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image-OPCW Squirts another al-Qaeda Press Release against Syria
Baboons — er, ‘medics’? — keep busy when not building unhospitals in Ltamenah.

OPCW continues to function as the press liaison for al Qaeda, in and against Syria. Using its efficient template — only needing to replace names and dates — on 13 June this gang again established itself as fraudulent.  Physical forensics and even custodial chain of custody have been made irrelevant by “scientists” who do not know the meaning of the word confirm. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons forfeited all legitimacy post Khan Sheikhoun.

The fraudulent chemical weapons inspection watchdogs admitted no inspectors were deployed into that part of Idlib because the Nusra terrorists were so scary (which is why OPCW did its “inspection” in Turkey) but the Nusra verbal reports and eye of newt evidence were made the basis of.. Continue reading:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Interview with Mail’s Hala Jaber.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad gave an in-depth interview to journalist Hala Jaber, published in the UK’s Daily Mail 9 June. The soft-spoken voice and mannerisms of the world’s most famous ophthalmologist afforded a delightful counterpoint as he pulled no punches in his statements. Whether intentional or accidental, Mail‘s headline was also a delectable delight:

Daily Mail’s delightfully truthful headline for Jaber’s interview with Dr. Assad .

From SANA:

President Bashar al Assad said that the UK publicly supported the White Helmets that are a branch of Al Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra in different areas of Syria, stressing that Syria considers the White Helmets to be a PR stunt by the UK… Continue reading:

Previous Staged Chemical Attack by the White Helmets in Syria
Previous Staged Chemical Atack by the White Helmets in Syria

Syrian National Committee on Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) warned that the regime of Donald Trump is preparing for a new chemical attack false flag to be used as an excuse to attack the Syrian state.

The warning from the committee came amid reports of suspicious movements by US’s assets in the country including ISIS and the separatist Kurdish forces known as the SDF.

‘Families were brought from areas under SDF control to the illegal base set by the USA in the al-Jafra Oil field northeast of Syria where they have been trained for about 5 days on how to act like the fake chemical attack in Douma‘ the committee citing reliable information in its… Continue reading:

OPCW, the faux-independent chemical weapons watchdog gang, again reaffirmed its subservience to the deep state and the deep state’s al-Qaeda terrorist operations in Syria. On 16 May, it secreted yet another shifty, nasty, disingenuous ‘report’ on its fake findings related to Saraqib, on 4 February, this year. Terrorists — including various NGOs — claimed a chemical attack (one in a list of infinite claims) on that date. In its short emission, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons again did the impossible, stating that its FFM “confirms likely.” It is absurd that geopolitical dementia requires the sane to offer the accurate definition of the word, “confirm”: to establish the truth, accuracy, validity or genuineness of; corroborate; verify. That which is “seeming,” “apparent,” or “probable” cannot be “confirmed.”


Media mothers of war pimps, Reuters and AP, were among the first to jump in to circulate the OPCW fraudulent report; USA Today even published an outright lie for its headline on its… Continue reading:

Only 20% of the missiles launched by the USA, UK, and France in their illegal attack on Syria were supposed to be intercepted at the maximum according to a Russian expert, what about the rest?

Was someone hoping that Syrian Arab Army’s capabilities get destroyed to impose some solution?

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In the early hours of Saturday 14 April, the criminal cabal Axis of Evil US, UK and France unleashed an unprovoked, illegal act of aggression by bombing sites in Syria they claimed were involved in chemical weapons production.  In the US, the head of the beast, it was still in the nighttime hours of Friday the 13th, quite appropriate for such a heinous act. 

The warnings had been coming, with vows to hold Bashar Al-Assad accountable for repeated chemical weapons attacks, all of which are assertions, backed by a lot of hyperbole, hysteria and crude propaganda. The latest, the alleged use of chlorine on long suffering civilians in Douma involved all the usual suspects such as the White Helmets, local “activists” and the Syrian American Medical Society, SAMS, not such a household name, but after heavy involvement in false accusations in Khan Sheikhoun and Douma their name is becoming more prominent as a western backed and funded tool for destabilization and ultimate regime change…

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Buoyed by disgraceful western leaders bowing before Saudi tyrants, the Saudi run Jaish al Islam faction of alQaeda today broke the Douma agreement, unleashing more atrocities against Syrian civilians.  The agreement was that all abducted military personnel and civilians be released, along with the bodies of martyrs,

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SAA units discover White Helmets den within a Nusra Front terrorist group quarters in recently cleaned East Ghotua towns. Also discovered were NATO and Israeli made weapons and munition.

Continue Reading: White Helmets Leftovers Found in East Ghouta Terrorists Quarters

Syrian state media is reporting on the findings in liberated Ghouta, of SAMS terrorist affiliations. One might be generous enough to suggest an “oops,” except this ghoulish, US-based NGO has flaunted its impunity since April 2013. Its television debut was launched by CNN on 29 April 2013, with its camera-shy spokesman — live from Turkey, which is neither Syria nor America — coached by Christiane Amanpour who unabashedly showed those shaving cream videos as uncorroborated corroboration of GB use by Syria, against Syria.

Had anyone heard of the Syrian American Medical Society* before Amanpour introduced Zaher Sahloul to its 4 million + international audience?  Sahloul’s performance came just days after Israel launched the GB hoax, from Jerusalem, in a successful campaign to divert attention from the SAR requesting  a UN investigation into the use of “chemical substances” in Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.

Prior to inspecting the kilometers of tunnels and cave dwellings, the Syrian Arab Army Engineering Units sappers first had to be deployed to dismantled the many IEDs left behind by… Continue Reading: More SAMS Terrorist Affiliation Found in Liberated Ghouta

President Bashar al Assad, the leader of the Syrian Arab Republic, today visited the brave Syrian Arab Army on the front lines of Eastern Ghouta, where the battle against the western and Gulf backed radical terrorists continues.  President Bashar al Assad is a legendary leader in this area. 

Imperialistic America is unleashing threats of bombing as response to Syria’s liberation of Eastern AlGhouta — a stronghold of terrorists and a real danger to Damascus.  Syria’s ongoing battle to liberate Eastern Ghouta has driven America crazy; it wants to stop the Syrian Arab Army advances in Eastern Ghouta to realize its dream of defeating Damascus.

image-Syria's President Assad meeting with troops liberating Ghouta from terrorists.
Syria’s President Assad meeting with troops liberating Ghouta from terrorists.

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