The Ultimate US Double Standards: Taliban and Other Countries

It takes no genius to realize the vile, sinister, and often costly double standards the USA, its propaganda outlets, and its EU minions and other proxies, this is one small example.

First of all, I’m no fan of the Taliban, they do not represent the true Islam, they drifted to the extreme versions of it under influence of extremists funded by the Saudis, the US allies and the largest buyers of US weapons by far.

The nomination raised the prospect that the Taliban — the violent, extremist Islamic movement that retook power last month as the American-backed government collapsed — would occupy an ambassador’s seat at the United Nations.
The New York Times

The Pentagon’s propaganda outlet, aka the New York Times, seems to be worried about the ambassador to the United Nations of the former US-backed government in Afghanistan, the government that its own president fled the country with about 65 million dollars in cash as some reported and the government that is no longer in existence, not in any single ministry in the country.

This would have really been a moral issue for the USA except for the following reasons:

  1. The Taliban is a US byproduct in Afghanistan.
  2. The Taliban have been negotiating power take-over for months with the USA itself.
  3. The Taliban not only came to power with the help of the USA, they were also armed by the USA when the latter left them all sorts of weapons and munition to play with.
  4. The USA has done exactly what the Taliban is trying to do now in every country it toppled its legitimate government or still trying to topple its government, Gaddafi was still in the Libyan capital when the US paid millions to his ambassador to the United Nations to flip against him and declared him as the only representative of Libya, the same with Yemen, and tried to pull this with Syria and only managed to get it done in the Arab League where Al Qaeda representatives occupied Syria’s seat for one summit and then no more.
good and bad terrorists
good and bad terrorists

For the Pentagon to be concerned, through its propaganda outlet, of the Taliban appointing an ambassador for themselves after taking full power in Afghanistan, this is beyond ridiculous, it’s disgusting, to say the least.

After 20 years of unjustified illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan tainted with massacre after the other and the last was as the US was pulling out slaughtering 7 children and 3 innocent adults, the USA, its officials, and its media should never open their mouths about what is going on or will happen in Afghanistan, the only time they can say something is how much they regret the war crimes they committed in that country, and how much they are planning to pay the Afghani people in compensations? Other than that please USA STFU while your empire sees its final days.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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