Wherever There’s Trouble You’ll Find Israel’s Fingerprints: Iran and Azerbaijan

When you plant a cancerous cell into a healthy body it slowly spreads its sickness to the healthy cells around it, scientifically proven, similarly with the rotten tomato next to good ones, proven since the first man put them next to each other, this can’t be truer than what Israel is spreading around it and further beyond.

In order for Israel to survive on stolen land, it needs to continue attacking its neighbors directly, when it fails to do so as its neighbors grow stronger it starts with deceit, plotting, extortion, and all those heinous methods you can find in the commandments as not to do, it learned quite well from Britain in this regard.

For Israel to justify its existence in a secular environment while pursuing the goal of being a ‘religious theocracy’ but for the wrong prophet, it needs to turn its surrounding into smaller theocracies and ignite the sectarian fight, that’s exactly what first the US military invasion of Iraq did there followed by the so-called Arab Spring, the NATO plot to use the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood radical organization to ignite Henry Kissinger’s long-awaited dream of Sunni – Shia 100 year sectarian war.

When its plot failed to break the alliance between Shia-dominated Iran and secular Syria, it turned to other neighbors of Iran and found its needs in the Azerbaijan President, though his country is 80% Shia and are heartedly connected to Iran, he doesn’t mind creating enmity with Iran for Israel in exchange of some investments and oil sales and for closer ties with his mentor the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Husni Mahali, Turkish career journalist and former friend of Erdogan who placed him in jail for criticizing his war on Syria wrote this eye-opening piece for Al Mayadeen about the brewing fabricated tensions between Azerbaijan and Iran to serve Israel, which I translated here: Tensions between Azerbaijan and Iran… “Israel” is on the Line.

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