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What Davutoglu conceals is the fact that the “Arab Spring” is not a spontaneous uprising of the masses, but a planned project in order to transform the region, which is performed actively by Turkey in a cooperation with the U.S. President Obama who has fired the starting pistol for this in August 2010 with his “Presidential Study Directive 11“, shortly after the collapse of the two-state solution in the Middle East conflict that he had intended,  and also shortly after “Cablegate” became more obvious, but long before the self-immolation of the Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi.

Since the upheaval in Eastern Europe, which was driven by masses in 1989 on a closer inspection was also planned by a significant proportion of the governments of the U.S. and allied NATO countries and then conducted, and so the analogy to the Eastern European transition is even somehow correct, the detail of the upheaval that it is decisively driven and operated by foreign countries, which do not belong to the states that experience these upheavals, first appears somehow negligible.



On Friday, the senior Lebanese Intelligence Officer Wissam al-Hassan and seven bystanders were killed in a massive car bomb in a Christian neighbourhood in Beirut, just a few hundred meters away from the headquarters of the  anti-Hezbolla, March-14 alliance fascist party the Phalangists.

Dozens of other people, mostly pedestrians, were injured by the bomb attack, many of them sustaining serious injuries. Nobody has yet taken the responsibility for the bombing. Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, among others, have condemned the act immediately stating it is a heinous crime.

They also expressed their condolences to the relatives of the victims.  The terrorist attack has significant parallels to the assassination of the Saudi-Lebanese senior politician Rafic Hariri in 2005.


The following is the translation of the new article by the German blog “Alles Schall und Rauch” about the current increase of violence in Lebanon and the purpose behind the bomb attack from last weekend in Beirut.

The plan for the approach against Lebanon and Syria was already in “Clean Break”.

The great chess game of NATO and Israel in the Middle East has cost another sacrificial lamb. After the bomb attack on the head of the Lebanese Police intelligence service, Lebanon is now in the crosshairs of the warmongers in order to trigger another bloody conflict. Syria and Lebanon are directly related and must be eliminated.

The Cedar Revolution is reactivated, which was directed against Syria and against Hezbollah. The answer to the question of who benefits from the murder of the Syrian enemy Wissam al-Hassan reveals who are the perpetrators. Assad has certainly no benefits, when the anger against the Syrian government in Lebanon is triggered by this event.


From the interests of Qatar in Syria, much has already been written. Here, one is able to summarize all things which have been said, in one simple sentence: for Qatar, this is a pure war about infrastructure, whereby the country tries to address multiple, otherwise intractable problems.

First, it is about a blockade of Iran and the thwarting of its continental connections to Europe. Then, it is the attempt to establish a monopoly over the natural gas pipelines in the region; that would make the “bottleneck”, the Strait of Hormuz, which the Qatari super tanker have to continually pass through, make more or less irrelevant at the same time. Pure logistically, on this route, also the Suez Canal belongs to the bottlenecks.

A hand-tame Syria would also solve the problem of competition with the Transcaucasian (Azerbaijan) Trans-Caspian (Turkmenistan) natural gas supplies, which are a problem, once somebody imports them into a pipeline system that is not controlled by Qatar.

All in all, the disappearance of Syria from the map would open a range of possibilities for Qatar, which would elicit one or two clicks of the tongue of the voluminous Emir.


The amount of information by an inevitable and imminent war between the West and Iran has recently increased very much; even in the face of the familiar, yet not exactly  quiet, background with all the prophecies, warnings, threats, and the “accidentally” published secret plans.

One reads from a journalistic feather but actually never the question, what all this really does mean at all. What is it that could happen in near future, which the Israeli leadership suddenly throws all the rest of rational thinking over board and is heading like a bulldozer inexorably to a war – heading to a war, in which Israel would definitely not come out unscathed?

If, then there are at best nebulous considerations of completely irrational factors, which are finally no facts; this goes even towards considerations, that war is simply the best medicine (remedy) against times of crisis.


Yesterday the German mainstream newspaper “taz” published an article entitled “Escalation of Violence in Syria: Now the Kurds should also join the war“, written by Jasna Zajček.

Of course, this reminds some on the new head of the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, and why this head was finally “elected” to represent the questionable interests of this dubious council.

Jasna Zajček was awarded with the CNN Journalist Award in 2005 and it is almost no question that hardly anybody fevers so violently with the “Syrian rebels” than this so-called journalist with experiences at the front (picture see source).


On the occasion of the attacks on two churches in Nigeria, the German Foreign Office spokesman, Andreas Peschke, gave a statement at the government press conference on behalf of the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle and “condemned” the attacks.

“This religious terrorism is not to justify by anything. Religious freedom is a fundamental human right; the federal government supports this in strongest terms worldwide. Therefore, we do expect by the Nigerian authorities, that they act consistently against this religiously motivated terrorism and that they ensure the safety of all religious communities in Nigeria,” said the statement.

There were no further inquiries. But a question imposes itself: Why is Westerwelle silent about the numerous crimes that Islamist extremists have committed against Christians and members of other religious minorities in Syria?

Wherever in the media usually euphemistically as “rebels” or “freedom fighters” referred to Islamist forces have managed to expel the Syrian army begins for the resident Christians, Shiites and Alawites live in fear and terror.


Syria is constantly slipping to a war or gets driven to a war, which seems to be the correct description. The violence in Syria is despite (or perhaps because of) the current ceasefire since the 12th April and the so-called peace plan, proposed by Kofi Annan, not decreasing. It further seems as if radical forces get more and more feed and are even able to gain the upper hand in Syria.

The radical extremists, whose activities in Syria are even acknowledged by the U.S. Secret Service, have almost a free hand to implement their violent struggle against the leadership in Damascus. The opponents of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad have still the upper hand in Western media and are still getting supported by the West, despite the violence of these radical opposition forces in Syria and the sectarian threat which some groups are spreading.


Just over a year ago, the demonstrations of the Shiite majority in Bahrain were crushed by the Bahraini government / regime. Because the Sunni royal family of Bahrain has called for help, the forces of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rushed immediately to Bahrain. For example “some” Saudi tanks and forces.

Saudi Arabia has sent tanks and troops into the neighboring state, in order to restore the so-called peace. The Saudi tanks were not really good for this order in Bahrain, so the Saudi royal family (regime) has ordered more suitable tanks from the democratic Germany.

The German chancellor Mrs. Merkel has decided with other responsible people behind closed doors to send those tanks as soon as possible to Saudi Arabia. The U.S. President Barack Obama has reluctantly raised the admonitory finger in the direction of the royal family and allies in Bahrain. And then, the news about Bahrain have disappeared from the headlines in the mass media. After all, the Formula One race (Bahrain Grand Prix / GP) was canceled due the suppression of the protest movement last year.


Last year, encouraged by the known events in Tunisia and Egypt, protests have also begun in Bahrain. These anti-government protests are mainly focused in the capital of Bahrain, al-Manama. The Shiite majority of the Bahraini population is calling for an improvement in living conditions and demands the abolition of the absolute, violent monarchy within Bahrain.

The Bahraini monarch responded to the peaceful demonstrations of Shiites by force and again and again justified the brutal crackdowns of protests with the action to counteract the influence of Iran in Bahrain, which is allegedly behind these demonstrations. Of course, a very interesting justification by the Bahraini leadership.

Since the Bahraini head of state was not able to bring the situation under control, the leadership, some would also call it a regime, asked the neighboring state of Saudi Arabia for help to surpress peaceful protests in Bahrain and to care about the “stability” of the country.