General Amnesty in Syria for All Crimes Committed before Yesterday

A new general amnesty was decreed by Syrian President Bashar Assad days before Christmas and New Year, it’s coming less than 8 months after the last general amnesty.

Thousands of Syrians have joined the reconciliation process, a path for those who joined the terrorist groups, either forced to or brainwashed to. Few were enticed to because of their criminal mindest, those who joined the reconciliation benefitted from previous general amnesties and returned to their everyday lives.

Those who refused to join the reconciliation process were shipped to Idlib and the cities and towns they were infesting were freed and life started to return to normal there.

This new general amnesty, however, is much broader than the previous ones, it could be the last one or at least that’s what the Syrians are hoping for as by now, repeated amnesties are giving the terrorists hope to continue being criminals and repenting at later stages.

In all cases, this latest general amnesty which covers all crimes committed before yesterday, the 21st of December 2022 including internal and external desertion from the military does not cover the personal rights of individuals who would not forgive the criminals and want those who harmed them or stole from them to be punished.

More in this report: President Assad Grants a New Broad General Amnesty.

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