Syria’s Idlib: The Last Al-Qaeda Stronghold

This is a short post to remind the public opinion what is there in Idlib, the northwestern Syrian province which is yet to be liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies, which liberation was postponed several times due to multiple requests by the Russian leadership after the Turkish president’s almost begging to President Putin to allow him to dismantle his beloved terrorist groups there.

Link to the interactive map on Google Maps click here

The Turkish madman Erdogan kept beefing up the terrorists in Syria with recruits from all over the world all the way from Australia and China in the far east to Canada and even Chile in the far west to the extent they reached 350,000 terrorists in the past decade, a large number of those were killed but still remains a considerable number. Erdogan now has a dilemma, he can’t allow them back through Turkey, they are heavily armed and highly trained in slaughtering people, he did send a number of them to other regions in his war adventures like to Libya, Somalia, Azerbaijan, and now planning to send some more to Afghanistan after the US withdraws its troops from there.

They also are living with their families and are breeding, a lot, what to do with their families? That’s why he asked President Putin for additional time, this time is taking too long and it’s on the account of up to 3 million Syrians.

Idlib province is among the small provinces in Syria, it’s about 6000 square kilometers with mountains and farmlands, its population is near 3 million Syrians many of who are internally displaced from other Syrian regions. There are 110,000 terrorists in Idlib, 35000 of them are designated as members of Al Qaeda, the rest are of different groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, all the terrorists follow the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, the anti-Islamic religion which Erdogan follows, which is also the religion which Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri follows.

To keep control over these terrorists and assure them of NATO’s protection, (Turkey is a member state of NATO and its army is the 2nd largest army in the aggressive evil alliance), the Turkish madman illegally deployed 20,000 Turkish troops in over a dozen bases in Idlib province. These troops work as cannon fodders, human shields for the terrorists in the face of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, and serve as logistics and arming servicemen for the terrorists.

Syrians living in Idlib, the vast majority of the people there are looking forward to the liberation of their province from these prehistoric subhumans of Al Qaeda anti-Islamic terrorists, many of the Idlib families managed to escape the terrorists and move to the liberated areas, sadly, most of the others live in hell especially taking in consideration that Syria is the last secular country in the region and far beyond.

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