Syria Slams Switzerland’s Breaching of International Law

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement condemning Switzerland for dropping its neutral status and breaching International Law and acting against the Charter of the United Nations, the Swiss government now recognizes a terrorist organization working to destabilize an establishing member of the United Nations.

This rightful condemnation by the Syrian government against the country that claims to be neutral in foreign policies comes more than a week after Switzerland approved the Kurdish SDF terrorist armed militia to open a representative office in Geneva, a step explicitly prohibited by international law and detailed in the United Nations Charter, the Swiss government cannot claim ignorance about this especially that it is the home of several bodies of the United Nations.

The wait by the Syrian government before slamming the Swiss ill-decided move is understood to be given the Swiss government enough time to reconsider its mistake, it didn’t, it’s obviously a US vassal now.

The US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists are seeking to steal Syrian land, displace the Syrian people and replace them with imported Kurds from the Iraqi Kandil Mountains, literally to Israelize as much land as they can, especially Syria’s food basket and not coincidentally the land where the country’s main oil fields are located.

Miri Wood, the investigative journalist with experience in international law explains the violations committed by the Swiss government in this article: Syrian Foreign Ministry Condemns Swiss Office for Armed Insurrectionist SDF.

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