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image-US-Led Coalition Massacre Civilians in Syria - Archive Photo
US-Led Coalition Massacre Civilians in Syria – Archive Photo

An Outlaw, that’s exactly what the US-led Coalition operating in Syria is; it was never approved by the Syrian government, nor by the United Nations Security Council if that matters, and an outlaw acts they commit.

One family ‘Hassoun al-Pasha’ lost 12 of its members, all civilians, 2 more were injured in an air bombing carried out by the US-led coalition under claims of fighting ISIS in the village of Tal Shayer in Hassakeh southern countryside.

ISIS terrorists operate freely in pockets protected by the US-led coalition in Tanf, northeast of Euphrates and southwest of Syria, this is no… Continue reading:


The US-led Coalition operating on the side of ISIS in eastern Syria committed a new massacre scoring at least a dozen civilians killed near borders with Iraq.

The illegal coalition formed of rogue states operating outside any United Nations mandate and uninvited by the Syrian Arab Republic government targeted residential compounds in Tal al-Shayer, Duaiji village in Deir Ezzor countryside. The Coalition bombing killed 10 civilians and a number of paramedics who rushed to the targeted area to save the victims.

Large damage in properties was also reported in the air raid carried out by an unmanned drone operated by the US-led Coalition. The bombing also bombed a car carrying wounded civilians with their paramedics destroying the vehicle and killing everyone inside.

A heinous war crime added to the shameful criminal record of the Coalition of Pariah states formed allegedly to fight ISIS but instead attacked everyone who was fighting… Continue reading:

image-Massacre after the other from Bombing by a US Drone - Archive

Three massacres in  Iraq and Syria have gone unreported by msm, despite nearly 200 civilians being slaughtered, 5 June 2017. Bombings in al Shifaa and Zini

Source: ISIS and US Massacres 180 Civilians in Iraq and Syria Fleeing Death | Syria News

Deir Ezzor– The US led coalition committed a new massacre against civilians to the southeast of Deir Ezzor city, leaving 35 people dead as a result

Source: US led Coalition Airstrikes Kill 35 Civilians in Deir Ezzor | Syria News

Source: US Led Coalition Massacres Hundreds of Civilians Using “Toxic Materials” in Hatla, Deir Ezzor

The situation in Syria is becoming increasingly opaque and, above all, also more and more violent. All sides are willing to increase the level of violence in the fights against the other side. A week ago, a truce should give the people the opportunity to breathe and to experience some days without gunfire and fighting, at least, during the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice.

Unfortunately, far from it: The truce in Syria, which was brokered by the UN Special envoy Brahimi, has only lasted for a few hours before the truce was mainly violated by the armed radicals. Since the proclamation of the truce, the fighting have intensified across Syria, not to mention that some of the groups of these religious fanatics and mercenaries have not agreed to this truce and thus, it is clear that the truce was doomed to failure.

The truce was again doomed to failure because the foreign powers were and are not really interested in a real truce. The time of truce was again counterproductive for the people in a lot of areas in Syria.


Many things are possible in Syria. No one knows what is really happening. The crime scenes are not accessible for the observers; however, the hardness of the confrontation between armed groups and the Syrian forces is increasing daily.

On Friday, the shaky images of the arrest and humiliation of Syrian soldiers appeared on YouTube. As gunfire erupt, the camera turns away; then corpses and writhing people can be seen on the ground. In Syria, the recordings have triggered dismay and anger. But also questions.

Who are the perpetrators, who are the victims? Where exactly did the massacre happen, when and why? Who is the man that has accompanied the perpetrators then filmed all this before publishing the pictures to the internet?


August 07, 2012, a Christian family from al Alyat village in Homs countryside, central of Syria received the most painful news a family can endure: 10 of its members were butchered during their work in the tourism resort near the Damascus – Homs main highway, Jandar Tourism Resort witnessed yet one more of those heinous scenes of the ‘democratizing’ process of Syria.

Jandar’s resort massacre’s victims, known names:

Michael Rashid Takla
Bassam Marwan Takla
Talal Munhem Takla
George Elias Takla
Mtanious Ibrahim Hajal
Mtanious Elias Touma
Mtanious Jacob Michael
Ahmad Mustapha Koumi

Martyr Talal M Takla – photo obtained from a relative of him

Their crime was being Christians, and working for money in a resort and not joining the ‘peaceful revolution‘ of the Wahhabi fanatic ‘freedom fighters‘ coming from the filth of the filth of the world to spread their way of life on the account of other people’s lives. Another exact repeat of the Zionist genocide in Palestine started some 100 years ago, and Palestinians are still living its horror day by day till this date.

USA, UK, France, Germany and their stooge in the region Turkey, all members of the criminal organization known as NATO, the North Atlantic Terrorism (or Treaty) Organization, in addition to this organization stooges in the Middle East, Near East and North Africa are all now supporting Al Qaeda fighters openly and with no shame using it as a tool to further their goals in their sick dream of a New World Order, creating a One World Government, where all the people have equal rights in slavery, and they reign awaiting their king, the anti-Christ.

This New World Order is facing obstacles, these obstacles are called Sovereign Nations, nations whom do not accept to be subjugated under the hegemony of the already failing and fading western states. These nations don’t want to be enslaved to save the ruined by wars economies of the axis of bloodthirsty freaks: The US, UK, France, Germany and their elite leader israel. That’s why ‘regime change’ was needed and should be disguised as ‘humanitarian intervention’ to save the civilians from their leaders whom suddenly all of them wanted to ‘kill their own people’ using their own people to kill themselves..! And in case you don’t believe that the leaders of these sovereign nations are ‘killing their own people’ then they’ll prove to you and you will be convinced, because later on, you yourself would be enslaved to serve your masters, the elite 1%.

To kill without mercy and with nondiscrimination a ruthless criminal organization is required and there’s one that just fit that criteria, it’s called Al Qaeda, invented by the USA’s CIA in the 80s of last century to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, then moved to the Arabian Peninsula to secure the need of planting tens of military bases around oil fields, then moved to Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia (Shabab Movement), North Africa, Mali, Uganda (the Christian version of it called God’s army), Libya and finally Syria.

We’ve seen the west cry for victims of Houla massacre for days, even the fact that all killed were from selected families whom were state loyalists including the wife and 3 daughters of the newly elected Syrian Parliament trustee Abdul Muti Meshleb were among the victims wasn’t enough to stop NATO’s propaganda and crocodile tears accusing the Syrian state of ‘killing its own people’ at the UN different bodies including the UNSC, until the truth was revealed that NATO’s sponsored FSA terrorists carried out the massacre then a new massacre was needed to cover for the previous one and use the new one, Tremseh, was the answer, but Tremseh massacre didn’t last for long when the victims were found to be all of terrorists whom swarm into the village and were killed when confronting the Syrian army post there.

Yesterday we witnessed Jandar’s massacre, but will the Sheeple in the west ever wake up before their own government actually ‘kill their own people’ when it’s time? I doubt.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.




The propaganda war against Syria goes on. The readers and viewers in the West must live with half-truths and twisted facts, which are sold as confirmed information or the so-called journalists just write down and publish the suspicions that are submitted to them by ominous sources like the so-called „Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, even when these journalists know that their coverage of the situation and the events within Syria has nothing more to do with journalism in general.

On Wednesday evening, the first Syrian ambassador has announced his defection and thus, the Syrian ambassador in Iraq is the next “defector” and was sold as a really high diplomat who has now changed the side because of the brutality of the Syrian regime, of course. As if the opposition forces, militias and armed religious fanatics within Syria are angels and a blessing for the Syrian population, especially for the Christians and Alawites.


Again a “blood bath by close to the government troops”, this time, in the province of the Syrian city of Hama.

According to the information of more or less unnamed opposition, the Syrian town Tremseh was attacked by government troops using heavy artillery, helicopters and armored vehicles.

Afterwards “Alawite militias” soared “through the smoking ruins and have carried out a massacre at the residents” – in line with the well-known scheme. 200 victims, all victims were peaceful civilians, of course.

There is another no less or more credible source, namely the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London, which is a bit stingy and estimates the victims only with 150. Of course, this does not change the information as such.