Biden Stealing Syrian Oil Continuing what Trump was Doing!

Biden forces operating illegally in Syria under the fake pretext of combating ISIS (ISIL) continue their tasks assigned to them by their former commander-in-chief Trump which wast to steal Syrian oil, dozens of tankers laden with stolen Syrian oil were spotted heading toward the borders with Iraq.

This is not a new low for the US Army, it’s just how they are and what they are assigned to do abroad, all and every US unit and serviceman serving in the US forces of any discipline outside the USA is not defending his/ her/ ‘its’ country, they’re attacking other countries for the corporations that own and run the USA itself.

Syria has never rejected the idea of selling Syrian oil to US corporations even when they used to pay with their worthless dollars printed out of thin air, it’s the US mentality to loot instead of buy, a chicken coming home finally to roost after so many decades of unilateral hegemony on the world’s stage.

Miri Wood, the prominent American investigative political analyst details this latest theft in her piece: Biden Forces Continue Trump Looting of Syrian Oil in Ethnic Cleansing.

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