Syria: Where are the Iranian Elite Troops?

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Sideviews
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More or less critical nuances were able to be heard in the German media about Syria since a long time. At least, between some lines.

Yesterday, the always emphasized transatlantic German newspaper “Die Welt” has published a new report from the Syrian city of Aleppo, the industrial center of Syria, and this report is a break through considering the US-led media blockade against and about the real situation in Syria.

The German journalist Alfred Hackensberger, born 1959, reports about the Arabic World for German mainstream media since a long time. He normally lives in Tangier, Morocco.

In his report from the Syrian city of Aleppo, Alfred Hackensberger spoke with Syrian civilians, with witnesses of bombings and who spoke with him about the alleged terror of the so-called “Syrian rebels”, which are in general armed militias, Islamists, and also foreign mercenaries from other Arab countries and even from Europe.

A Syrian English teacher told him that the “Syrian rebels act like criminals”. The head of a factory for electrical parts in Aleppo, who is also a friend of the German journalist, described to him how entrepreneurs were forced to close their business on Friday and Saturday, so that it looks like a strike.

Two neighboring factories were already burned down by the armed militias of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), because the management had rejected it to join this “game” of the armed gangs. Nadia Bitar told a similar story in late May, but nobody believed her in Germany – the readers of the German mainstream magazine “Der Spiegel” know more about it.

In a cafe in the old town of the Syrian city of Aleppo, the German journalist Mr. Hackensberger met with some Armenian Christians. The Armenian Christians considered the current media reports as exaggerated and wrong, they have the opinion that the so-called “Syrian rebels” are a gang of bandits and terrorists, and do finally point to the forcible expulsion of Christians from the Syrian city of Homs by the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The rest of the people there are now being used as human shields by these armed militias and the radical Salafist gangs. The radical Islamists, with their fanatical zeal, on which in particularly Mitt Romney sets in his presidential campaign in the United States, increase the fears of the people and also the Armenian Christians are afraid of these radical religious fanatics. They have already received a lot of threats in the Internet; many of them have already fled abroad, or are currently thinking about it.

Iran’s Elite Troops

Alfred Hackensberger did not meet the “Iranian Elite Troops”. The picture published by this German newspaper is from Iran. The author stated that they would be “on the border”, but he does not write where he has his information from or whether there is any evidence for this.

Similarly, he keeps secret about which border area this should be. There is no known Syrian-Iranian border as you know; therefore it is better to be skeptical about this statement, because until now, there was never any evidence for the claim of “Iranian elite troops” on Syrian soil.

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  1. Antifo says:

    The “rebels” get high developed communication technology from abroad. Countless videos are posted every day on youtube by the activists. Either these activists have no photo camera or the media tell us lies.

    • The second option, I fear. The last (I guess was the real last tourist..) German tourist who came back from Syria about 3 weeks ago said in his first statement, that German media is full of BS and that is has to be propaganda – and he even traveled from Damascus to other regions by bus.

  2. Arabi Souri says:

    This is just one of the so many NATO media houses being defaced in their role to serve their masters.

    Great article, and hopefully all those NATO criminal propaganda warmongering houses fall one after the other.

  3. Antifo says:

    After having written the above article I registered yesterday at a German language Shia forum.

    I hope there to get in contact with someone who joins or support our fight against these bold lies. What I got so far is a recommendation to Syrian news agency Sham Press:

    I told them also about this report by Mr. Hackensberger and asked them what they think about our topic here. They couldn’t even understand how one can believe such fairy tales. All you need is good sense to realize this is a lie. The same is true with the claim of Hezbollah anyhow participating with the conflict in Syria. Nonsense.

  4. Iran embassy also denied news by certain regional media on the presence of elements of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria and dispatching weapons from Iran to the country.

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