Turkish Madman Erdogan Preparing for More Adventures in 2021

The Turkish madman and sultan wannabe Erdogan managed to play on the contradictions of superpowers to enter into regions he couldn’t have otherwise, whether he’s playing them or they’re playing him to get him to sink deeper that will only be known in the future.

The year 2021 is coming upon us and it’s full of events the least of which is the change of the regime in the USA and if Biden can assume power from Trump and in which way, then the role of whoever will be in the White House wants to play in the world?

Erdogan managed to send his military into northern Syria with a green light from Putin, at the same time sent his forces of Turkish Army and Al Qaeda to Libya to defy Putin, he antagonized the EU, all Arab countries except half of Libya and the gas station known as Qatar, annoyed Iran, the only country that kept Turkey running on gas before the Russian South Stream, and oppressed his opponents inside Turkey and even his own friends who helped him consolidate all the powers he has in the former secular republic country turned into an anti-Islamic radical dictatorship.

Meantime, Husni Mahali, a Turkish career journalist and former friend of Erdogan writes about what the Turkish madman bases his decision on and what he thinks he’s capable of doing and continue to do, starting with the year 2021 and his relations with Biden in this post: Erdogan in the Year 2021… Prepare for More Adventures!

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