Aleppo Airport Repaired after Israeli Bombing, Received First Flight Yesterday

In less than three days after the Israeli heinous war crime bombing of Aleppo International Airport and taking it out of service, the airport is back up in full operation and already received its first flight.

The plane coming from Sharjah, the UAE carrying 144 passengers landed at the airport, did what connected flights do, and departed again.

On Wednesday, the 22nd of March, the US and NATO protectorate Israel fired a barrage of missiles at the commercial airport while it was in operation destroying its runways and some of its infrastructure, practically, taking it out of service.

The bombing, the second within a month, hindered the delivery of humanitarian aid to relieve the earthquake-struck northern Syria region including a plane chartered by the United Nations which had to be diverted to another airport.

Talking about impunity, not a single member of the United Nations Security Council condemned the Israeli war crime, the council we are told is tasked and entrusted by the world to preserve peace and stability around the world.

A shy ‘expression of concern’ from the Secretary-General of the United Nation was conveyed by one of his spokesmen and that’s it.

If you’re following my posts you’ll know about the missiles exchange that ensued after the Israeli war crime between the US Army oil thieves illegally occupying Syrian oil fields and the Syrian Resistance and its allied forces which vowed to bomb the US oil thieves every time Israel bombs Syria, and this time, several civilians were killed and wounded, the exact figure is not revealed yet when the US oil thieves wanted to break that rule and as a result, 8 US Army oil thieves and 2 CIA agents were then killed in the exchange.

Imagine the world’s reaction when Syria rightfully starts bombing Israeli commercial airports in retaliation, which should happen anytime in the foreseen future, just imagine the hysteria and craziness of especially the western countries and remember this post.

More in this report: Aleppo Int’l Airport Resumes Operation after Israeli Bombing.

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