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Self radicalized Trump’s very busy week in new war crimes against Syria culminated with the  president bowing before the Saudi dictator who leads world terror..

Source: Self Radicalized Trump: Crimes to Syria, Curtsy to Saudscum | Syria News

On 26 February, Hollywood flexed its powers of propaganda by giving an Oscar to CIA death squads in Syria, the White Helmets:

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President Donald J. Trump has again shown his commitment to draining the swamp.  On 10 February, virgin CIA Director Mike Pompeo was dispatched to Riyadh, Saudi, to launch an orgy of lies, cementing the new administration’s relationship with the world’s leading sponsor of terror. In an affront to al

Source: Top Terror Creating Agency CIA Gives Top Terror Sponsor Saudi a Medal of Gratitude

Syria – Chechnya has declared autonomy although it is a part of the Russian territory and despite the opposition of the Russian government in Moscow. Chechnya has large amounts of dangerous Islamists on its soil.

There have been reports that some Chechen Islamists were fighting in Syria beside the ranks of the Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists already months ago. As stated by some new reports, the so-called officials of the region have allegedly now the intention to attract the support and attention of some Western governments and they are aware of the stance of the Russian government towards the Syrian government in the capital Damascus, of course.

In addition, the officials of the region sure know that these Western states provide aid, weapons and money to the partly Islamist terrorists in Syria in order to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian leadership in Damascus and that these Western states always have the need for more “cannon fodder” to topple them.


So, according to the New York Times, U.S. intelligence officials have now finally admitted that most of the weapons supplied by the USA to Qatar and Saudi Arabia do finally arrive in the hands of Al Qaeda and other ultra-Islamists. That’s really something totally new. The boys are in good shape – after one year, they have finally discovered it!

These weapons are supposed to fall into the hands of the secular Syrian opposition, which has, however, stepped behind the back of Assad, because they have recognized the danger of a fundamentalist government à la Libya.

Especially since these fundamentalists now do not make any secret of it anymore that they want to introduce Sharia in Syria.

It is on top of that also grotesque that the U.S. sends the weapons for the ‘moderates’ into the hands of the ultra-radical Islamists. Moreover, the U.S. has also maintained constantly, that they would not send weapons but only deliver devices for communication to the “resistance”. But with all the lies it is really just hard to know what you have spoken yesterday.


On 21 June 2012 a report by Karl Schmitt was published in the New York Times, on the participation of officers of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in smuggling arms to Syria.

The author Karl Schmitt has mentioned as source unnamed American officials and also Arabic intelligence officer. The report provides an interesting insight into the problem situation.

According to the report, employees of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) are operating in a covert operation in southern Turkey in order to help the U.S. “allies” in deciding which fighters of operating militias, which mainly operate under the name “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), should receive the weapons for the fight against the Syrian government.


To Iranians, Persian Gulf is not simply a name referring to a geographical region on the world map. To Iranians, the name of Persian Gulf is interwoven with a sense of national dignity and honor which makes them a united and powerful troupe against the relentless attacks of the enemy. The name of Persian Gulf resembles a feeling of pride and decorum for them which cannot be replaced by any other gift or reward. It reminds them of the impressive days when the flag of ancient Persian Empire honorably fluttered and waved in the sky and there was no other competitor to supersede this mighty empire.

Of course Iranians’ attachment to Persian Gulf and the cultural heritage which it carries does not emanate from blind nationalistic sentiments. Iranians know well that today, they are the representative of a greater, broader union that is the Islamic Ummah. They know that it’s with the blessing of Islam that they can still take pride on being an unrivaled superpower in such a tumultuous and restless region as the Middle East. However, Iranians are extremely sensitive about those vicious, brutal powers who intend to undermine their national honor and solidarity by encroaching on their national belongings, including the Persian Gulf.


The former 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln (serving from March 1861 till assassination in April 1865), once said so aptly and beautiful: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

And it seems that the prediction of Abraham Lincoln slowly materializes itself now. This trend emerges slowly in Europe and even the United States. Although the most Western journalists remain in general in the known questionable representations about the situation in the Middle East and especially about the events in Syria, but there are more and more Western civilians who start to ask critical questions about the general coverage. More Western civilians raise questions about the stories which are sold as the only valid truth about the events in Syria in the West.


Syria becomes the staging ground for extremists. According to Western intelligence agencies, there are not only al-Qaeda terrorists, but also Libyan extremists in use in this country of the Middle East. Attacks bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda, which is no question anymore.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said it since months, but it was often (or always) dismissed in the West as propaganda, but now it seems clear that the Syrian ruler al-Assad was right: Syria becomes the staging ground for extremists and should be the staging ground for months. Not to mention that Russian Intelligence Services agree that this so-called “revolution” was armed and violent already from its beginning.

Russian and Western Intelligence Services agree to the statements of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad about the radical and armed Islamistic groups in Syria.


Turkey has now imposed its own sanctions against Syria in order to show solidarity with the West and the Arab League. In addition, Turkey seems to speculate more and more about to occupy Syria and to incorporate some parts of the country to their own territory at least.

Turkey seems to try to connect closer to Iraq again and to work together with countries like Egypt which has been tampered and turned from upside down with so many promises by the West. The West also seems to tend to play down that not everything is fine in Egypt so far.

Besides Turkey, the State of Qatar has also imposed its own sanctions against Syria and cancels flights from Qatar to Syria and vice versa. Under the circumstances and the betrayal of the Qatari ruling house against the Arab brothers the Syrians should welcome this step and even celebrate this decisions of Qatar against Syria.