NATO at UNSC Want to Extend Crossings for Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib Not for the Syrian People

NATO member states at the United Nations Security Council are feverishly trying to extend a UNSC resolution of last year that allowed a border crossing into the Syrian province of Idlib from NATO member state Turkey, the crossing was and is used by Al Qaeda and the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan to smuggle weapons and terrorists into the province, it’s uncontrolled by the UNSC which washed its hands once the NATO members got their crossing.

In the coming month, the resolution for the above-mentioned border crossing expires, and if it’s not renewed the Syrian state has every right to bomb whoever uses it to smuggle into the country whatever items including western journos and western officials. This is driving the sponsors of the 10 years war of terror against Syria mad, they didn’t win the war, their defeat in this war cost them dearly in every other regime change they waged in the past 2 decades: Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Venezuela, Iran, and it even brought up Russia and China as superpowers.

Blocking this illegal crossing and only sending the humanitarian aid through the Syrian central government in Damascus in respect to the country’s sovereignty affixed in every UNSC resolution in the past decade and not abided by the NATO members states, will mean expediting the end of the tens of thousands of terrorists in Idlib, the ‘last Al Qaeda stronghold’ as described by NATO officials themselves, thus a major milestone in the defeat of the war on Syria.

The countries that push austerity measures on their own citizens failed to meet the basic needs of their own population in healthcare and wellness during the current ‘pandemic’, and who prioritize killing Syrians and destroying Syria’s infrastructure over the wellbeing of their own citizens and building their own infrastructure, these countries who also impose the most inhumane blockade and sanctions on over 16.5 million Syrians inside Syria living in government-controlled provinces, and millions of Syrians abroad facing difficulties in every life matter of them including communicating with their relatives back home, opening bank accounts, starting up businesses…, these countries obviously do not care about the humanitarian suffering of the 3 million Syrians under the occupation of Al Qaeda in Idlib.

Miri Wood, the prominent researcher and author explains the latest NATO efforts in using the UNSC as their terror launch base in her latest report: NATO at UNSC Sheds Tears Only for Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib.

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