Why Israel Is Not Joining the IAEA to Prevent Nuclear Proliferation, Syria Asks?

Everybody who watches international news knows that there’s not a single day without an Israeli official statement calling for other countries to attack Iran on its behalf because Iran has an imaginary military nuclear program, never proven, and if those ‘goyim’ do no attack Iran at Israel’s instructions, it will do so itself and drag the whole world into a horrible conflict.

In consequence of the Israeli officials polluting the news with their barking against the imaginary never proven Iranian military nuclear program, the US officials start barking, and when they do so the western European echo their barking against Iran’s non-existing imaginary military nuclear program.

military nuclear program is a nuclear program taken to the next level to produce a bomb, similar to the one used by the USA, Israel’s main patron, against hundreds of thousands of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan after the war ended. Or like the ones used by the French occupation forces against thousands of Algerians in Algeria to test the effects of a nuclear bomb on human beings.

Other than the military nuclear program, many countries around the world have acquired a peaceful nuclear program, mainly to generate power, for researches, and for medical use, among other civilian uses.

Guess what? That trouble-making war-loving war criminal little border-less state built on stolen land known as Israel, the same one calling to attack others to prevent them from any use of a nuclear program and who has attacked Syria claiming, never actually proved, it attacked a site yet to be built for housing a small nuclear reactor in 2007, it has an unknown yet highly likely large arsenal of atomic weapons in addition to an existing well confirmed nuclear reactor in the southern region of occupied Palestine, gifted by France to them. This entity called Israel refuses to join the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) safeguarded by the IAEA, and refuses to declare its own nuclear program!

Syria, a member state and signatory to almost all international treaties, especially the ones to rid the world from weapons of mass destruction, which is constantly attacked by the countries and entities who possess and have used nuclear and chemical weapons against civilian populations, called out the IAEA for its duplicitous acts pressuring Syria and Iran while ignoring Israel’s program for weapons of mass destruction, more in this report: Syria Slams the IAEA for Ignoring Israel’s Illegal Nuclear Activities.

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