Under Heavy Missiles Bombing, Dedicated US Army Complete their Task!

Nothing can stop a devoted army when it’s on a religious duty serving its GOD, the US Army is no exception, especially in Syria.

Their G.O.D. is Gold, Oil, and Drugs; the duty assigned to it by its commander-in-chief is to steal the Syrian oil, or as in the words of its former commander-in-chief Trump: ‘we will keep the oil, I like oil.’

While units of the US Army illegally deployed in Syria were exchanging missiles with the Syrian Resistance and losing 8 of their troops and 2 CIA agents, other units were continuing their unholy mission loading 148 vehicles with stolen Syrian oil and smuggling it to neighboring Iraq.

“80 tankers designated for transporting crude oil stolen from the Syrian fields, and 60 vehicles containing refrigerators and trucks, accompanied by 8 military armored vehicles, headed through the illegal Al-Walid crossing to northern Iraq.”

We’re astonished by how faithful these cannon fodder oil thieves are to their higher command, when they are killed in Syria, lose limbs, get PTSD for a lifetime, and are left on the streets addicted to drugs, they will be remembered as the oil thieves and criminals they are, no heroism in stealing the oil and wheat from the people of a country 6000 miles far from their homes.

Yesterday’s massive convoy of 148 vehicles was spotted by the locals heading through the illegal Al-Walid crossing to northern Iraq.

This comes in addition to the convoy of 57 tankers of stolen Syrian oil smuggled into Iraq by the US Army on the 4th of this month, March 2023.

More in this report: US Army Stealing Syrian Oil Even While Being Bombed with Missiles!

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