Syria’s Presidential Election: 51 Candidates 7 of them Women

Syria’s upcoming presidential election set for the 26th of next month May closed the candidacy applications yesterday, 28th of months after 10 days in which dozens of applications reached the Syrian Parliament from the Constitutional Court which in turn screened the applications to comply with the Syrian current constitution of 2012.

51 applications passed the initial screening, the 252 members of the Syrian Parliament submitted their written endorsements for their choice of candidate in the past 10 days, each MP can endorse 1 candidate only and successful candidates should get the endorsement of at least 35 members of the parliament.

It’s a democratic process with full transparency unlike the ones we saw through fake mail ballots, or at least that’s what half of the US populations considered their past presidential election, or the likes of toppling a sitting president and replacing him with a NATO-supported and protected junta like in Ukraine, or trying to kill the incumbent president and replace him with a puppet like when the USA and Israel tried to kill President Maduro of Venezuela, or the failed attempt to kill the Belarusian President Lukashenko, democratically, in order to install a puppet regime on the borders with Russia…

NATO member states already said they don’t recognize the upcoming presidential election in Syria, as if their recognition is required, they themselves go hysterical on alleged accusations of others meddling in their own elections, including when their own presidents call their elections fraud!

I’ve run some calculations trying to figure out the number of the candidates who would get the required minimum number of MPs endorsements in this report: 51 Candidates Running for Syria’s Presidential Election, 7 Are Women.

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