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When will the world tell the Saudi ruling family to stop its crimes against humanity? ‘Yemen is living the largest humanitarian crisis in the world’ as per the International Red Cross as 19 million Yemenis are living today on aid and famine is threatening 7 million more.

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The first Islamic emirate on Syrian soil has barely existed for one day. The Ideology, tactics and procedures of the bandits in Syria are remarkably reminiscent of the unrest in Chechnya.

Yesterday, the following information by ANNA-News and others was published:

“In the morning, at 4 o`clock, a larger unit of armed fighters from the village Bkas, more than 500 men strong and under the command of the “Emir” Sayed Tabbush, has attacked several villages near al-Haffah in the province of Latakia: Dschub al-Akhmar, al-Harwat and al-Hamilah.

After the capture of these villages, the armed militants proclaimed the establishment of an Islamic emirate in the region.


The major problem Yemenis are faced with is the US interference. This should be assumed also for some other countries as the history shows. Of course, the US claim, that the election in Yemen was a display of democracy is the same hypocritically claim like the US claim about democracy and peace in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and similar claims by the U.S. administration about other countries.

The US and Saudi Arabia have hailed the one-candidate election of Yemen, in which the long time ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh was replaced with his deputy, the UK-trained army Field Marshal Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. We already mentioned this in our last article about this “democratically” election in Yemen.

Yemenis have vowed to continue their widespread protests against the US-Saudi meddling in their country’s affairs until their revolution meets its goals. The old powers haven`t changed in Yemen, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi seems to be a willfully puppet and that`s what the United States want.


On Tuesday (2/21/2012), the election took place in Yemen. Was there a real election in Yemen? No, not really, because the current Vice-President Hadi was only confirmed in his new role as interim president. About 60% of the voting population within Yemen took part and a result of 99.8% agreement for the transfer of power to Hadi seem to let less room for doubt.

Hadi was in interviewed shortly before the election and had good cheer. He announced a new phase for Yemen. He could speak easily, because Hadi belongs to the old power in Yemen.

If he is clever enough and gets enough support from the tribes in Yemen, he could be really able to prepare something like a real process of reforms in the next two years. But there are some doubts. A reform process within Yemen, but in which direction? Saleh has been pushed out from his office with great support of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


Hillary Clinton warns about the growing strength of al-Qaeda. The unofficial AIPAC-Lady Clinton spews some hypocritically rhetoric against Saleh, who was considered as an “absolute supporter” and “key ally” of the United States just a year ago.

Nowadays, there is no longer any trace about the good old days between Hillary Clinton and Saleh, between Yemen and the United States. That`s the way how American Foreign Policy works. When the air turns itself, the U.S. administration also turns itself.

Quick allies become also quick enemies, without any hesitation. It just depends on the questionable interests of U.S. Foreign Policy at these moments. Not to mention that this Foreign Policy doesn`t seem to be a Foreign Policy in benefits for the American people.


Ali Abdullah Saleh, the first President of the Republic of Yemen, has resigned after a long struggle and gave his power provisionally to his vice president. However, the situation in the country on the Arabian Peninsula has not improved – not even a bit.

On the one hand, there are still regular demonstrations against the impunity of former long-time president. On the other hand, it seems that al-Qaeda fighters are able to spread their influence within Yemen. At the end.. ..No huge surprise. Of course, because of the situation within Yemen and all other events it was almost to expect that al-Qaeda might increase its influence also within Yemen.

Yemen has always been considered as a sanctuary for al-Qaeda and the United States were very grateful for their allies Saleh, the first and now former President of the Republic of Yemen. Saleh has nothing against U.S. troops within his country and has never asked any questions or for conditions. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why some people took on the streets.