US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Assassinate Syrian Police Officer

Terrorists from the US-sponsored ISIS assassinated a police officer in the city of Daraa by detonating an IED in his patrol car in a residential area.

Police Honorary Major Faris Khalil of the special squad in Daraa was killed, and two other policemen and three civilians were injured in an explosion of an improvised explosive device planted in the car space where the police patrol was parking on Wednesday in a residential area in the city of Daraa, southern Syria.

The surrounding shops and residential apartments sustained different sorts of damage from the explosion and the shrapnel.

The injured policemen and civilians with the body of the martyred police officer were rushed to the National Hospital in Daraa with the help of the locals.

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Despite the heinous cheap ISIS terrorists not claiming responsibility for this attack, and dozens of similar attacks, there’s no doubt among the Syrian security and the people of the southern provinces of Daraa, Quneitra, Sweida, and southern Damascus Countryside that the criminals are from ISIS (ISIL – Daesh).

When the Syrian Arab Army liberated the last Al Qaeda / ISIS stronghold in Daraa Balad in the city of Daraa back in September 2021, most of the terrorists laid down their weapons and joined the reconciliation process and have since returned to their normal lives, some were shipped to the regions of Idlib occupied by the NATO Turkish army and its proxy Al Qaeda terrorists, and the remnants of ISIS fled toward the US illegal military base in Al Tanf.

All of the terrorist attacks in the southern region were carried out by masked men who always head toward that US illegal military base which is also the base of the ISIS-affiliated terrorist group Maghawir Thawra, a main recipient of weapons, brand new Toyota 4×4 machine guns-mounted pick up trucks, and training from the US Army.

Meanwhile, western mainstream media and western officials maintain their war-mongering mantra that they combat terrorism and that their NATO organization is a defensive alliance!

More in this report: US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Kill Syrian Police Officer in Daraa.

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