Syria Defies the UNSC NATO Hyenas; Vows to Liberate All Its Territories

NATO members states at the UNSC think they can continue using the UN to justify their colonial and regime change wars, Syria says not anymore.

On Monday the rabid NATO hyenas ruling the United Nations held yet another UNSC anti-Syria meeting in a never-ending series of anti-Syria meetings in which the besieged white man’s burden struggles to speak for the Syrian Arabs, suffers while moving around its humanitarian terrorism, nearly aspirates on those crocodile tears still flooding the building, forcing the meeting to be via video conference.

NATO Leaders don’t know where their North Atlantic is, here’s a map to help them

At this writing — mercifully — the UN webmasters have not uploaded any significant reporting on the most recent Security Council meeting. Though not attributing this absence to the usual almost as dead broke as were the Clintons upon leaving the White House excuse, it does seem as though those United Nations keep expanding their sub-groups, like some invasive plant species.

On 18 May, the Peace and Security department — better called the Demolition and Destabilization department — which appears to oversee some new NATO infestation Orwellianly named UN Political & Peacebuilding Affairs shared the hyena barking by Spec. Envoy Geir O. Pedersen… Continue reading:

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