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Google owned YouTube have deleted our channel claiming we violated their ‘Community Standards’; it turned out we were not the only victims, first they trie..

Source: YouTube Channel Deleted / New Update Below | Syria News 


YouTube works for al-Qaeda and its variants in Syria as their propagandists promoting their material and omitting any counter material.

Source: When YouTube Work for Al-Qaeda as their Propagandists | Syria News

YouTube on a Targeted Onslaught Rip-Off:

Source: YouTube on a Targeted Onslaught Rip-Off

As many Americans already know, it’s not uncommon for Facebook to ban certain groups and erase postings on its social network. Reports of Ron Paul supporters and sovereign citizen groups suffering this treatment have unfortunately become a normal occurrence on Facebook, as their big brother behind-the-scenes moderators work overtime in the US to steer political reality into an ever-narrower band of awareness.

A very real and disturbing new trend has taken off in conflict-ridden Syria, where rogue opposition groups, many of whom are already associated with the al-Qaida terrorist brand, are using Facebook to post the names, phone numbers and residential addresses of pro-Assad government supporters. At the end of these posts, the terrorists then leave a note of encouragement for other opposition members to “go and kill them”.


The new social network “SalamWorld” will already launch in February. “SalamWorld” is advertised to be a social network website which is in line with the religious values of Muslims worldwide and so it complies with the rules of faith for Muslims.

Maybe one could call it the “halal version” of Facebook. Of course, there is a business behind and a lot of Muslims worldwide are already registered at social networks as Facebook. But perhaps such a social network which is in line with the morally attitudes of Islam could be a good idea.

One of the managers of the social network “SalamWorld”, which is responsible for the Russian-language edition of “SalamWorld”, told the “Voice of Russia”, that “there are about 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, but there is still no global social network for them”. We doubt that this statement is totally correct, because (even) the most Muslims use e.g. Facebook without hesitation, but it could be indeed a nice idea (also for the business side) to crest a social network for Muslims worldwide.