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The head of the junta ruling the US regime described the president of Syria as ‘an animal’ in an interview with one of his supporting media outlets. The interviewer didn’t ask Trump to apologize or level up the conversation, and the western and their regional stooges propagandists hyped on the.. Continue reading: Between Trump and Assad, Who is the Animal?

After the entire world confirmed that Syria has won one of the worst plots to overthrow its sovereign government and install a puppet regime in its place, seems still some USAians either didn’t realize it or don’t want to realize it hoping further blood is spilled, here’s one of them: Eric Golub.

In an article naively-titled President Obama surrenders to Syria, he still insists on warmongering. Not because his venue is of any importance, nobody usually reads Washington Times and it doesn’t have any credible weight, but just for the sake of personal conscious relieving, I commented on his article:

“I don’t feel the urge to read the full article, just the first couple of paragraphs were enough to recognize a warmonger from an analyst.

Just a reminder to the writer of this post: Washington tried, since ever, every single way to install a puppet regime in Syria, since 1950s in vain, and now the role is very obvious to the blind media that’s why people like you could notice it.

If Syrians wanted to revolt they would’ve and didn’t wait for your Obama to dictate them which president ‘suits them better’. Syrians are more than happy enjoying for so long subsidized life essentials your people lack, like paying 1/5th of the cost for fuel, free education from 0 to PHD, free healthcare system from emergency checkup to periodic checkups to complicated surgical operations on the account of the govt, a great sense of personal security which was affected in recent riots but will come back very soon, freedom to move inside and abroad for the citizens, freedom to take public posts based on competency and not ethnic backgrounds like how the entire Foreign & Defense Affairs of the USA are controlled by a single ethnic group you know which, and I promise you, no sane human would let all those away just to earn the right to curse at the president of state openly, even that in Oriental cultures is not accepted.

Keep warmongering based on ‘activists’ accounts, what really matters is people on the ground and their stance that’s enabling their state ‘you call it regime’ to thwart every single attempt to control them and their resources. All propaganda proved a lie, and just take yesterday’s propaganda which was an attempt to release the stooges all over the country by giving them a hope that 5 top Syrian political, military and security officials were assassinated by the terrorists, to wake up after 2 hours from their fantasy.”

Syrians proved to be immune to your lies, not only because they’re more aware of their own interests and their own situation, but because they don’t trust you for the long history of your hypocrisy.

It’s appalling when a convicted criminal accuses others of crimes, it’s more appalling when this same criminal can run away with his crimes while the criminal image is painted against the accused.

Just 2 days ago, the entire world relived the horrific moments over 1.5 million Armenian civilians lived before they were brutally massacred by the Ottoman empire during its last days, another 500,000 Syrians were massacred by the same criminal entity, Syrians commemorate this crime on the 6th of May every year in a day named the Martyrs Day, when the majority number of intellectuals were hanged by the Ottoman ruler of Damascus & Beirut in the year 1916.

Just 2 days after the remembrance of such a crimes which the criminal refuses to admit till date even after almost a century, the Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu speaks before the Turkish parliament to defend the new Ottoman dream reviving in his sick mind and his government of an extremist fanatic party the AKP live for achieving. The Turkish government was carried away with its achievement in supporting NATO interference in some Arab countries to replace current regimes with NATO stooges and puppet regimes that serve their Zionist commands without any objection, the Turkish government’s new Ottoman dream faced a thick and very firm wall when it reached Syria. In Syria, they saw their dream endangered and can sense if nothing major happens (a war) their dream is vanishing and the counter effect might cost them their entire political lives.

“A new Middle East is emerging and we will continue to lead this. Turkey will pioneer this order of peace. … The Turkish people of 74 million are [standing] next to the Syrian people and will continue to be so,” Davutoğlu said.

First, who appointed Turkey to lead a new Middle East? What type of a Middle East they want to lead where their fanatic party, the Muslim Brotherhood, is branching in some Arab countries namely: Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, while plans for Algeria, Mauritania and Yemen were delayed for some time? A New Middle East that comes out of ‘Creative Chaos’ is a plan mentioned by the infamous US former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and now we know it was named: the Arab Spring.

Then, didn’t the Turkish foreign minister read the results of the latest Turkish parliamentary to see that he doesn’t speak of the 74 million Turks, he could at least see the same venue where he was talking to see how many seats his party lost 15 seats to the Turkish opposition. And in case he was still blind, some opposition deputies interrupted him to remind him that he doesn’t speak for the 74 million Turkish people.

Finally, which Syrian people he stands next to? The SNC created in Istanbul, Turkey mostly of exiled Syrian opposition figures including a majority of the same fanatic outlaw group the Muslim Brotherhood? Or those 200 Syrian opposition members mostly with dual citizenships occupying the sphere of western backed mainstream media? Obviously not the Syrian people who voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new Syrian constitution and who filled the Syrian squares rejecting foreign intervention in their internal affairs.

“The foreign minister also said Turkey had warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad even before the beginning of the Arab Spring to implement reforms, but Turkey began to openly criticize Assad only when he “began to turn cities to open air prisons, punished cities en masse and bombed mosques.””

They openly launched an attack on Syrian president in midst of Hama events when the city was ran by Turkish sponsored terrorist group duped FSA, the umbrella which Al Qaeda and other fanatics take cover under it.. At that time this same minister Davutoglu visited Damascus and met with Syrian president, offered him to dismiss the Syrian govt and replace it with one that has over 50% of it from the outlaw other terrorist group: the Muslim Brotherhood – Syria branch (Ikhwan Muslimeen), which the Turkish govt party is their Turkish branch, and when the Syrian leadership refused this unexpected interference in their internal issues, Davutoglu left Damascus angry and the Turkish propaganda was unleashed along with western backed Zionist media, Hama was cleansed within 48 hours of that infamous visit and Erdogan went from a mad leader to a mad dog leading a great nation as he was seeing his dream of becoming an empire vanish before his eyes.. read what the FM says: “A new Middle East is emerging and we will continue to lead this. Turkey will pioneer this order of peace” who appointed them to lead the new Middle East? last time they led it they imposed ignorance and illiteracy on the region for over 400 years..

The Turkish FM then says: “The culprit is the Baath regime, which orders shooting at people who took to the streets with demands for freedom.”

To understand why launching an attack by all NATO stooges on the Baath party when the Syrian leadership is formed by a coalition of parties called The Progressive Front that has more than 6 parties in it, while Turkish govt itself is ran by a single dominating party:

Baath party is the fierce enemy to the Ottoman Empire dream, it calls for the Unity of Arab Nations and Freedom of any colonization and to lead a Socialist state, its ideology is in its slogan: Unity, Freedom, Socialism (the socialist community in Syria is an upgrade of the Socialism that was in the Eastern bloc, it is based on a sharing of responsibilities between merchants, state and national societies in leading and managing the nation). All 3 principals are the foes of an new Ottoman dream.

This cheap propaganda is laughable by the Syrian people as no one knows their community more than themselves and they have an ultra sensitivity towards foreign interference in their internal issues especially when it’s coming from former occupiers such as France, or former and current occupiers as Turkey which till date occupies a very dear portion of Northern Syria: Kilikia including the Iskandaron Strip.

Turkey hosts armed terrorists duped Free Syrian Army, an umbrella of extremist Jihadist fighters from many Arab and non Arab countries including Al Qaeda, it created refugee camps weeks before any sign of a humanitarian crisis that requires any refugee camp across the borders, it finance, promotes and train terrorists then send them to Syria to fight, it even airlifted Libyan Al Qaeda terrorists to the Turkish Syrian borders, later on, the same Turkish government cries of a single incident that Syrian border guards were chasing some of those terrorists who crossed the borders without any Syrian soldier crossing the border line! Davutoglu government doesn’t only cry, it threatens Syria as it was doing continuously since the open criticism mentioned above, and this time asks NATO to apply Article 5 to of their charter and tries to involve the entire coalition of criminal states in another bloody conflict, Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister said during an official visit to China on April 11: “NATO has a responsibility to protect Turkish borders”, signalling that Turkey may officially ask NATO members to apply Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which says an attack on any member shall be considered an attack on all if the situation in Syria becomes a serious enough threat to Turkish national security.

The biggest hypocrisy of the Turkish FM comes in his words: “We support the valid demands of the Syrian people, regardless of their religion, sect and ethnicity”.. now check again above what does the real Syrian people on the streets of Syria want, not the 200 opposition members abroad in Istanbul, Paris, London and Washington hotels wants.

“They may be stronger in space, but we are stronger on the ground. Still, we want to win on the ground and in space” These words by the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad on the day of the referendum of the new constitution explains it all. The ‘space’ he mentioned in Arabic means the virtual space they created in media and the ‘ground’ is reality of events inside Syria.

And as I always say: “They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re ‘Foolable'”.

You can read again my post: WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception to measure the level of deception you were subjected to.

I’m sorry if I missed some in the above banner, there are so many of them and don’t have time nor space for all of them, but the above are the leading worst of the rest.

“If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed” Mark Twain.

Shock and Awe, your enemy won’t have time to grasp their breaths, so does your citizens, keep moving them from a conflict to another and they will keep supporting you. The Shock and Awe doesn’t only apply on your enemies as you see, it applies on your people, your allies, foes, and no thanks to the mainstream media propaganda which keeps you on your feet awaiting to hear achievements and victories without questioning the credibility or source of information you are fed 24/7 non-stop.

Let’s guess who controls the mainstream media? Well, let’s not guess, it’s all over the net now. I invite you NOT to read this article (Controlling Most US Media), it’s a bit outdated but nevertheless the info it contains has barely changed.

Do you believe in Conspiracy Theory? Of course you don’t, you are not stupid, this is only for the silly, naive and shallow people, you are much more sophisticated than such stuff and you don’t want to look dumb among your friends, nobody believes the Conspiracy Theory because the world is only led by the good people and nobody ever plans anything, especially in Free Media (you won’t click the link under Free Media because you don’t believe in the silly Conspiracy Theory thing). But maybe you should spend 20 minutes reading what’s in this article and comparing to your surroundings: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Now back to our story, when the Shock and Awe fails and the conflict takes more time, people will start thinking, they’re not supposed to, but what to do, it’s a human nature, and you have to deal with it, in this case the only solution lies with Mainstream Media, you control it, or those who control it are your allies, ask them to intensify their propaganda, each news bulletin should have at least a line or two in its headlines about your cause, analysts should be available to discuss your point of view, you can accept some criticism but make sure those criticizing you don’t have the last words, bring someone to ridicule their replies and carry on, reports should be available, and if you don’t have news: create some for God sake.. Your plans will fail if the public starts asking questions.

With the introduction of social media and then citizen journalists who needs to verify credibility, so many blogs I personally wrote about the use of these tools to carry out the media campaign to justify the cause of demonizing your enemy then justifying their killings. The audience when they keep flipping from one news outlet to another to find the same news of such: “dictator killing own people’ and ‘public uprisings brutally oppressed by tyrants’ they’ll have no other choice but to buy such stuff, nobody would care to search for the other side of the story, so many sides your friends in mainstream media are providing, and if you don’t believe it there’re plenty of Youtube videos to prove it, and it just happens that all these videos (over 64,000 in the case of Syria) are so much filling the pattern: shaky videos from mobile phones, breathless citizens running across the streets, so much blood everywhere, sounds of explosions, and if that’s not available make it!

Some examples in the Libyan case were the so many times Saif ulislam Gaddafi was arrested before he was actually arrested, and his brother Khamis was so many times killed before he was actually killed, or maybe not..! The anti-Gaddafi protests and rebels reaching Bab Alaziziya in Benghazi and Doha in Qatar that looks similar to the real one in Tripoli, Libya.. and so on. Al Jazeera’s Fake Green Square. (for example)

Fake Green Squares Shown on Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera tried to do the same in Syria by building miniatures similar to known sites in different cities of the country and fake demonstrations near it, their infamous try was with the miniature of the Clock Tower in Homs which some real activists blew the attempt when comparing the real Clock Tower with the fake ones that kept appearing on this NATO mouthpiece.

And here is where the Shock and Awe failed. The prolonged conflict in Syria gave time to many to revise and compare news aired on mainstream media with the actual ones, and the same Al Jazeera in coordination with its sister channel Al Arabiya exposed themselves when they were given information that the Zero hour in Syria is imminent and simultaneously both channels started broadcasting on an early Friday news of tens of thousands of anti-Assad protesters fill two mains squares in Damascus city, the Abbasid and Ommayad squares, thinking by this they’re giving the signal to NATO stooges to flood these two squares and at the same time to push those curious to go there to see for themselves then there will be ready planted ‘activists’ who will be filming any crowd, airing the same via satellite connections on those two pathetic channels who in turn will magnify the picture same like what they did with the initial Tahrir square (the article was manipulated later by Al Arabiya & the link image mentioned in it that shows stitching of several images to give impression of huge crowds, the image was removed for unknown reason), they failed because those plotting are not Syrians and not aware of so much of reality not starting with the laziness of Syrians on a Friday morning that nothing would move them other than bringing Foul or Fattah ingredients, no politics, no NATO and nothing else would cause a Syrian to gather anywhere on a Friday morning, then the main punch to their plot was the fact that the Syrian state tv’s head quarters is in the centre of Ommayad Square itself, overseeing all 7 main roads branching from the square from a single angle, and that on Friday morning there’s a live tv programme, and the fact that all Syrians know this pushed them to switch from Al Jazeera & Arabiya channels immediately to Syrian tv to see from the studio how that lie was exposed, furthermore, the presenters were notified of the fake news aired on those two pathetic channels, and the presenters would look over their shoulders onto the square to see how normal lazy Friday morning cars are moving that time, and the TV crews were immediately dispatched to the streets of both squares to interview people who ridiculed that step, a final punch to the two stations credibility.

What's left of the original image on the net, the original one was hundreds of times bigger than this

Another pathetic attempt was by the French France24 channel that cut a live cross talk show to announce the resignation of the Syrian Ambassador to France Ms. Lamia Shakkour because of the ‘brutal oppression by president Assad’s regime’ as they put it, then to receive a fake phone from someone claiming to be Ms. Shakkour, just like a drama show, and at the end had to deny the story after receiving a harsh criticism by Ms. Shakkour in a press conference and the ambassador’s threats to file a legal case against the channel. This pathetic attempt was meant to embarrass the ambassador and encourage, as they thought, other ambassadors to resign worldwide, such attempt didn’t live more than 20 minutes (Al Jazeera channel insists on the resignation while the ambassador was on phone with Syrian state tv denouncing such news as cheap). And just for the record, this attempt was on June 8, 2011 and  till date there’s not a single resignation of any Syrian ambassador worldwide, nor any diplomat to the level of 3rd secretary in a consulate!

Shocking propaganda isn’t limited to cheap channels receiving such crap, digesting it and feeding the digested crap to their Sheeple audience, when there’s no crap to broadcast they create it! It’s difficult to believe because who would risk credibility for propaganda? Not when the prize is destroying Syria and not if they thought they can get away with it, and intelligence agencies informed them that the Syrian ‘regime’ would fall in few days so they went for the plot to the extent that a prominent US news channel actually plotted destroying oil pipelines in Homs in direct coordinating with terrorists to accuse the Syrian army of shelling them to punish the people. This channel, CNN, was defaced by the Syrian state tv and I discussed in an earlier post (CNN Knew About September 11 Attacks 16 Hours Earlier).

A reporter for Al Jazeera using high-tech satellite devices spies on the Libyan Army communication in this report and brags about it, remember that Colonel Gaddafi was demonized a long while ago and therefore it’s fine to spy on his forces by a ‘Journalist’ who shares the information with ‘freedom fighters’, then don’t wonder why such reporters become targets in retaliations by regular forces tracing the spying devices:


The role such mainstream media plays is vital for NATO, they’re spies, they can reach places without suspicion, can smuggle communication devices to insurgents duped ‘freedom fighters’ and contributes to the military aggression. Their role is not only to demonize foes, but moved into an uglier phase of actually contributing to the military actions and sabotage.

You can understand the decision of Syrian government to expel foreign reporters from Syria at the beginning of riots in the country last year and then allowing selective reporters to enter, even those who entered based on pressure on the Syrian government by the UN and non-governmental organizations (other NATO tools), those reporters manipulated reports, interviews, and even when sending unbiased reports to their stations, the stations do not broadcast their reports, the same thing that happened with Al Arabiya reporter Hanna Houshan several times and was scolded by Syrian Foreign Minister Mr. Moallem on several occasions for the same.

Yet, the most alarming interview distorted by a foreign prominent news channel was the one ABC News reporter Barbara Walters did with president Assad himself and doctored, edited, distorted the whole interview before was forced to air the original full unedited interview after the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson showed them that they have a copy of the same interview in full..! (Check it here).

The BBC had its share in Syria’s crisis and again put its credibility at risk just for the sake of promoting propaganda on Syria, despite willingly and fully knowing the level of deception it’s involved in, but still takes accounts of terrorists and their lies at its shows with no shame and no responsibility and no respect to its own image and the sacrifices of many of its own reporters in shaping that image. In an earlier post I explained how the BBC Promoted a Terrorists to a Victim.

The Guardian has proved to be a mouthpiece for the criminals, you can see interviews with convicted criminals on it criminalizing others, who usually are the subject of the demonizing policy, and if you as a reader try to point out the fact that the interviewed is a convicted criminal they delete your comment, ban you from further comments and sends you a nasty email reminding you with their Community Standards! This happened with me personally when I commented once on an interview with Ali Sadr Al Din Bayanoni, a convicted terrorist and head of an outlaw terrorists organization (as per the records of his native country), who named the sitting Syrian president Bashar Al Assad with all bad names he could dig from his vocabulary he learned from his gangs including calling the Syrian president a criminal and a thug and other bad words, they deleted my comment and reminded me that it’s against their community standards to call a writer of their articles a criminal!!

Reuters reporter on Syria, a Jordanian citizen Mr. Oweis was arrested by Syrian authorities at the beginning of the riots in Syria for faking a report on the events and putting words in an injured soldier’s mouth to show him as saying that he was shot by fellow officers for refusing to shoot at peaceful protesters when the injured soldier was shouting with the loudest faint voice he could that the shots he received were from the protesters side he’s facing and not from his back. The reporter’s bad luck was when a Syrian tv reporter was next close to him and recorded the incident on his own camera, and when all news houses taking reports from Reuters aired the doctored interview where the soldier’s voice can’t be heard clearly and only the reporter’s voice is heard putting words in the soldier’s mouth, the Syrian TV aired the film recorded by its own staff showing the Reuters reporter and the real dialogue that happened! ABC News of Australia learned a lesson after airing a Reuters report on Syria and here is what they had to say:

There’s nothing called Free Media, whoever pays for the media house either by shareholders contribution or by advertisements controls to a very large extent the strategy of these media houses. Do you think social media is more credible as unbiased free speech supporters providing you with a platform to voice your opinion? Think again. At least with the Syrian issue where we see and been seeing Facebook deleting continuously a page dedicated for a real Free Speech supporting Syrian youth group calling themselves The Syrian Electronic Army over 150 times by now and as soon as the page appears back again, accusing them of showing disturbing images, while they keep another page called ‘The Syrian Revolution Against Bashar Al Assad’ which shows bodies slashed into pieces, beating by terrorists in army uniforms to accuse the Syrian army, and so on, this is not of course, in their scale, against their community standards. They once deleted a picture I posted of a US Army soldier bragging on top of a dead boy’s body in Afghanistan claiming it ‘violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities’, again while they keep supporting the same page that is working to demonize the Syrian president:

The Weapons of Mass Deception have much more damaging effects than those of Mass Destruction, they destroy the brain in addition to animalizing the human or in better words: producing the Sheeple audience.

We Warned You

Just a small post to give you a hint on how media consumes, digests and passes the crap to the audience in just 2 words.

Today, I was looking for news on Syria and suddenly I kept seeing the same words repeated in so many places: “Syria scuttles” and when I searched for these exact 2 words, this is what I found:

Yes, that’s typical for Google search engine, but shouldn’t be typical for journalism, it’s not NEWS, it’s an interpretation of a news, the news should go as: “Syria demands written ‘guarantee’ from armed groups” and if you go by the official Syrian government narrative it goes: “Syria Agreed to Annan’s Plan as it Respects its Sovereignty” then adds “Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mr. Makdessi added that Annan’s speeches at the UN Security Council were interpreted that Syria has pledged to withdraw troops from cities on April 10th, affirming that it is a wrong interpretation, especially that Annan has not offered written guarantees to the Syrian government that the armed groups agreed to stop violence, nor has he offered guarantees that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey will commit to stop funding and arming terrorist groups.” (Check the source here)

And here is how some news agencies have reported it:

33,400 results for "Syria Demands" in the past 24 hours

That’s only to show there’s negativity on behalf of the Syrian government and not to show that the ‘rebels ACTUALLY rejected to give guarantees’ because they’re NATO’s angels on the ground, and that they would stay outlawed and they’ll continue to fight government’s police, security and army posts & personnel, take a look on how many search results returned for ‘Rebels Rejected’:

143 results for "Syrian rebels reject" - note the titles of the articles

You shouldn’t know that the rebels rejected, and in case someone had to highlight this news they’ll not give it to you as it is, they have to play with the title to give you an impression that ‘rebels’ had to ‘reject’ to keep undermining the Syrian state’s legitimacy.

Don’t laugh while you take a look at the below image showing the positive news that Syrian government ACTUALLY agreed to Annan’s plan and requested written guarantees, then concentrate on Huffington Post’s title how it doesn’t mention Syrian government agreement and includes it in the body of the article only:

51 results in the past 24 hours for Syria Agreed (check the last one though: "Has Syria agreed..?"!!

Did you get it?

“They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, but because you’re ‘Foolable'”

Over the years, if not decades, western mainstream media built their audience and the confidence of its masses through a complicated systematic method blending some reality and lots of glare, to gain credibility they allowed people to criticize them and had the guts to apologize for some mistakes, as long as the apology would come in a line that doesn’t take more than few seconds to read in non-prime time broadcasting.

Other methods included breaking news and ongoing updates or events of importance, but who decides what’s important and what’s not? That’s not for the ordinary western audience to doubt, and a main way is to break every shred of respect towards politicians and beliefs since these are protected by the Free Speech basis of the democratic countries they broadcast from. Sounds valuable but actually there is a limit: You can criticize God whom billions in the Globe worship, you can curse at him, you can doubt his very existence, that’s part of your right in the Free Speech Democracy; You can criticize your president, politician, congressman/ woman/ just about anything, but dare you even think for a moment of questioning issues that are supposed to be studies and questioned like the ‘Holocaust’ for instance, or dare you criticize an israeli politician, these people suffered from the ‘Holocaust’ and they’re free to do whatever and in case you question their acts you’ll end up like Helen Thomas, a career journalist who had to resign amid immense criticism for speaking some truth. And in case you have any doubt, which is your right to doubt of course, that israel will cease to continue, you’ll end up like British Lord Jenny Tonge, God forbid.

Sorry if I got drifted a bit, but this usually happens with the overwhelming disgust at hypocrisy surrounding us, back to the subject, we have warned since over a year and continuously reminded everybody that Syria is different, it’s not like Libya, it’s not like Somalia, it’s not like Yemen, it’s definitely not like any other country NATO played with and succeeded, nobody would listen to us and now they’re paying for their arrogance. One of those who didn’t buy our words and Syria became their grave was the prominent US news network station ABC and its prominent reporter Barbara Walters. They didn’t believe until they got the punch in the face from the Syrian government, and it was a chance that they stupidly played wrong.

Walters and her station were given an excellent opportunity, if they grabbed it, it would’ve added a considerable boost to their credibility build up, instead, and just like every other news house aligned with the same evil camp, it manipulated a rare interview with the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad on December 7th, 2011, at a time everybody in the world was waiting to see what would the Syrian president say and everybody was anticipating a very important interview, instead, ABC has manipulated the entire interview, cut and paste answers to different questions, abbreviate and every wrong thing you would not accept from a news station!

Walters and her station put a condition that no other copy of the interview would be recorded in exchange of airing it as it was without editing. Syrian authorities accepted as it sounded fair, but this is a government with massive responsibilities and has every right to take precautions. The interview was broadcasted by ABC in a very bad to demonize the Syrian president and give an impression that he’s disconnected and ‘crazy’ a word he said saying that only a crazy leader would kill his own citizens, and they edited it to give the impression he’s crazy. The Syrian government waited a couple of days and when the interview was not aired without editing as per the conditions laid beforehand, the Syrian Foreign Affairs spokesperson called for a press conference on December 9th, 2011 and played a small footage comparing what the ABC station showed vs what was recorded and wondered “what does the international community wants exactly from Syria? They claim we do not allow media to enter Syria, and when they enter and they get an interview with the president they distort and manipulate it”. [in case you don’t know Arabic, just wait to see the English portions of the interview]. Read this piece as well for further information about the same interview: [Click Here].

Of course, after this press conference, the American news station had to play the entire interview without editing as was the deal initially when they realized that the Syrians have a copy of the full interview, and after a campaign of criticism by other media houses in the west, not for the sake of credibility or for the sake of transparency rather it’s a commercial opportunity to knock down a competitor, not that if they get a similar chance they’ll react differently.

What do you expect from this reporter when it comes to Syria: (pictures from her personal Facebook profile)

israeli President Shimon Peres


(2) Israeli President Shimon Peres

As you know the person enjoying the intimate touch with the reporter, now distorter, is no other than Shimon Perez, the decorated war criminal of all times, check some hints about his history and achievements: 

Confirming they have a nuclear weapons arsenal: 

Watch the criminal justify his crimes because his ‘state’ launched 7 wars against its neighbours to occupy more land and steal water and other resources, and because they faced 2 ‘Intifadas’ Palestinian public uprising out of the apartheid policy they suffer:

Think of Qana and the bombing of a UN refugee school sheltering civilians he bombed during 1996, and think of Cast Lead in 2008-2009 against Gaza with his capacity as the president of israel. And so much more.

This is how the Occupy movement received him in San Francesco:

Unwelcome War Criminal Shimon Peres

An important piece you should waste some time on to see the level of deception of freedom you live in:

Facebook Page Removed After Uploading Video Exposing Obviously Skewed Barbara Walters Interview With Assad

89.4% of 57.4% of Syrians eligible for voting are non-people for the West. That’s 7,490,319 human beings out of 14,589,954 eligible to vote in a referendum out of the total population of about 24 Million in Syria.

If the West was keen to export real ‘Democracy’ to Syria and elsewhere then they should respect the ‘importing’ peoples’ will, unless the West wants this type of Democracy which they usually deliver:

Democracy Coming your Way

The West has always been and will always be hypocrites when it comes to slogans and what they really aim to do. Issues like Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Democracy, Protecting Civilians… Are all great slogans for ugly acts, how many lives were lost under these slogans in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon, Serbia, Bosnia, Vietnam… and the list goes on.

If the West really respects any of their preached slogans, they’d start implementing it in their own countries, we’ve all seen hunger protests and labour protests of half a million UK citizens yet their officials duped it Riots by Infiltrators. We’ve seen the Paris suburbs and Sarkozy who was the minister of interior in France then before Gaddafi paid for his presidency election campaign attacked the poor and hungry with an iron fist. We’ve seen how Greek officials handle their own peoples’ aspiration to rid of the control of bankers of their lives and the result was appointing a banker to rule them. We’ve seen Italians and how their government in a copy cat of Greek’s handled them. We’ve seen the remarkably peaceful and overwhelming Occupy Wall Street movement and how brutally it was handled by ‘law enforcement’ thugs in the USA.. and again the list goes on.


Then watch:

& Let ‘Democracy’ Reign
Let Democracy Reign

خرجت علينا قناة الجزيرة ورفيقاتها من القنوات التي تعمل لصالح حلف شمال الأطلسي بمصطلحات خشبية، موتورة، وبعيدة كل البعد عن أي مهنية بالإعلام منذ بدء أحداث الشغب في سورية في شهر آذار الماضي ولا تزال مصرة على استخدامها، مع عدم إمكانيتها على إثبات أي شيء منها بل يمكن إضافة التكذيب اليومي لكل ما أوردته يومياً من قبل قناة الدنيا وبعض الناشطين السوريين بالدليل القاطع لكل منها.

من هذه المصطلحات الخشبية المتعفنة والمملة نرصد الآتي:

الفرقة الرابعة
إحدى الفرق التابعة للجيش العربي السوري ومسؤولة عن الحرس الجمهوري المختص بحماية ممتلكات الدولة ومسؤوليها ومحيط دمشق متمركزة في أماكن قرب العاصمة ولا تتحرك منها لحساسية ما تحميه، وفجأة وبدءاً من قناة الجزيرة وأخواتها صارت الفرقة الرابعة أولاً بقيادة أحد ضباطها العميد ماهر الأسد مع إغفال باقي قادتها وحتى قائد الفرقة الحقيقي، وصارت الفرقة الرابعة أقوى وأكبر من الأسطول السادس الأميركي من حيث الإمكانيات والتوزع الجغرافي وسرعة التنقل في مختلف مناطق القطر بأسرع من طائرات الشبح “ستيلث” وفاقت قدراتها بنقل المئات من الدبابات بسرعة تتجاوز سرعة الضوء مع العلم أن الدبابة الواحدة يجب أن تنقل على قاطرات خاصة ولا تزيد سرعتها عن ال 70 كلم في الساعة الواحدة!

من بنات أفكار ووهم جفري فلتمان وتلميذه عقاب صقر النائب اللبناني في مكتب سعد الحريري في بروكسل، ولا ندري حتى اليوم من هم الشبيحة وأين مكاتبهم أو إداراتهم أو لمن يتبعون أو عددهم أو أماكن تواجدهم أو وسائل تنقلهم أو أسلحتهم أو معداتهم أو صورتهم أو هل هم من البشر أصلاً أم غير مرئيين؟ يمكن أن يكونوا نورانيين أو ناريين أو يستخدمون سلاح متطور يخفيهم عن الكاميرات بمختلف أنواعها..! حاول بعض المعارضات الخارجية استغلال هذا الاسم نظراً لاتساع معانيه بإطلاقه على كل من يرفض القتل أو التدمير أو إحراق الممتلكات العامة أو حتى الخاصة، وأطلقوه أيضاً على كل من رفض الخروج في أعمال شغب تسميها محطات أخبار الناتو بالمظاهرات السلمية وسنأتي على ذكرها أدناه..

قصف دبابات عشوائي
من المعلوم أن الدبابات تقصف المواقع المعادية باستخدام قذائف معدة خاصة لتدمير أهداف متحركة أو ثابته تتراوح في حجهما من عربات متنقلة لدبابات أخرى وحتى تدمير كامل للمباني، فتكفي قذيفة دبابة واحدة لتدمير مبنى من 7 طوابق تدميراً هائلاً تجعله غير قابل للسكن، ولكن بتنا نسمع يومياً على قناة الجزيرة وأخواتها عن قصف دبابات عشوائي على المظاهرات السلمية (نشرحها أدناه) وعلى المناطق الآهلة بالسكان والمحشورة حشراً بالأبنية السكنية المتعددة الطوابق. ميزة قصف الدبابات العشوائي هذه أنها لا تظهر في عشرات الكاميرات التي تصور هكذا قصوف! فخلال أكثر من ثمانية أشهر لم نشاهد دبابة واحدة وهي تطلق مقذوف واحد ولم نشاهد آثار هذا القصف في أي من الأماكن التي ورد ذكرها أنها قصفت بالدبابات قصفاً عشوائياً ونذكر على سبيل المثال لا الحصر: درعا المحطة، درعا البلد، جاسم، الصنمين، بانياس، تلكلخ، معرة النعمان، جسر الشغور، دير الزور، إدلب، حارم، حماه وما أدراك، حتى أن مشفى الحوراني قد قصف بالدبابات في حماه وتمت تسويته على الأرض في الوقت ذاته الذي كانت إحدى السيدات تضع مولودها فيه وجاءت نسوان الحارة للمباركة لها فيه، فبعد التسوية على الأرض انتفض البناء واقفاً من جديد بعد أن رمم حتى شظايا قصف الدبابات العشوائي وذهبت المولودة الجديدة حنان مع والدتها بعد يومين لمنزلهم في حي الجراجمة هذا وقد تم استبدال كافة الأدوات والآلات الطبية والمعقدة في المشفى بالكامل بمدة لم تتجاوز ال 5 دقائق، ومن الأماكن الأخرى التي تم قصفها عشوائياً بالدبابات البو كمال وحرستا ودوما و….. لم يجد أحد حتى اليوم آثار لأي من القصف العشوائي بالدبابات المذكور.
من الجدير ذكره هنا أن مخيم الرمل الجنوبي في مدينة اللاذقية تعرض لقصف عشوائي ولكن من قبل حاملات الطائرات السورية من عرض البحر وما زلنا نبحث عن آثار القصف هذه.

إنزال جوي من طائرات “الميغ”
الفرق بين الجنون والعبقرية شعرة، وهذه الشعرة تم تجاوزها في إنزال جوي مخيف وخطير وبإعجاز بقيام أفراد من الجيش العربي السوري ومن الشبيحة السابق ذكرهم بعملية إنزال مظلي من طائرات الميغ، ومن المعلوم أن طائرة الميغ هي طائرة مقاتلة معترضة قاصفة تحمل من شخص إلى شخصين طيارين تطير بسرعة ماخ 2، يعني ضعفي سرعة الصوت، ولهذا اكتسب المظليين السوريين لقب “دير ديفلز” بجدارة من خلال أولاً الجلوس على أجنحة الطائرة بعرض 11 متر ونيف والذي يتسع نظرياً ل 33 مظلي لكل طائرة بمعدل 3 في كل متر متماسكين وملزوزين بشدة مع عتادهم ومظلاتهم وخاصة أنها تطير بسرعة عالية جداً ثم رمي أنفسهم والهبوط في الأماكن المخصصة لهم بالضبط وهذا ما لا تستطيع عمله حتى فصائل المظليين من القوات الخاصة الأميركية الدلتا في هبوطها من طائرات السي 31 التي تطير بسرعة النملة في الجو حيث يهبطون مع نسبة خطأ بحدود ال 10 أمتار للمظلي الواحد!

نظام طائفي
إن النظام السوري نظام طائفي بحد ذاته، فهو مكون من جميع الطوائف حتى تلك التي لا يتجاوز عدد أفرادها بعض المئات وهذا واضح من خلال النظر إلى طوائف مسؤولي الرئاسة (الرئيس ومستشاروه ومؤسسة الرئاسة) والحكومة (بما فيها رئيسها ومعاونيه والوزراء ومعاونيهم ونوابهم) ومجلس الشعب بكامل أعضاؤه وهيئاته ومؤسسات الدولة الأخرى… وهذا ما تقوم بترداده محطات أخبار الناتو بشكل مستمر ويومي ولكن فقط باستخدام عنوان هذه الفقرة (نظام طائفي) بدون الشرح الذي ذكرته..!

انشقاق الجيش
تم التسويق والإعادة والإفتاء والتكرار والترديد يومياً منذ بدء الأحداث عن معلومات عن انشقاقات في الجيش العربي السوري لدرجة وصلت بمحطات أخبار الناتو أنهم صدقوا أنفسهم أن وحدات من الجيش انشقت وهي التي تقوم بمهاجمة الجيش في حين أنها تحاول استمالة ما تبقي من عدد قليل من الجنود للحاق بالمنشقين قبل أن تقوم بقتلهم بقية الوحدات المنشقة تحت اسم الجيش السوري الحر الذي أكدت مصادر صحفية تركية أن عددهم لم يتجاوز بأحسن أحوالهم 70 عنصر في تركية من أصل 560 ألف عسكري لم ينشقوا بعد..! للعلم فقط فقد انشقت قيادة أركان الجيش التركي بأكملها خلال ترويج فكرة انشقاق ال70 عنصر من الجيش السوري الحر، لسخرية القدر فقط..

مظاهرات سلمية
من المتعارف عليه أن المظاهرات السلمية هي ما يخرج بتنظيم ورخصة وغير مسلحة وتكون شعاراتها مطلبية أو إصلاحية وتكون أماكنها معروفة، أما بالنسبة للغة الجزيرة وأخواتها الخشبية فقد تم إطلاق صفة المظاهرات السلمية على كل عملية هجوم على مركز للشرطة أو الجيش أو مفرزة للأمن أو الجمارك أو الهجانة أو مبنى لمحافظة أو حرق لقصر للعدل أو عمل كمائن لباصات مبيت تنقل جنوداً عائدين من ثكناتهم لمنازلهم بهدف زعزعة استقرار البلد وإحداث أكبر كمية من القتل لمثقفيه وقياداته وكل ما بناه خلال العقود الماضية بعد الاستقلال من الاحتلال الفرنسي وليومنا هذا.

ثوار وثورة
الثائر هو من ثار على واقع مظلم وأراد استبداله بواقع أجمل والثورة هي ما يأتي من حراك داخلي غير مدعوم خارجياً وإلا سمي مؤامرة أو تدخل خارجي أو عدوان خارجي أو إرهاب، أما بالنسبة للجزيرة وأخواتها من محطات حلف شمال الأطلسي فهي عكس هذه المفاهيم للوصول إلى ثائر كثوار الناتو في ليبيا المسلحين أميركياً وممولين قطرياً ومؤدلجين (من أيديولوجيا) وهابياً سلفياً تكفيرياً والمبررين إعلامياً من محطات خارجية ليقوموا أخيراً باستخراج عظام والدة الرئيس الليبي السابق معمر القذافي من قبرها ومن ثم حرقها وعلى ذلك قس.

نقل مباشر
بواسطة التقنية الحديثة تستطيع محطات الأخبار وبعض الهيئات المزودة بإمكانيات تقنية ومرتبطة بالأقمار الصناعية أو بشبكات انترنت عالية السرعة من نقل الأخبار آنياً أي لحظة حدوثها في مكان الحدث إلى شاشات التلفزة وهو ما تقوم به الجزيرة وأخواتها من محطات أخبار الناتو حيث تقوم بنقل مظاهرة حدثت في الشتاء وتحت المطر والمتظاهرين يلبسون ثياباً شتوية ثقيلة على أنها نقل مباشر في شهر تموز حيث حرارة الشمس الجريئة تصل لحدود ال40 درجة!

شاهد عيان
الشاهد العيان هو من يعاين ما يشاهده وينقله لغيره وفي هذه الحالة يفترض أن يكون موجوداً مكان حدوث الحدث وأن يكون من المشهود لهم بالمصداقية لأنه يروي حدثاً هو شاهده ويترتب على هكذا حدث تبعات خطيرة قد تؤدي لعمليات قتل أو إرهاب.. تماماً كما هو الحال في الحالة السورية، فشهود العيان على الجزيرة وأخواتها هم بأسماء وهمية وموجودين في دول قريبة كلبنان ولندن بحيث يستطيعون مشاهدة الأحداث بالعين المجردة داخل سورية ونقلها للمشاهدين، لهذا نجد الجزيرة وأخواتها أنها لا تعتمد على شهود عيان موجودين في أميركا الشمالية أو الجنوبية لأنهم بالطبع لا يشاهدون الأحداث كما يشاهدها المرصد في لندن إياه..

ناشط حقوقي
بعد دارسة متخصصة بالشؤون الحقوقية وعمل ميداني في مجال حقوق الانسان ومراعاتها ونقد أي انتهاكات لها بموجب شرعة حقوق الانسان وبعد أن يتم اعتماده من جهات دولية محايدة والتأكد من أنه محايد بطبعه وليس له أي مصلحة قد تتضارب مع ما يراقبه من انتهاكات لحقوق الانسان يصبح الشخص ناشط حقوقي، ولكن للعجقة والسرعة فالأجدر هو حرق كافة المراحل وإحضار بائع بسطة وتسميته ناشط حقوقي ما دام يهاجم القيادة في سورية وإلا إذا كان بالفعل ناشطاً حقوقياً ومعتمداً ولم يهاجم القيادة السورية فسيعتبر بوقاً للنظام وهنا تتم الدعاية لاستهدافه.

محلل سياسي
عالم بأمور السياسة وخباياها، تمرس بعمل سياسي أو دبلوماسي أو قيادي أو عسكري بموقع مطلع ووصل لمرحلة قراءة ما وراء الخبر وبين الأسطر وما لا يقال ولديه مصادر معلومات تزيد عن المحطة التلفزيونية التي يتكلم من خلالها ولكن لماذا التعقيد فمحطة الجزيرة لديها محللين من وكالة المخابرات الأميركية يستطيعون حرق كل هذه المراحل وإعطاء ورقة مكتوبة فقط على الشخص المستضاف أن يقرأها ليصبح محلل سياسي على قناة الجزيرة وأخواتها ومن كلامه يستشف المشاهد حقيقة ما يجري وليس ما ينقل ويستطيع التنبؤ بما قد يحدث ضمن المعطيات ذاتها.

باحث استراتيجي
هو أخطر من المحلل السياسي فهو بحث بالوضع الجيوسياسي والديمغرافي والإثني لحالة من الحالات البشرية مكانياً وزمنياً وتمترس بمئات المؤلفات والخطط الناجحة عبر العصور ويستطيع أن يضع الخطط التنفيذية للمخططات الاستراتيجية والمخططات الاستراتيجية ليست لتنفيذ مظاهرة من 5 أشخاص أو أكثر بطبيعة الحال وإنما تغيير خارطة الوضع السياسي أو العسكري القائم في دولة أو عدة دول، وما أكثرهم على قناة الجزيرة وأخواتها من باحثين استراتيجيين أيضاً يقرأون ما يكتب لهم.

إن النظام السوري هو نظام قمعي، في الجزيرة وأخواتها ستسمع هذه الكلمة تتردد ما لا يقل عن 48 مرة في اليوم الواحد أي بمعدل مرة كل نصف ساعة وأثناء التحليلات المتخصصة ترتفع هذه المرات لتصل حتى 12 مرة خلال النصف ساعة الواحدة، ومن شدة قمع هذا النظام لمعارضيه تستضيف الجزيرة وأخواتها المعارضين من دمشق المطالبين بإسقاط النظام السوري ومن داخل استديو التلفزيون السوري لإمكانات النقل المباشر!

حيادية الإعلام
قناة الجزيرة قناة إعلامية محايدة لا تتبع لأي جهة أو منظمة أو حكومة وتعتمد مبدأ الرأي والرأي الآخر والشفافية، لذلك فموظفيها يجب أن يحصلوا على إقامات وسمات دخول صادرة عن إدارة الهجرة القطرية التابعة لوزارة الداخلية في قطر، ورواتب الموظفين وكلفة البث وكلفة الاستديوهات من الديوان الأميري الخاص بالأمير أو بالشيخ رئيس وزراؤه، ولا تنشر أي دعاية لشركات حكومية لأي دولة حتى لا تتأثر مصداقيتها وحياديتها بمصادر التمويل لهذا تنحصر دعاياتها بشركة قطر للبترول، وكفاك شركة المشتقات البترولية القطرية، و الخطوط الجوية القطرية طيرانك المفضل ذو الخمس نجوم.

هذا غيض من فيض من المصطلحات التي عفا عنها الزمن ولكن تأبى قنوات التحريض الإعلامي الموجه والتابعة مباشرة للناتو وغيره من الجهات التي تريد أن تعيش الشعوب العربية برفاه وبدون أي تدخل خارجي!!

The world has never seen a more vicious, ugly, coordinated media, intel, military, terrorism assault on a single country as what we’ve witnessed for over a year on Syria. The aggressors have used every trick in their books, improvised new cunning methods and collaborated at all levels with deception against the people of the oldest civilization of mankind, and civilization won.

Think of demonizing the Syrian government, then the army, then the officials, then the entire population who refused to join the NATO apes, fabricating of all information coming out of the country, 24/7 media propaganda of more than 70 countries and hundreds of news journals, all of NATO & its allies intelligence forces, high-tech communication systems including satellites, sanctions against the economy and population to the extent of sanctioning the president’s wife and his mother in-law for allegedly exchanging emails!! and on..

Syria is not a big country in size, nor that big in population, neither in resources and eventually not in sphere of influence, physically and theoretically, but not in reality, this what was proven during the past year and with a 185,000 sq. kms (approx 71,430 sq. miles) of land, just the size of state of Washington and less than half the size of the state of Montana; and with a 24 million population – 1.5 million less than the state of Texas; and with a $59,000 GDP, that’s 43 times less than that of France for instance, yet this small state has faced a coalition of NATO (an alliance that consists of 28 of the most powerful member countries) plus the Gulfies dubbed GCC (a coalition of 6 of the wealthiest countries in resources) added to them a combination of some failing states, mostly failing after being played with by NATO, with all their resources in media, military, intelligence, communication… and this country called The Arab Republic of Syria brought this coalition to its knees.

It’s not me who is saying this, it’s the United Nations Security Council on 21st of March, 2012, just 4 days ago has confirmed that the war on Syria has failed in a Presidential Statement under the number S/PRST/2012/6, and to know to what extent Syria won this war, start looking at the title of the statement: The Situation in the Middle East. It’s supposed to be on Syria, yet it didn’t dare title it against Syria, then go through the statement and you’ll see it endorses the stance of the Syrian government that the latter declared from the beginning of the crisis in the country. In all 6 points, it brings nothing new to what the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad has declared in a speech in January 2012, at Damascus University. I won’t go in details, you can go to his speech and see what came out of the UNSC Presidential Statement. It’s exactly like how the Arab League has taken his speech to the UNSC earlier with their signature on it and adding a new demand asking the president of a sovereign country to step down based on their own media reports, which of course caused the entire attempt to fail at that infamous meeting of different countries trying to decide on the behalf of the people of nation their destiny. It’s just for saving the ugly faces of the culprits especially as two of them are facing tough elections very soon.

A United Nations Security Council Presidential Statement is usually not worth the paper it’s written on and even if you add the ink used to write it with, and when you see the enthusiastic western politicians praising this statement, you will realize their goals have dwarfed from a regime change in Syria, to weakening the regime in Syria to accepting the existence of the regime in Syria to finally asking the regime in Syria to endorse its own will with their support. If this is not a declaration of failure, there’s no other definition of the term.

You lose a war when you don’t achieve the goals you set for the war you launch, how about if you endorse your enemy’s goals?

It’s not the first time president Assad of Syria wins a great battle against the NATO-Gulfies-Cronies assault, he won the 2003 challenge when USA & UK invaded Iraq, destroyed the entire country and stood helpless at the doors of Syria, despite the enormous military power and the sky-rocketing momentum they gained after finishing Iraq. In 2005, when they assassinated the Lebanese former Prime Minster Rafic Hariri who on the same day of his assassination was facing a court session for corruption in Beirut, they thought that it’s their chance to attack Syria after accusing it for their own killing. After a year when they noticed their plans are not working out despite the fact that they expedited the Syrian troops withdrawal from Lebanon which started a couple of years before, they pushed the dumbest criminals on the planet to launch a war to finish Hizbollah in neighboring Lebanon in order to end the Syrian influence in that country and later move to a situation where Syria would have a hostile regime on its east in Iraq with quarter a million of US troops, and another hostile puppet regime in the east in Lebanon, and a NATO member state to the north which is Fascist Muslim Brotherhood led Turkey, and a mini-puppet regime to the south, Jordan. The 2006 israeli aggression on Hizbollah proved a total failure, and a humiliating defeat to the israeli government of Olmert and the overestimated israeli army. Hizbollah didn’t only manage to pause israel’s aggression behind the borders, but managed to move the war into israel’s own land (occupied Palestine) for the first time since the establishment of this parasite state. Hizbollah of Lebanon thanked Syria and its president Assad for the support during the war. The NATO & Sons Aggressions Company found in their manufactured Arab Spring their latest chance in actually installing a puppet regime in Damascus that would finally let israel live comfortably and think of growing once again instead of worrying of own existence. And this failed.

Congratulations to Syria for winning this latest battle against the powers of evil, to the Syrian great people for understanding the plot from the beginning and not falling for it, to the Syrian holy Army that stood cohesive throughout the conflict in one body, to the diplomatic body of Syria worldwide who didn’t see a single defection, on the contrary stood as one body with one voice against the conspiracy in spite of enormous pressures against them and enormous temptations that reached to offer a 3rd secretary staff in a European country who earns $800 a month an amount of $8 Million just to defect and he refused categorically.

Congratulations to the allies of Syria who understood that their turn was next and stood behind Syria’s struggle against the powers of evil, resulting in a new world order, not in the shape crazy US leaders wished for, but totally the opposite to their dreams: A balanced, New World Order. Congratulations to humanity and those who stand for peace and just in this world.

They tried every single way in the books, they improvised, they reacted, they copied from others, they fabricated stories, news, facts, they pronounced people dead when they were very alive, they came up with tons of lies and fiction stories just to buy some sympathy from the streets in Syria to their fake revolution and they didn’t only fail, they failed miserably.

The problem is not in their failure, the problem is in their denial of failure which is costing more blood to be spilled of the Syrian people from both the noble army they tried to demonize and from the civilians.

They don’t feel ashamed from confessing that nobody supports them, and they know that the entire world knows them by now that they are much less than few, the total number of all opposition figures including the terrorists under the Turkish umbrella dubbed the FSA ‘Free Syrian Army’ do not exceed a couple of thousands, and if we take out the terrorists of Syrian origin, the number of politicians opposing the Syrian government are the total of those figures you see on NATO mouthpiece stations: about 200 plus minus 5%.

The limits they reach in their propaganda are too astonishing that some people of the ‘Foolable’ continue to be fooled endlessly. One of their examples is this opposition figure claiming to be talking from Homs under the ‘Syrian Army Indiscriminate Shelling’ -the same word you hear every time a number of terrorists pop up from the sewage they hide in- and this opposition spokesperson talks about “the shelling is so fierce that led to decapitated bodies are wandering in the streets of Homs”, watch this youtube video at 4:40

And if bodies without heads are wandering in the streets of Homs is not an awakening shock, check this blog where they have embedded a YouTube video clip, since their entire ‘revolution’ is based on YouTube video clips, where they placed the Syrian private TV station Addounia logo to give an impression that the report is from this station, they also added the same report intro Addounia channel uses and became its emblem in defacing the lies of Al Jazeera & Al Arabiya (Qatar Information Ministry & Saudi Arabia Information Ministry respectively), they added the intro to their fake video for the dumb to believe it’s an original video by Addounia while any Syrian would know it’s not even done by a Syrian citizen due to many mistakes they fell in, things like wrong names of main cities and the voice of the presenter supposed to be from Addounia where the voices of all presenters at this channel that’s beating the Qatari & Saudi Information Ministries very badly are very known to all the channel followers.

The lame doesn’t stop here, they drag prominent media and news houses to their levels abusing the facilities these houses offer like in our example: the Independent Blogs, look at this:

screen print of Independent Blog post

Here’s the link to the above stupidity with the video at the bottom of the page: 

From this series you’ll understand the propaganda game: One news house copies from another quoting it as a source when the original is a ‘blog’ of imagination: Look at The Telegraph:

Screen shot of The Telegraph Article

The link to the above brainwashing propaganda: 

Take my advice and try to hold yourself tight if you can handle a good laugh which also reminds me with the ultra loathing story of the leaked president Assad emails, the story that falls in the same lines of disgusting fiction.

Sadly, those behind such fiction stories don’t take into account the lives being lost, the blood spilled, the injured and those who lost their income due to a fake revolution that failed miserably.

They fool you, they keep fooling you, and they enjoy fooling you because you are ‘Foolable’.