Syria: Obama and Putin – No Change in Position

Posted: June 20, 2012 in International
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The G-20 summit is over and it has not really brought a lot of new or unexpected developments. However, it was obvious that the Europeans came together closely to each other, in order to provide protection and support for each other, so that they are able to pit themselves against the allegations and statements of the new rising powers of Asia and America.

Although they presented themselves rather cooperative at the end of the conference, all together, but whether actually a lot will get triggered after this conference at the G-20 summit is questionable. The new French president, Hollande, said some true words during the conference, but out of his mouth, these words just sounded amazingly and untrue.

He stressed that the financial crisis in Europe is a European problem that should be solved internally, where nobody should dictate anything from the outside, and in which Europe will reject the “commands” from abroad.

So far so good: Holland thinks, therefore, that internal European issue must also be solved internally and that Europe is able to solve these issues internally. When he speaks these true words about Europe, why does he have no balls to speak the same truth about Syria and to apply the same European courage when it comes to Syria?

France, as a European power, is almost obsessed to finally intervene in Syria militarily, or when this will not work out, to ally more and more with the so-called “Syrian rebels” in future, although these Syrian rebels are more like armed militias and armed religious fanatics, which are not fighting for democracy, peace and “European standards”.

Hollande is under pressure by the United States, as well as Germany. Already months ago, a unnamed source of the German state security has explained us a bit about this pressure by the United States. Thus, it is no real surprise that some Germans were captured in Syria while they wanted to deliver more weapons to the radical militias, jihadists and other foreign mercenaries.

These problems in Syria are internally problems, which are intensively boosted and willfully fuelled by foreign powers like the Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Britain, United Stated, and Israel. None of these allegedly democratic states in Europe can still pretend that they are not responsible for the murder of Syrians.

Of course, nobody in the West prevents them from doing so. Birds of a feather flock together. Clearly, the stance to help the conflicting parties in Syria is a good attitude, but the methods and statements from the West are just to condemn and show the truth behind the curtains of empty phrases about democracy, peace and humanitarian reasons. The West is not interested in a democratic Syria.

The so-called Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC) does not care about the Syrian people, as well as the United States and United Nations (UN) do in general not care about them. It is about geo-political interests, the supremacy in the Middle East, even on this planet, for the next years, and it is also about the weakening of Syria, the weakening of the “Resistance” and the attack on Iran.

Of course, for Qatar and Saudi Arabia, it is also about religious interests and the typical “Shia vs. Sunni” thing. Of course, this is not only sad since a long time, but also easy to be misused by foreign powers, e.g. Salvador option.

In addition to the French President Hollande, also Mrs. Clinton, AIPAC-Darling, is getting increasingly evident in her statements what she actually wants for Syria. Of course, after all the years following the behavior of Hillary Clinton, it cannot be good what this woman, injured in pride, wants. Mrs. Hillary Clinton does not want to protect the Syrian civilians and she is not interested in peace, Hillary Clinton wants a regime change in Syria and to further weaken the country.

Would Hillary Clinton be honest, just one time in her political career, she would say specifically what changes she has in mind for Syria: A US-dependent country, which is submissively dependent on the United States; at least, a new allied regime that is with certainly not better than the old one. It could be even worse considering the sectarian violence and the Islamists and jihadists, which are fighting within Syria against the government, while these religious fanatics and mercenaries are supported by the United States, some European countries, and also by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Double-standards as usually. But the support for radical armed people and so-called Islamists and jihadists in Syria is actually a threat for Europe and the United States. At least, in the future. Afghanistan has already proven that this policy of double-standards could be counterproductive, but some are not willing to learn from history. While they are absolutely horny about the weakening of Syria to finally attack Iran, they really miss some important developments and backgrounds. Feltman has already proven the act, in a recent leak of a discussion with him in Lebanon, that the United States have not learned from the history of the support and creation of Islamists.

The G-20 Summit was not only a platform for debate on the economy and the financial crisis, but also provided an opportunity for Putin and Obama to come together in a conversation on Monday and discuss the situation and possible future action “for” Syria and Iran.

The meeting between Obama and Putin seemed to be somehow good in any manner, but nobody is really wiser after this two-hour discussion between the two people. The current reports about the results of this meeting between Obama and Putin at the G-20 summit are not to interpreted clearly.

Putin has announced after the meeting with Obama, that both maintain the same views on Syria and that the talks will continue. Really? Russia and America will have an agreement? As seen from this agreement then, what’s in it for Russia out of it? Or the statements of Vladimir Putin were once again taken out of context, or are incorrectly assembled together, like it already has happen often in the last 16 months.

After all, the British Prime Minister Cameron has also announced that Putin has changed his position to Assad and Syria at the G-20 summit. But this was and is obviously a lie and the news agency Reuters has meanwhile again confirmed, that they are a biased propaganda agency with a lot of careerists. All what Cameron has done was once more war propaganda, and to confirm that he is a slave of the United States, just like Germany.

After Cameron has clearly lied, he also mentioned afterwards that the UN Security Council (UNSC) has to create the base for a political transition in Syria; in words, to start a military intervention, kill a lot of Syrian civilians and to create a huge “resistance” in this country, not to mention that such a military intervention would aggravate the situation and not improve the situation in Syria.

Cameron gave false signals after the conference, he lied and has willfully operated war propaganda, because Vladimir Putin has not changed the stance on Syria, and Moscow still represents the same stance since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

Putin insists that no state has the right to interfere in internal issues of a sovereign state, in order to implement a regime change, political change, there. He reiterated again, that many want the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, but also that this is not the opinion of all and that first the violence in Syria has to stop.

Vladimir Putin warned again, that the resignation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad can only constitutionally happen in Syria, to the chagrin of the U.S. President Barack Obama who actually tries and does everything to quickly remove al-Assad and to weaken Syria. Barack Obama wants a proxy government in Syria and to “change” the last Arab country without a U.S. base on its soil.

The Russian appeal is again to all parties in the conflict in Syria, because definitely it is clear, that not only the Syrian government uses violence, on the contrary. While Putin and Obama have met each other on the sidelines of the G20 summit, and have apparently agreed, the information about they have agreed will have to be seen in the upcoming days and weeks, also the questionable Secretary General of the Arab League (AL) had something to say.

Al-Arabi demanded on Monday again to send a “Peacekeeping Force” to Syria, which shall take care about the peace in Syria, but shall not intervene in the fighting. Actually, the UN observers had exactly the same task, but due to the ongoing violence and attacks on the observers, this UN mission of the observers was suspended, but might go on soon.

The UN observers are still in Syria and will continue their mission if it is feasible. Due to the ongoing violence in some regions of the country, many civilians are at risk because they are caught in combat regions.

In the Syrian city of Homs, for example, families are still trapped in embattled districts; they are not able to flee from the battle zones. The armed militias and Islamists, the radical Salafists gangs, as Agenzia Fides has called them finally, took them as hostages and are not really willing to let them go, of course. The current events in some districts of the Syrian city of Homs reveal the truth of events in Syria.

The mediation of UN Observers failed in the past week, just as the attempts of mediation of clerical. Also in other combat zones, Syrian civilians are caught and are not able to flee. Some are taken as hostages by the armed militias and Western-backed religious fanatics; others are willfully trapped in these areas by the radical “Syrian rebels”; who are obviously no deliverer of democracy, peace, freedom, and a new positive future for the secular Syria.

In contrary, the secular Syria is more and more in danger. The Western-backed armed criminals, jihadists and mercenaries, who receive more and more support with arms and money from e.g. Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are a threat for every Syrian civilian and even for Europe and the United States in future.

But as stated, the double-standards of Western foreign policy and the reasons for the involvement by Qatar and Saudi Arabia are clear on the table, but all this knowledge does not prevent them to get rid of double-standards and to accept the truth and credibility again as a precondition of democracy, not only on own soil.

Whether the civilian hostages of the armed rebel militias in Homs will soon be evacuated is not clear. The Syrian army, which was already willing to accept a lot in order that the armed groups let the hostages go, has announced the liberation of the civilian hostages in the Syrian city of Homs. It remains to be seen whether this will succeed. Syria is hardly able to bear another massacre.

The war propaganda of the mainstream media continues, however. After the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was already sold as a butcher who jumped out of the hell to kill everyone, the propaganda of Western mainstream media is also more and more directed against Russia. The recent stories about allegedly deliveries of attack helicopters make this clear.

Of course, the democratic West was never a friend of Russia and the Western media is happy about the fact to have a target for emotional and harsh propaganda stories. Google News was counterproductive for journalism, no question.

They want the war; the question now is only when the West will start. This war is a threat for everyone and will be followed by a conflagration in the entire region.

  1. Souri says:

    ‘Tell Brits to remove Cameron and see what happens’ – Assad’s adviser

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