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On 14 March 2017, the UK’s discredited Lancet excreted a short, malignant, announcement that it had officially joined the international anti-Syria crusade.  The opening sentence of the discredited Lancet was ominous in its noting that […] Source: UK’s Discredited Lancet Joins Global anti-Syria Crusade

The refusal of the Western capitals to condemn  twin explosions in Damascus Bab Sgheir cemetery four days ago, in the heart of the city gave their terrorists a green light to carry out more.  At the UNSC they foiled the Russian draft to condemn the explosions.

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Twin explosions in Syria, Damascus Justice Department, and in a cafe claim the lives of dozens of civilians, injures almost a 100 more

Copied from original post on Blogger, but since ‘freedom of speech’ is promoted by the USA and its stooges, Blogger is banned for Syria under the US imposed sanctions, and we have to find different ways to keep in touch with our people there.

Under the title: Misleading Media on Syria – Shaping Public Opinion, I aim to post a few examples of how the NATO aligned mainstream media is used to systematically shape public opinion by fabricating, misleading, dis-informing and deliberately manipulating in order to further the goal of theirs paymasters.

I endeavor to show irrefutable evidence of incidents that occurred while the NATO media was playing a huge role in demonizing the Syrian state, its army, its police & security forces, even normal people who just didn’t support the NATO imposed ‘spontaneous public uprising’ on them. These examples, aired by media channels based inside Syria, have caused these channels to be banned by the same parties preaching Syrians ‘democracy’ & ‘free speech’. On December 05, 2011 the European Union ministers of foreign affairs convened to come up with a decision that will stain their foreign policy & label them hypocrites forever. They decided to ban a number of Syrian based channels, namely Addounia  the privately owned satellite channel, Champress a privately owned website & Al Watan Newspaper a privately owned newspaper. And not surprisingly the Arab League, (a formation representing the governments of the Arab World, with the exception of Syria) issued an order on September 05, 2012 to 2 satellite management companies, Nilesat & Arabsat, sponsored by the League, to take down Syrian State satellite TV, Syria News another state owned satellite channel & Addounia TV the privately owned channel from air, for no publicly stated logical reason. But perhaps this is the real reason:
Exhibit no. 13: Public opinion VS Imperialists 
Nidal Jannoud & the Peaceful Revolution

Nidal Ali Jannoud born 10 July 1980 in Hakar Samkeh village, Tartous Countryside.

Nidal Jannoud, born 1980 and killed by ‘peaceful protesters’ in April 2011

Married and has a daughter called Alma, his wife gave birth to his son 40 days after his martyrdom and they called the new baby Nidal.

So many similar stories of brutality targeted thousands of Syrian families in their loved ones, many were even more brutal and savage in nature, the story of Nidal stands out as it was the one that caused a massive shock to the Syrian public being one of the first such heinous crimes the Syrian community didn’t witness since the days of the Ottomans.

He was picked based on sectarian hatred, those who picked him wanted to cause strife among the people and initiate a civil war leading to more deaths and revenges, the thing they failed till date in causing and they’re not tired to stop as their enablers have opened their money taps very wide, and their arsenal to the max to the same terrorists they claim they fight elsewhere.

Note the date of the video, with English subtitles:

On Liveleak:
YouTube is removing any video harming Al Qaeda FSA terrorists and keep their videos promoting their cause, that’s why we are referring to other sites for sharing the videos.

Do you still think that the Arab Spring in Syria was a ‘spontaneous public uprising‘ by ‘peaceful protesters‘ who just wanted ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy‘? Or after 2 years you might look at the events how we Syrians lived it throughout these 2 years or you still insist on seeing it through the western mainstream media?

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. 
– Arabi Souri

The northern city of Syria, Aleppo, is still highly competitive. Aleppo gets destroyed with its beautiful old town, the stunning markets and the citadel, that has already withstand so many opponents, by the fights and the inhuman tactics of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). If one is not able to occupy an area, one destroys it.

The Western-backed gunmen and terrorists moved into the city, through the neighborhoods, in which they were able to hide and also could hope for some help by some of the inhabitants. The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which is celebrated in the West again and again as a liberation army, terrorized the Syrian population every day and is continuously killing civilians.

The so-called fighters of these Western-backed armed groups roam through the streets, are looting, killing and abducting the people. Of course, they film their horrible exploits mostly and publish them on the Internet, always with allegations that the Syrian Arab Army had committed these crimes, but that’s mostly false.


NATO-backed Islamist savages have killed citizens in Syria for over a year, and their campaign of terror is only beginning.

“War is a survival among us from savage times and affects now chiefly the boyish and unthinking element of the nation.” – Percival Lowell, American author and astronomer. Pluto was named after him.

Put the “Arab Spring” in Syria on hold. If NATO has its way, winter is coming to Damascus, and the snow won’t be falling on Assad alone.

NATO’s campaign of terror against Syria is only beginning, and discerning Syrians know it. Syria is preparing for a long NATO winter. This is the time to bunker down and get spiritually prepared for the disappointments, stresses, and horrors of war.


The journalist Anhar Kotschnewa, who lives in the Syrian capital Damascus, has re-visited the Syrian city of Homs after a month. The last time, the journalist Kotschnewa was not able to visit the district Baba Amr (Baba Amro) of the Syrian city Homs, because on her last visit, this district was not yet quite “clarified”.

On this visit to the Syrian city of Homs, it was possible for Anhar Kotschnewa to visit the district of Baba Amro (Baba Amr).

The pictures of this district of the Syrian city Homs were taken on 31/05/2012. On her way back to the capital Damascus, Anhar Kotschnewa and her companion came under mortar fire, but thanks to God, all went off lightly in the end.

Source for the photos and comments:


The current situation in Syria remains one of the most important components of the Middle Eastern and international policies. Using Syria’s domestic crisis and pursuing their own goals NATO’s leading states, Israel, Turkey and the monarchies of the Persian Gulf are trying to undermine the Syrian regime.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria I have made two trips to that country as a member of international delegations in August 2011 and in January 2012. If we watch the dynamics of situation’s development over that periodon the one hand we can state intensification of terrorist groups in Syria and on the other hand we see a broader people’s support of President Bashar Assad and a clear demarcation of political forces’ positions.


Hillary Clinton warns about the growing strength of al-Qaeda. The unofficial AIPAC-Lady Clinton spews some hypocritically rhetoric against Saleh, who was considered as an “absolute supporter” and “key ally” of the United States just a year ago.

Nowadays, there is no longer any trace about the good old days between Hillary Clinton and Saleh, between Yemen and the United States. That`s the way how American Foreign Policy works. When the air turns itself, the U.S. administration also turns itself.

Quick allies become also quick enemies, without any hesitation. It just depends on the questionable interests of U.S. Foreign Policy at these moments. Not to mention that this Foreign Policy doesn`t seem to be a Foreign Policy in benefits for the American people.


President Obama’s recent decision to re-focus U.S. military power away from Iraq and Afghanistan to the Asia-Pacific region and, to a lesser extent, Africa, means that China and certain rebel groups in Africa have replaced the old contrived bogeyman of Osama bin Laden’s “Al Qaeda” at the top of Uncle Sam’s “Most Wanted List.” Of course, the change in the Pentagon’s strategy has nothing to do with reality but is yet another attempt by the imperialists who dominate both duopolistic U.S. political parties – the Democrats and Republicans – to advance American hegemony around the world. The major U.S. strategic goal is to pre-empt the rise of new superpowers, especially China.

Obama and his generals and admirals are emulating the fictitious leaders of Oceania in George Orwell’s famed classic “1984” about a dystopian future world, By switching enemies mid-stream from “Al Qaeda” in south Asia and the Middle East to China in East Asia, Obama, like Oceania’s “Big Brother” propaganda structure, is saying “We have always been at war with Eastasia.” In this case, just as in “1984,” Eastasia largely comprised China. But “1984” is a novel and was never intended by Orwell to serve as a Pentagon planning document. Or, perhaps Orwell had a crystal ball and foresaw just how dystopian the world would actually become under a charismatic “Big Brother” American president.

Although Obama continues to rattle sabers at Iran and he may, in order to neutralize the pro-Israeli war hawks in the Republican Party, covertly or overtly support an Anglo-Israeli-French military operation directed at Iran during the presidential campaign, it is China that is now the major focus of a changing American military posture.

Obama has reacted to China’s commercial moves into Afghanistan by agreeing to talk to the Afghan Taliban, even permitting them to open a diplomatic office in Qatar, the home to America’s large Al-Udeid airbase and a country that is a short boat ride away from the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet base in Bahrain.

Obama’s decision to establish five bases in Australia and station as many as 2500 U.S. Marines in northern Australia is part of the new military policy aimed at China. The new Pentagon policy is also aimed at fighting military cyber-attacks and China has been accused by a number of U.S. military and intelligence agencies of being behind multiple cyber-attacks on U.S. government and corporate computer systems and networks. It is noteworthy that while the U.S. ramps up its military assets against China, two of its East Asian allies – Japan and South Korea – have stated that they do not intend to abide by western oil sanctions imposed against Iran. The diplomatic paradox the United States finds itself in as it transitions from a Middle East-centric to an Asia-Pacific-centric military strategy is striking.

The appearance of George Soros non-governmental organization (NGO)-backed “themed revolutions” in Indonesia and Malaysia, two nations that are rich in natural gas and oil resources but which have maintained relatively friendly relations with China, indicates that the U.S. is looking at expanding its list of allies in the Asia-Pacific zone. The nationalist tendencies of Indonesian President Susilo Bambamg Yudhoyono and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak have been a stumbling block for U.S. geo-political designs in the region. The appearance of the “Sandal Revolution” in Indonesia targeting endemic corruption in the courts and political system, coupled with the acquittal on sodomy charges of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim opens the way for a further coalescing of opposition forces in both nations. The opposition Bersih movement in Malaysia, funded with dollars from the “democracy engineers” of the neocon-riddled U.S. National Endowment for Democracy, has chosen yellow for its revolution. In Myanmar, or Burma, the NED and Soros operatives are active for another round of the Saffron Revolution.

One of the major problems for the United States has been the refusal of Malaysia and Indonesia to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, always a center piece for the Israel-centric foreign policy operatives in both Democratic and Republican administrations.

In Africa, the U.S. is also engaged in a major shift in its military strategy to prop up corrupt regimes like that of Nigeria, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and dictatorships like those of Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Djibouti, and Equatorial Guinea. The recent decision by Nigeria’s western bank servant, President Goodluck Jonathan, to cancel fuel subsidies under pressure form the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a country rich in oil has resulted in a popular revolt. Nigeria had already seen a rise in violence by a group seen as a follow-on Islamist replacement for “Al Qaeda,” the Boko Haram, a group founded in 2002 that was opposed to western education. “Boko” is Hausa for “western education” and Haram is Arabic for “sin.” In 2009, the group, which has no real centralized structure and may be yet another contrivances dreamed up by western intelligence agencies intent on breaking up Nigeria as they are doing in Sudan and DRC, embarked on militant Islamist terrorist violence mostly aimed at Christians and the Nigerian government. In fact, the hybrid name “Boko Haram” may have been conceived by some British MI-6 devotee of the British rock band Procol Harum.

Obama’s decision to shift most of America’s military focus to East Asia with a smaller but no less determined effort in Africa means that the U.S. Navy and Air Force will see budget increases for their Asia-Pacific and Africa theaters of operation, while the U.S. Army will see a decrease in funding as the United States relies more on unmanned drone, manned fighter aircraft and logistics aircraft, and U.S. Marine and Special Operations expeditionary force naval vessels to carry out military insertions from the South China Sea to the Gulf of Guinea.

The playbook being used in Southeast Asia and Africa is the same. George Soros, who runs a multi-billion hedge fund front for the trillionaire Rothschild banking cartel, moves into a targeted country with “democracy” street action provocateurs; bought-and-paid for local journalists, bloggers, and tweeters; and election engineers. Soon, a symbol or color – rose, tulip. lotus, cedar, olive tree, saffron, jasmine, orange, Facebook, Twitter, orange, green, yellow, purple, or white – is chosen and the themed revolution is given a name, a name that is uniformly used and hyped by the corporate media around the world from Al Jazeera and Fox News to the Washington Post and Le Monde. In Indonesia, it is the used sandal, which is being deposited at police stations and government offices, that has been adopted as the theme for the western-directed revolution. In Malaysia, it is the color yellow. In Nigeria, there has not yet been an agreement on whether to call it the cassava or yam revolution. Yams are too closely identified with the rebellious Christian Igbo of the south, a people who have been fighting the despoliation of their lands by oil companies like Shell.

In any event, under the new Obama military strategy, U.S. service personnel government-issued coffins will continue to arrive at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The only difference will be that there will be more Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Special Forces bodies than those from the ranks of the Army. In Obama’s America, just consider it a “stimulus package” for the sailors, airmen, Marines, and the special forces.

Article written by Wayne Madsen. Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. Has some twenty years experience in security issues. As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy.

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Syria – Pope Benedict XVI gave his Christmas speech in Rome yesterday. In his speech, Pope Benedict XVI called for peace in the world, especially for peace in the Middle East.

The demands of the Catholic Pope were not only directed to Israelis and Palestinians. The Pope Benedict XVI prayed that the violence in Syria will come to an end – hopefully a fast end but do not misunderstand this. The Catholic Pope, who was born in Bavaria, Germany, condemns all violence – also the horrible violence by extremists and religious fanatics within Syria.

Everyone hopes that Syria finally finds peace and that the violence comes to an end. But as long as the Western interests do not achieve their questionable goals, there will be no peace in Syria. We condemn some Western governments, the NATO and other organizations for forcing violence and bloodshed because of imperial interests – even while the feast of love – Christmas.