Syria: On the Right Side of History

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Sideviews
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Some lowbrow contemporaries still believe in the neutrality of the Western mass media. They are not able to see through how the stories and reports sometimes come about.

When they have “learned” it, that “the Assad regime” has killed civilians in al-Houla (Hula), all the reports of the Western mass media were then only based on the  proclaimed opinions of the U.S. State Department, which were made with deep conviction, while the U.S. State Department had overhasty taken over the one-side recrimination by the so-called “activists”.

Since that time, this appears for them as if it has to be the truth. Relevant advice and information are being hidden partly systematically, because they contradict the “truth”. They bristle to recognize the latest state of the evidence. Of course, nobody can exclude that this latest state of evidence might change again. But currently, nothing indicates such a change.

A generally accepted certainty will probably only be there, when all available witnesses were heard during an investigation by the United Nations and were also taken into account.

That the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken over the contradictory statements of these “activists” without critical examination has happened only because the U.S. President Barack Obama has demanded of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, already a year earlier – it just had to be the truth.

Thus, the U.S. government was and is driven to misjudgments by their beloved “insurgents” in Syria and has still no real solutions. Mrs. Clinton is therefore also not seen as a good Secretary of State within the United States.

The Syria-Policy of Hillary Clinton gets more and more sharply criticized, because also the U.S. citizens have noticed that there are no viable concepts. They notice and are upset about the fact, that the U.S. President Barack Obama has no full control in his hands, and they suspect that the President has led the nation into a dead end.

Apart from political outsiders such as the Texas-Senator Ron Paul, nobody says it openly how it came about.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Also Obama’s Republican opponent in the presidential elections in November, Mitt Romney, is not able to present a convincing plan. Boosted by the atmosphere between the people which were put under heavy moral pressure by the barrage of the media propaganda, Mitt Romney has now said that he is temporarily against a “no-fly zone”, but that he definitely wants to arm the “Syrian rebels” at all costs.

Half adjuring, half criticizing, U.S. media speak about this as an unfinished work. Romney talks about the protection of the Syrians, and conceals, that his course will throw Syria in a bloody massacre, and also would make America to a hostage of the Salafists.

Without a lie, Christ was able to pray with the words “”Father forgive them for they know not what they do” for his tormentors – they really did not know that he was God’s son.  But Romney and the “Messiah” Obama do know exactly what they are doing: they know that they want to rush with their heads against a wall, and that they are willing to go over dead bodies for this. They just have no idea how strong this wall really is.

Sergey Lavrov

Referring to the apparent lack of quality in the West and the lack of honest analysis of the developments in Syria and the possible consequences, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned in a British newspaper article entitled “On the Right Side of History” a few days ago.

It seems, however, that the authors of those reports did not bother asking themselves how the government could manage to stay in power without public support for more than a year, despite the extensive sanctions imposed by its main economic partners. Why did the majority of people vote for the draft constitution proposed by the authorities? Why, after all, have most Syrian soldiers remained loyal to their commanders? If fear is the only explanation, then why did it fail to help other authoritarian rulers? (Quote – On the Right Side of History)

Why has the majority of the population confirmed the Constitution which was proposed by the authority in an election? When fear would be the explanation, why was this then not able to save the other authoritarian rulers?

Russia knows Syria very well, Moscow makes efforts, and they mean it good with some advices to its partners in the West. But these Russian advices to the West remain unheard, are not understood or – even worse – they are seen as rebelliousness by a former defeated enemy.

The more the United States proceeds with its haphazard Syria’s policy, the greater the damage will be. It will be difficult days for the American nation, when they have to finally admit that it is not Russia and China, but they themselves, including France, England and Germany, which were unfortunately on the wrong side of history.

Maybe then, the “Arab spring” will come over Saudi Arabia.



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