Turkish Madman Erdogan back to the Blowing-up Buses Business in Syria

NATO’s 2nd top leader and the most unstable among his peers after Trump, the Turkish madman Erdogan is back to what his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cult excels in, the blowing-up of buses, the people of Damascus were at a date with a new one in the early morning hours of yesterday.

The morning explosion in the military bus in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus killed a Syrian soldier and injured 11 others, it destroyed the bus and caused panic near the Directorate of the Syrian Customs headquarters.

This terrorist operation comes weeks after the Syrian security managed to arrest a terrorist group that carried out similar attacks with its deadliest against a bus in the month of October of last year killing 14 passengers, most were civilian engineers contracted by the Military Establish of Housing in Damascus.

In their confessions, the members of the terrorist group confirmed they were receiving logistics and instructions from a terrorist commander operating out of Idlib in the northwest of Syria, the province aka ‘the last stronghold of al Qaeda’ in the country by NATO officials, the same province which is protected by the Turkish army, NATO’s 2nd largest army, and the same province which both former ISIS leaders were residing in securely and comfortably, as what two US presidents who took the credit, allegedly, of killing them told us.

More about yesterday’s morning terrorist explosion in this report: Terrorists Blow up Military Bus in Damascus: 1 Martyred, 11 Injured.

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