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Statement by Sevim Dagdelen, Member of the German Left Party, concerning the preparations of war by Turkey.

Mrs. Dağdelen is a German politician of Turkish origin and a member of the Left Party in Germany. Mrs. Dagdelen (Dagdalen) is also a Member of the German Bundestag.

In 2012, Mrs. Dağdelen was also faced with the hypocritical criticism for the signing a controversial pamphlet, which has accused the United States with the preparation of the war against Syria and Iran.



Some lowbrow contemporaries still believe in the neutrality of the Western mass media. They are not able to see through how the stories and reports sometimes come about.

When they have “learned” it, that “the Assad regime” has killed civilians in al-Houla (Hula), all the reports of the Western mass media were then only based on the  proclaimed opinions of the U.S. State Department, which were made with deep conviction, while the U.S. State Department had overhasty taken over the one-side recrimination by the so-called “activists”.

Since that time, this appears for them as if it has to be the truth. Relevant advice and information are being hidden partly systematically, because they contradict the “truth”. They bristle to recognize the latest state of the evidence. Of course, nobody can exclude that this latest state of evidence might change again. But currently, nothing indicates such a change.


Bill Richardson, candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party in the 2008 presidential election, demanded on 14 June 2012 at Fox News from all NATO countries to military train and to arm the “rebels” in Syria.

This should be done in order to strengthen the rebels, which are bought from the despotic and murderous regimes in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, so that they allegedly are able to “protect” the “civilians” against all the loyal Syrian reformist government units.


NATO-backed Islamist savages have killed citizens in Syria for over a year, and their campaign of terror is only beginning.

“War is a survival among us from savage times and affects now chiefly the boyish and unthinking element of the nation.” – Percival Lowell, American author and astronomer. Pluto was named after him.

Put the “Arab Spring” in Syria on hold. If NATO has its way, winter is coming to Damascus, and the snow won’t be falling on Assad alone.

NATO’s campaign of terror against Syria is only beginning, and discerning Syrians know it. Syria is preparing for a long NATO winter. This is the time to bunker down and get spiritually prepared for the disappointments, stresses, and horrors of war.


The West plans to intervene in Syria. The question of whether an military intervention must really happen, seems to already answered since a long time, now the focus of the West is apparently on the correct moment for a intervention in Syria.

In this context, war preparations are already being made, such as the delivery of new communications technology of the U.S. to Syria, while there are some rumors, that the U.S. already delivers weapons to Syria over contact persons in Georgia. Just as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are already doing this since months.

The armed militias in Syria received satellite phones with GPS capability, so that they can provide data of places of e.g. a massacre (or staged scenarios) better to the Internet and to the “operators” abroad. Then, the massacre of al-Houla (al Hula) could have just been the beginning.