Turkey-backed Terrorists Bomb Syrian Villages with Artillery and Missiles

Turkey-backed terrorists of Al Qaeda Levant (Nusra Front aka HTS), ISIS (ISIL), Hamzat, Sultan Murad, and the rest of the plethora of Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists are constantly and indiscriminately shelling Syrian villages and towns near the areas they occupy with their Turkish army sponsors in northern Syria, yesterday’s morning, the villagers in the northern countryside of Hasakah were hit the most.

The bombing of the Syrian villages has not stopped ever since the terrorists were defeated by the Syrian army and its allies and were pushed further north towards their main backer in the region, the NATO 2nd largest country Turkey. The bombing intensity varies depending on the mood of the Turkish madman Erdogan, his political position in regard to elections and the competition and pressure against his party from the secular Turkish parties, and when he wants to milk his friends and literally saviors in Russia and Iran, saviors from his own allies in Israel, USA, and the EU.

Yesterday’s shelling with artillery and missiles targeted the region of Abu Rasin in the northwestern countryside of Hasakah province, the province is Syria’s northeastern bordering Turkey in the north and Iraq in the east, a US puppet regime in the north, and practically, a US occupied country in the east.

The shelling damaged many houses, some civilians were wounded, and the villagers mostly were already displaced and fled their towns to become new refugees over the course of the past couple of years, imagine those who stood up to ISIS and helped the Syrian army defeat this US-founded terrorist organization couldn’t withstand the terror of NATO’s (defensive alliance) Turkey’s terrorists. A few remained and among those, there are casualties almost daily.

My report on Syria News details the attacks and includes an interactive map showing the sites targeted by the Turkish madman Erdogan and his beloved anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists: Fresh from Tehran Summit, Erdogan Escalates Bombing Syrian Villages.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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