘humanitarian gesture.’ There has been no word from Stefan de Mistura, if these criminal savages were moved with their dignity and weapons intact. At this writing, no one has questioned why Israel has chosen to not absorb these White Helmets serial killers, kidnappers, brutalizers of children, necro- and pedonecrophiliacs.  Reportedly, these malignant sociopaths who should be permanently institutionalized in hospitals for the criminally insane, are to hang out in Jordan while western countries draw straws on which ones will have the privilege of… Continue reading: