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The Putin-lovers (who support the Russian oligarchy instead of the US- and EU-oligarchy) say that the “safe zones” / “de-escalation zones” in Syria would prevent US-led coalition jets flying in. They repeat what the Russians said a day or so ago, and .. 

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Syria de-escalation zones

News sources report that an Iran brokered deal with Qatar to exchange Syrian hostages from al Fou’aa, Kafarya, Madaya, and al Zabadani — for terrorists.  Both countries are members of the Syria-less International Syria Support Group. 

Syria’s history since the beginning of the foreign imposed terrorist war has been the security and stability of its citizenry.  In October 2013, it was revealed that the SAR had agreed to a stunning exchange of a multi-country assortment of terrorists for Bishops Boulous Yazigi and Yuhanna Ibrahim, who had been kidnapped in April.    Chechen terrorists demanded 72… Continue Reading: Iran Brokered Deal with Qatar to Exchange Syrian Hostages for Terrorists

There, in Geneva, are the talks about the political solution in Syria.  It is the easy talk.  The negotiations should be two sides:   The governmental actor and the opposition actor.  However, the moderate oppositions have many delegations, many podiums, many representatives of many countries, but not to Syria.

One of today’s victims is General Hasan Da’aboul, our countryman. Your mainstream media like BBC Arabic was so happy about his martyrdom, under the pretext that he put many of your moderate terrorists in jail!  This is another clear confession from you:  You cheer the death of defenders of our country.  You call the killers and beheaders “moderate rebels” but you know that they are well organized gangs funded and armed by you.

Source: Moderate Oppositions at Geneva, in Syria: Terrorists

Phoenix might be mythical, but not in Aleppo city north of Syria where one can witness its rise from the ashes before their own eyes. Syria has always rose..

Source: Families Returning to their Homes in Aleppo Eastern District

Syrian activist Afraa Dagher questions the latest campaign of Amnesty’s criminal propaganda against her country. Transcript: Hello, Amnesty! Where is Amnesty about what is going on in Bahrain?  The Bahraini king hanged and executed young men, just for they are ‘oppositions.’ What about Saudi Ar

Source: Syrian Woman on Amnesty’s Criminal Propaganda against Her Country

The following question and answer article appeared first at the Russian news agency NR2 (“Novy Region”) and it gives an account of the assessment from a certain Dmitry Yershov, who is – according to the words of the agency – currently in the Syrian capital Damascus.

This is true, because after Kreml.TV stopped its daily live broadcasts in cooperation with ANNA-News, this Russian enthusiast appeared in order to support Marat Musin (ANNA-News) on site.

The guy is a blogger (full-time?) and positions himself as a political scientist. His commitment is quite remarkable and also shows at what level it has to be tried now in order to break through the information blockade. Apropos, for this, one does not need an invitation of the Syrian government.

Well, also the protective equipment of Marat Musin – protective helmet and bulletproof vest – is a donation. It`s not that it is from the Syrian government or army, but from the Russian company Armocom.


The following video was recorded by a member of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA). He has published the recording online because he did not agree with what his group has done.

The video further down shows how the terrorists blew up a mosque in Aleppo, while they are cheering and shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

As already explained in the article “The Wahhabis are destroying Mecca without resistance” (English / German), the Sunni sect of the Wahhabis are destroying historical mosques and shrines at the holy places in Mecca and Medina as well as in other Muslim countries because they would be “heresy”.


The Syrian opposition has regrouped under the pressure and by an active contribution of the West and unites now more so-called Syrian opposition groups than before. The new Anti-Syrian umbrella organization demonstrates a staged openness and calls since its inception on all so-called organizations to join it or to be united under one roof.

The West participates in it and also supports the calls that the armed forces and the radical Islamist organisations should join this new umbrella organisation. It is probably the situation that several European foreign ministers, for example, the German clown in office, Guido Westerwelle, either think that these “moderate Islamists” will establish a democratic, peaceful state in Syria, or they know the truth and do not care about the upcoming downfall and destruction of the secular Syria because some states like the United States, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia still have too much power or money (or even both).


It was negotiated, threatened and rescheduled in Doha, Qatar, for about one week until a new representative of the so-called Syrian opposition, better said, for the farce of the external Syrian opposition, was found.

Now, since last Sunday, there is a new umbrella organisation which has set the goal, to overthrow the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and to form a new transitional government for Syria and the Western democrats have no problem with the situation that their policy is again a clear violation of international law. So nothing new in/from the West and the Gulf.

At least, a bit new could be the fact that now are also armed groups parts of this merger of so-called Syrian opposition groups, which is probably not really in line with the usual policy and the good examples that the usual Western democracy should follow.


There is a new interview with the German expert of affairs in the Middle East and book author Christoph Hörstel about the situation and developments in Syria. Christoph Hörstel was formerly a well-known correspondent, who was working for the German state television.

Mr. Hörstel has cancelled his job at the German state television because of the increasing biased reporting and other differences between his opinions and the doctrine of the German state television channels.

Since a long time, Christoph Hörstel cares about the events and developments in Syria and he was also able to make some good contacts with people in Syria and people from the Syrian government. It is now, after the recent months, no real surprise that Christoph Hörstel is accused with several strange defamations.