ISIS Avenges an Attack on US Convoy by Massacring 10 Syrian Oil Workers

ISIS terrorists massacred 10 workers at a remote oil field in western Deir Ezzor on their way back home in an act of obvious revenge for an earlier attack against a US military convoy in northeastern Syria.

The ISIS terrorists targeted a bus carrying the oil workers at the Kharrata oil well by a roadside bomb, the same tactic used by the Syrian Resistance against a US army trucks convoy in the Al-Malikiyah area the day earlier, except that ISIS attack resulted in slaughtering 10 civilians and injuring 2 others while the Syrian Resistance attack caused the damage of 2 military trucks.

ISIS terrorists carried out another attack at the same time against posts of the Syrian National Defense Forces in the same western Deir Ezzor region, the NDF are groups of civilians and allied forces who volunteered to defend their families from US and NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the FSA terrorists who invaded Syria from all sides starting early 2011 and continue to do so to this very day.

These escalations come as the year is closing and this is the time the Syrian and Iraqi resistance gave the US forces to leave both countries.

More in this report: ISIS Massacres 10 Oil Field Workers, Attacks NDF Posts in Northern Syria.

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