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Western imperialists using useful idiots in the left and right to draw new maps of regions and create dependent ‘states’ like Kurdistan..

Source: Divide Sovereign Nations to Create Western Aligned ‘Greater’ Kurdistan

The regime of Donald Trump has done the unimaginable and triggered the first steps towards full regional war starting from Syria, and the Friday morning bombing of Ash-Shairat Military Airport was just a the beginning to test waters.

Unstable, un-predicatable, foolish, moody and inexperienced in international matrices, the US has selected the mad man to carry out what his predecessors could never dare to imagine doing: Trigger WWIII, regional or global.

Receiving a huge sum from Saudi, he thought he got a good deal, launching an… Continue reading: US Invades Syria to Establish Buffer Zones

News sources report that an Iran brokered deal with Qatar to exchange Syrian hostages from al Fou’aa, Kafarya, Madaya, and al Zabadani — for terrorists.  Both countries are members of the Syria-less International Syria Support Group. 

Syria’s history since the beginning of the foreign imposed terrorist war has been the security and stability of its citizenry.  In October 2013, it was revealed that the SAR had agreed to a stunning exchange of a multi-country assortment of terrorists for Bishops Boulous Yazigi and Yuhanna Ibrahim, who had been kidnapped in April.    Chechen terrorists demanded 72… Continue Reading: Iran Brokered Deal with Qatar to Exchange Syrian Hostages for Terrorists

In a new post in, Arabi Souri wrote a new article he titled: Hispanicstan – The Lost Country for Hispanohablantes, where based on the current propaganda in western mainstream media to carve out a country for the Kurds, reinstating a never existing before nation, he outlines where it’s more ideal to carve out such a state for people who are more ready and it’s over due since a long time now.

Hispanicstan, a country for Hispanohablantes

Hispanicstan, a country for Hispanohablantes

People speaking Hispanic in the USA today are over 50 million Mr. Souri outlines and in addition to some other factors, making it more reasonable than a state for the Kurds.

Imagine if Hispanicstan forges close ties with the Russians against the US, just like in the case of Kurdistan against the countries they want to extract it from.

The must read article can be found here:

Iran unveiled the content and details of the six-point plan for Syria on December 16. This six-point plan calls for a quick end to all the violence and armed acts in Syria, which could help to resolve the on-going conflict in Syria because the current Western “methods” as the further support the armed militants in this country with weapons and ammunition is naturally counterproductive for any peaceful solution.

The six-point plan also demands the supply of humanitarian aid for Syria after the end of all the conflicts in the country and it also calls for a lift of all the hypocritical economic sanctions, which were imposed by the West against Syria. In addition, the six-point plan also demands that the return of displaced Syrians to their homes is facilitated.

Furthermore, the six-point plan also urges negotiations, or better said, talks between  the Syrian government in the capital Damascus and the partly questionable representatives of all Syrian groups – regardless of their social tendencies and their political views in order to finally form a national reconciliation committee.


Two US aircraft carriers that were stationed near the Syrian coast were allegedly sent back to the United States this week. It seems that the US administration under the lead of the questionable president Barack Obama thought that this step might ease the tensions and it could be related to the allegedly “answer” of Russia in terms of the Patriot missile batteries, which were previously deployed to the Turkish-Syrian border by some Western powers.

Some reports about the two US aircraft carriers that have left the Syrian shore say that some Turkish officials, including Erdogan, are angered about this step of the US administration because they have hoped for a significant US military presence in the region.

Both aircraft carriers, the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group and the USS Eisenhower with its 2,500 marines were withdrawn from the Syrian shore. This step is said to be the preparation of a potential military intervention in Syria, but as said, it could also be related to the article linked above – although we doubt the content of this article.


The Reporters Without Borders, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), ARTICLE 19, the International Press Institute have finally issued a joint statement in which they express their deep concern about the life of the kidnapped Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva.

In addition, this joint statement of the partly non-objective associations is urging the heads of the foreign-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the staged “Syrian National Coalition” (“Syrian Opposition Coalition”) to ensure that Anhar Kochneva is safe and soon released by the gang of kidnappers, which seem to be a part of the military wing of the external Syrian opposition, which is made up of Syrian Exiles and Islamists.

The Ukrainian Journalist Anhar Kochneva is set to be executed today by her kidnappers, although it is questionable whether this armed radical group will really execute her – due to the fact that they could use this journalist as leverage and also as human shield. This armed group behind the kidnapping of Anhar Kochneva has also warned that it would now start to target all Iranians, Ukrainians and also Russians in Syria. This is, to be honest, not surprising.


There is a new interview with the German expert of affairs in the Middle East and book author Christoph Hörstel about the situation and developments in Syria. Christoph Hörstel was formerly a well-known correspondent, who was working for the German state television.

Mr. Hörstel has cancelled his job at the German state television because of the increasing biased reporting and other differences between his opinions and the doctrine of the German state television channels.

Since a long time, Christoph Hörstel cares about the events and developments in Syria and he was also able to make some good contacts with people in Syria and people from the Syrian government. It is now, after the recent months, no real surprise that Christoph Hörstel is accused with several strange defamations.


The first parts of the analysis of Turkish foreign policy by the German blogger clearly, based on a speech given by the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at the investment bank Goldman Sachs on 22.11.2011, that the major driving force of Turkish foreign policy was not the desire for peace, but that the zero-problem foreign policy was merely seen as an appropriate means in order to obtain “hinterland” for the rise of Turkey as a global power.

The second parts of the analysis by the German blogger showed how the Turkish government has miscalculated itself in its foreign policy with respect to Syria. The third part of the analysis by the German blog shows how the Turkish government has ruined later on Turkey’s relations with Iraq, falling further into the vortex of geopolitical conflict in Syria, in which Turkey is involved as an instigator and contributor/catalyst to the conflict in Syria.

After the Russian delivery of Yakhont missiles (3M55E Yakhont supersonic cruise missiles) to Syria, the version of a short-term regime change in Syria, based on the military superiority of NATO, was no longer in sight. Also a regime change on the basis of elections in the sense of Israel, the GCC States and NATO, including Turkey, was not in sight.


The Iran is associated with Syria for many years by a military assistance pact for the protection against a foreign aggression, especially against a foreign aggression by Israel and the United States. Iran considers the security of Syria as its own security and vice versa.

Iran has in the course of the current US-Turkish campaign for regime change in Syria repeatedly emphasized, that Iran fulfils the military assistance pact on reciprocity in the case of a Syrian request, which is the least to expect in the case of an open invasion by NATO countries under headlines such as “Establishment of a border-near protection zone”.

With the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, which are specialized in covert operations abroad, Iran has a Special Forces team that is considered very effective and as experienced in guerrilla warfare enough so that Iran could use it for the defence of Syria and also in a gruelling guerrilla war against potential NATO occupation of Syria.