The Syrian Army Entering Last ISIS Areas in Western Daraa Countryside

It started from Daraa in southern Syria, the US-led war on the Syrian people that is running in its 10.5 years now, and now Daraa is almost fully secured by the Syrian Arab Army which had to eliminate over 150,000 terrorists brought into the country over the past decade from all sides of the planet, highly trained in neighboring countries namely Turkey and Jordan, properly fed, armed, funded, equipped with the latest technologies then sent into Syria to democratize the Syrian oil fields and on their way to try to divide the country into small ethnic and sectarian-based enclaves to keep them fighting to secure the ‘Greater Israel Project’ that was supposed to be secured by the neo-Ottoman sultanate from the north and the Wahhabi Saudis in the south.

Now it’s ending, the Syrian armed forces are entering the last areas where Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists holed themselves in the southern region of the country, it’s not over yet, it’s almost over in the southern region, the Syrian armed forces and their allies still have to clean the northwest of the country in Idlib from Al Qaeda and the rest of the north from Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

However, today’s achievements are remarkable in one of the dirtiest wars the world ever witnessed, more than 80 countries combined their efforts to destroy a single country, the Syrian Arab Army units entered 4 towns in the western Daraa countryside.

This report with a video in it and a map shows where the SAA units have cleaned: Syrian Arab Army is Ending the Terrorists Presence in Daraa Countryside.

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