The CIA Freed ISIS Terrorists in Hasakah, the Pentagon allocated $200 Million to Capture them!

The war on Syria did not end, the war crimes of the USA and its NATO partners and proxies continue, opening a new front in Ukraine did not stop the one in Syria, the Pentagon continues its efforts to spend more money on its forces and on terrorist groups the country to continue oppressing the Syrian people, who are not white with blue eyes like the western news pundits claim and thus no need to feel sorry for the suffering of those people.

ISIS terrorists started escalating their attacks on the Syrian people, the Syrian armed forces, and Syrian policemen after dozens of their commanders fled the highly-secured makeshift prison holding them in the southern suburbs of Hasakah city in the northeast of Syria a couple of months ago.

The CIA with its Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists have yet to explain how the prison escape happened, and how these terrorists managed to reach their regrouping posts in remote areas under the very watchful eyes of the US forces who in turn are illegally operating in Syria. The Pentagon, the US war ministry found an opportunity to spend more of the US taxpayers’ hard-earned money to spend, it allotted 200 million dollars to help its proxy Kurdish terrorists “combat ISIS” in Syria.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people held in the Al Hol concentration camp await their fate while western countries refuse to repatriate their citizens among them, those western citizens are the families of the ISIS terrorists. Thousands of innocent Syrian families were also herded against their will into this concentration camp in inhumane living conditions after they fled their towns and villages running away from the ISIS invasions to end up locked up in tents alongside the families of those same terrorists.

More in this report: CIA Frees ISIS Prisoners, the Pentagon allots $200 Mln. to Capture them!

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