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On 26 December, another US owned terrorist murdered another Syrian soldier, defending his homeland within its borders, from foreign terrorists.  Syrian Arab Air Force pilot Bassam Ghassan was shot down while on a mission against al Nusra savages in Hama countryside. At this writing, little is known of the life of the Syrian martyr.

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Syria remains the standard in all things decent in humanity.  Throughout its nearly 10,000 year history of civilization, it has been the foundation of the

Source: Syria Remains the Standard in all Things Decent | Syria News

The Gaza war by Israel against the civilian population of Palestine has distracted the attention from Syria. As we have reported, a Syrian opposition alliance has been formed in Doha, Qatar, on the direct orders of the United States.

This constitutes a total undemocratic procedure without an election or anything else that would at least give the illusion of ‘democratic procedure’.

The members were picked by NATO. Hillary Clinton had just explained that the old “Syrian National Council” (SNC) would no longer be a representative. Does it not speak a plain language, how the so-called “members” let themselves push around by the dragon from Washington?


The German publicist and journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer (Todenhoefer) has asked to share, print, sign and send this letter (below) to the re-elected U.S. President and so-called Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama.

The former politician and book author Jürgen Todenhöfer (Todenhofer) is a known German critic of the US-led wars against Afghanistan and against Iraq and is also sceptical about the last events in Libya as well as in Syria. Mr. Todenhöfer was also the vice chairman of the executive board at German media company Hubert Burda Media till 2008 and he travelled to Syria several times in the last two years.

For Mr. Todenhöfer, the Bush administration was deceiving the public during the war in Iraq and the German journalist and author claims that the US war in Iraq has killed over several hundred thousand Iraqi civilians.

Of course, Mr. Todenhöfer was in Iraq himself, several times, especially for the research to his interesting book “Why do you kill, Zaid?” that people should really read, because it is an interesting piece of truth.

Jürgen Todenhöfer`s appeal to all:

The President of the United States of America

Mr. Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

Washington D.C. 20500



Dear Mr. President,


The events of the last decade force us to rethink our relationship between the West and the Muslim world. Otherwise, like in the past years, we will face one disaster after another.

I think that should put the following 10 points on the top of our considerations.


1: The West is a lot more violent than the Muslim world. Millions of Arabic civilians have been killed since the start of colonialism. Not once in the last 200 years has a Muslim country attacked a western country.


2: Nothing promotes terrorism more than the West’s “anti-terror wars”. They are a

terror-breeding program.


3: Terrorism is not a typically Muslim problem, but a global one instead.


4: Terrorists under the guise of Islam are murderers. Leaders of wars of aggression

violating international law under the guise of Christianity are as well.


5: Muslims were and still are at least as tolerant as Jews and Christians.


6: The love of God and the love of ones neighbor are the main commandments in the

Koran as well, and not just in the Bible.


7: Western politics towards the Muslim world suffer from a frightening ignorance of the simplest facts.


8: The West needs to treat the Muslim world just as fairly and generously as it (rightly) treats Israel. Muslims are worth just as much as Jews and Christians.


9: Muslims need to work towards an Islam of progress and tolerance, as their Prophet

Mohammed did. They need to rip the religious mask from the face of “Muslim terrorism”.


10: The order of the day is the art of statesmanship, not the art of war – in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Iraq, in Iran, in Syria and in Palestine.


I ask you to please help redefine our relationship with the Muslim world.





The multi-day conference in Doha, Qatar, is over now and the Christian Sabra follows the Kurd Sieda as the head of the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC).  Sabra took over the chairmanship of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Doha and is now at the top of this disunited committee, which often was already accused incapacity.

The last time, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has accused the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) with incapacity and while this accusation is true, there is a reason why Clinton finally did this. The same applies for the heads of this dubious council of Syrian exiles and Islamists.

Of course, that a Christian follows a Kurd as the new head of this non-Syrian council (including a lot of Exile Syrians and Islamists who just went to Syria for holidays in last years) is just a trick but it has never really worked for the “masterminds” behind this orchestrated “Syrian National Council” (SNC).


From the interests of Qatar in Syria, much has already been written. Here, one is able to summarize all things which have been said, in one simple sentence: for Qatar, this is a pure war about infrastructure, whereby the country tries to address multiple, otherwise intractable problems.

First, it is about a blockade of Iran and the thwarting of its continental connections to Europe. Then, it is the attempt to establish a monopoly over the natural gas pipelines in the region; that would make the “bottleneck”, the Strait of Hormuz, which the Qatari super tanker have to continually pass through, make more or less irrelevant at the same time. Pure logistically, on this route, also the Suez Canal belongs to the bottlenecks.

A hand-tame Syria would also solve the problem of competition with the Transcaucasian (Azerbaijan) Trans-Caspian (Turkmenistan) natural gas supplies, which are a problem, once somebody imports them into a pipeline system that is not controlled by Qatar.

All in all, the disappearance of Syria from the map would open a range of possibilities for Qatar, which would elicit one or two clicks of the tongue of the voluminous Emir.


The G-20 summit is over and it has not really brought a lot of new or unexpected developments. However, it was obvious that the Europeans came together closely to each other, in order to provide protection and support for each other, so that they are able to pit themselves against the allegations and statements of the new rising powers of Asia and America.

Although they presented themselves rather cooperative at the end of the conference, all together, but whether actually a lot will get triggered after this conference at the G-20 summit is questionable. The new French president, Hollande, said some true words during the conference, but out of his mouth, these words just sounded amazingly and untrue.

He stressed that the financial crisis in Europe is a European problem that should be solved internally, where nobody should dictate anything from the outside, and in which Europe will reject the “commands” from abroad.


Some lowbrow contemporaries still believe in the neutrality of the Western mass media. They are not able to see through how the stories and reports sometimes come about.

When they have “learned” it, that “the Assad regime” has killed civilians in al-Houla (Hula), all the reports of the Western mass media were then only based on the  proclaimed opinions of the U.S. State Department, which were made with deep conviction, while the U.S. State Department had overhasty taken over the one-side recrimination by the so-called “activists”.

Since that time, this appears for them as if it has to be the truth. Relevant advice and information are being hidden partly systematically, because they contradict the “truth”. They bristle to recognize the latest state of the evidence. Of course, nobody can exclude that this latest state of evidence might change again. But currently, nothing indicates such a change.


Today begins the G20 summit in Mexico. Unofficially, this could be the platform, where Putin and the West will decide about the last deal on the topic Syria.

Everything indicates that the time for decisions to either Syria now is already there, or in close temporal proximity, so that it is imminent – there is just the weekend – can also be understood as a “now”.

There are lot of evidence suggests that the U.S. will announce its concrete track shortly. Here are aware no sources mentioned, there are tons of them and all are accessible to everybody (not just DEBKAfile).