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Google owned YouTube have deleted our channel claiming we violated their ‘Community Standards’; it turned out we were not the only victims, first they trie..

Source: YouTube Channel Deleted / New Update Below | Syria News 


YouTube works for al-Qaeda and its variants in Syria as their propagandists promoting their material and omitting any counter material.

Source: When YouTube Work for Al-Qaeda as their Propagandists | Syria News

YouTube on a Targeted Onslaught Rip-Off:

Source: YouTube on a Targeted Onslaught Rip-Off

This video recording appeared yesterday on the YouTube page of a bandit brigade from Homs and is entitled “Ukrainian spy, who has worked with Russian officers, is in the hands of the Free Army.”

Anhar Kochneva went on the 8 October 2012 from Damascus to Tartous, on her way back, she went to Homs and wanted to be back in Damascus on 10 October. She sent several text messages from her cell phone, which speak of a kidnapping. (See the German article “Enfant terrible: zur Entführung von Anhar Kotschnewa” or its English version)

“My name is Anhar, I am located in Homs now, and I urge the Ukrainian and the Russian Embassy, and also the Syrian government, to fulfil the kidnappers’ [?] demands.”


The situation in Syria is becoming increasingly opaque and, above all, also more and more violent. All sides are willing to increase the level of violence in the fights against the other side. A week ago, a truce should give the people the opportunity to breathe and to experience some days without gunfire and fighting, at least, during the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice.

Unfortunately, far from it: The truce in Syria, which was brokered by the UN Special envoy Brahimi, has only lasted for a few hours before the truce was mainly violated by the armed radicals. Since the proclamation of the truce, the fighting have intensified across Syria, not to mention that some of the groups of these religious fanatics and mercenaries have not agreed to this truce and thus, it is clear that the truce was doomed to failure.

The truce was again doomed to failure because the foreign powers were and are not really interested in a real truce. The time of truce was again counterproductive for the people in a lot of areas in Syria.


This Russian video report about the events on ground in Syria is about a week old and is the report of a film crew of the Russian state television which has spent about 2 months in Syria and also in the “hot areas” where the fights between the Syrian Arab Army and the Western-backed terrorists and the armed religious fanatics, e.g. Islamists, have taken place.

The fights between the Syrian Arab Army and the armed insurgents, religious fanatics and Western-backed terrorist groups have been raging in Syria for a year and a half. An endless series of special operations, victories and retreats, a struggle between the Syrian security forces, the Syrian Arab Army and an armed opposition, that is supported by the West and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

This so-called struggle takes place both with weapons on the ground and on the TV screen, because the media is important to sell the propaganda that is wanted and useful about the situation within Syria to the consumers abroad. Mass media has always played a bad part in a lot of wars in recent years and the current situation isn`t different.