North Syria: Twin Explosion Kills a Child and Injures 20 Others in Jarabulus

Jarabulus is under the Turkish occupation, read: NATO occupation, run by an affiliated group of Al Qaeda called Nusra Front, we were told by the USA and its European cronies this is a terrorist organization, ever since it was infested by these pre-historic primitives the city has been under heavy Turkification process and endless fratricide among terrorist groups sponsored by NATO, civilians are paying the hefty price.

Jarabulus is important because first, it’s a border city that works as a conduit for terrorists and their weapons from Turkey into Syria and also for stolen Syrian oil and wheat from Syria into Turkey, its other and more importance comes from its overlooking of the Euphrates entrance into Syria, it’ll be part of the water war plotted for by NATO.

Al Qaeda terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan who follow the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood religion work under the direct protection of NATO’s second-largest army, the Turkish army, for reference: Ayman Zawahiri, the successor Osama Bin Laden in leading Al Qaeda follows the same religion of Erdogan and his terrorists, that’s why their main victims are always other Muslims and never Israel or the USA unless a false-flag is needed in the case of the latter, only.

This latest incident took place the day before yesterday, Tuesday, at a checkpoint manned by Al Qaeda terrorists, two successive explosions killed a child and injured 2 civilians in addition to injuring 18 terrorists, these terrorists accuse the other NATO-sponsored terrorists the Kurdish SDF of the terrorist attack and similar attacks, these fratricides are usually over bounties and spoils of their terror.

More in this report: Child Killed 2 Civilians Injured in a Twin Explosion in Jarabulus, North Syria.

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