While Putin Opens Doors for Turkey, Erdogan Digs Holes for Russia

Russia and Turkey are not friends, their enmity goes way back in history just because the Turks have the most collective criminal history among all people, the real Turkey is about one-third of the current political one we know, the rest are conquered by the Ottomans.

They fought many wars most of which were won by Russia which was always alone in its struggle, Turkey, however, with the help of so many including some of the world’s superpowers won some wars but lost the major ones. The Turks didn’t forget that and with a lunatic like Erdogan in absolute power they are trying to revive the most hated Ottoman Empire, in all means and all costs, they do not understand the meaning of building normal relationships with other countries, this is a problem for its neighboring countries.

Husni Mahali wrote an eye-opening article describing how Erdogan’s close advisors and inner circle draw their policies and what are their ambitions. Mr. Mahali is a career Turkish journalist and a former close friend of Erdogan until Erdogan turned Turkey into the launchpad for terrorism against Syria when he opposed the Turkish madman Erdogan’s policy toward the neighboring country which opened all the doors of the world for Turkey when Europe blocked its doors, Erdogan jailed his former friend for some time..!

All of Erdogan’s policies by himself and what his advisers are pushing him to carry out serve the USA and Israel on the account of everybody else including Turkey itself, Mr. Mahali conveys what the Turkish media are telling in addition to the plans of replacing NATO troops in Afghanistan with Turkish troops augmented by terrorists from Al Qaeda he will be shipping from Idlib in Syria. Very interesting information this article I translated from Arabic for its importance: A Witness from His Family Testifies: Erdogan is Putin’s and Russia’s Enemy.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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