US / Israel Bombs Sites in Central and Coastal Syria

The USA through its launchpad Israel waged an early morning bombing against sites in central and coastal Syria killing 4 soldiers and injuring a fifth, and causing material damage.

This is the second time Israel bombs Syria within 6 days, Syria is engaged with tens of thousands of NATO-sponsored al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in addition to US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists stealing with their US army protectors Syrian oil in the northeast of the country.

Syrian air defense managed to shoot down most of the incoming missiles, however, the Russian-made air defense systems Russia sold to Syria are proving less effective each time. Russia held back air defense systems like the dated S300 not delivering them to Syria despite the purchase done before 2010 upon a request from Israel leaving no doubts about where Russian leadership was heading back then.

The news of Israeli bombings violating international law, breaching the UN Charter, and risking a large regional war does not make it to major headlines around the world, one day when Syria starts retaliating the news will be filled in the west with headlines demonizing the real Semite people of the Levant for defending themselves against the European fake Semite people of Israel.

More in this report: Israel Bombs Syria Killing 4 Soldiers, its 2nd Aggression in 6 Days.

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