Dozens of Tankers Loaded with Stolen Syrian Oil Smuggled by Biden Forces into Iraq

Dozens of Tankers Loaded with Stolen Syrian Oil Smuggled by Biden Forces into Iraq

Dozens of tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil headed to neighboring Iraq in the east through an illegal border crossing, the convoy was accompanied by Biden forces aka US Army Oil Thieves in Syria. Days after a convoy of 31 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil was smuggled to Iraq by the same US occupying …

Surprise: ‘Moderate Rebels’ in Syria Mourn the Killing of their Leader Zawahiri!

NATO’s Moderate Rebels (HTS) in Idlib Mourn Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri

In case you didn't know or you were brainwashed into ignorance being bombarded with identity issues, Ayman Zawahiri is the head of Al Qaeda, he's old, he's more like a symbolic figure enjoying his semi-retirement save an audio recording every now and then, until Biden needed any card he can collect approaching the US mid-term …

Syrian Army Confronts a US Army Convoy in Northeastern Syria

Syrian Army Confronts US Army Oil Thieves in Southern Qamishli

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoint confronts a convoy of the US army and their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists near a small village in the northeastern region of Syria yesterday forcing the convoy to retreat. Local sources in the province of Hasakah said the incident took place near the Tal Dhahab village to the southeast …

Syria Rebuilding what the USA, its Allies and Proxies Destroyed

President Assad Tours Newly Reconstructed Aleppo Thermal Power Station

The USA is not in the business of building nations, it's in the business of destroying civilizations, devastating countries, then replicating failed states headed by puppets wherever it goes, just look at the trail of nations the USA went in and 'built' those nations, start with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia... The sound in the …

The Theft of an Additional 45 Tankers Loaded with Syrian Oil by the US Army

Biden Forces Smuggle Additional 45 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil into Iraq

Locals in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah spotted two long convoys of trucks, oil tankers, reefers, and other vehicles moving from their region into neighboring Iraq in two shipments and through two different illegal border crossings, the two convoys were escorted by vehicles of the US army and their proxy Kurdish SDF separatists.

Locals in Northern Syria Block US Army’s Vehicles Force them to Retreat

Syrians Confronting US Occupation Army and its SDF Proxies in Hasakah

Syrians fed up with the US Army stealing their oil and wheat are increasingly standing up to the occupation and mercenary forces wherever they spot them, the latest was a confrontation in the Hasakah countryside, in the northeast of Syria where the US army vehicles were faced by the locals. Villagers in Al-Mujaibara, a …

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