Biden Forces Smuggle Forty Trucks Loaded with Stolen Syrian Wheat into Iraq

Biden forces in Syria, aka the Oil thieves Regiment of the US Army, smuggled dozens of trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat out of Syria and into neighboring Iraq, the final destination is not known.

Immediately after smuggling a long convoy comprising of dozens of tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil, the Biden forces now stealing the Syrian wheat, the Syrian people’s main food staple, forty trucks packed with wheat stolen from Syrian farmers, directly from the mouths of the people and to areas under NATO’s control.

This outright theft is not raising any concerns for the humanitarian bastards in Western Europe, in NATO, not even in the United Nations, nor in the western mainstream media which would flood the world with their cries in cases of ‘white mercenaries captured killing non-white, in their eyes, people’ on the other side of the planet.

I am obliged to remind you that the US forces of all its regiments are illegally operating in Syria, they do not have the approval of the Syrian government, no approval from the United Nations Security Council and none of the US-led NATO forces in Syria are acting in self-defense, not even the Turks who occupy Syrian territories with the help of non-other than Al Qaeda and a host of its affiliated terrorist groups who most of them are listed as terrorist groups by the United Nations!

More about this latest theft in this report: Biden Regime Continues to Steal Food from Syria.

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