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Syrian Arab Army SAA Convoy - Archives
Syrian Arab Army SAA Convoy – Archives

Heading southwest or northwest or continue moving northeast or even southeast? NATO and most analysts remain puzzled over the next destination of the Syrian Arab Army after cleaning and securing the Syrian capital completely last week. Helicopters from the Syrian Arab Army threw leaflets over the countrysides of Idlib and Daraa urging the armed groups to avoid confrontations and join the reconciliation.

Three days ago the SAA helicopters threw leaflets over the areas infested by terrorist groups in the province of Daraa south of Syria calling on the terrorists to drop their weapons before it’s… Continue reading:


No longer the Syrian Arab Army will maintain constraint even if pressured by Russia, starting 10 pm Damascus local time the Israeli forces attacked the Syrian capital with 9 missiles which were intercepted by the SAA air defense. The SAA retaliated in a forceful way and targeted 9 Israeli armed posts inside the Golan Heights under the Israeli occupation.

The following… Continue reading:


Hundreds of workshops getting back to work in Damascus countryside employing thousands of workers and supporting thousands of their families after the SAA cleaned Fadhloun Industrial Area and secured it from Western-sponsored terrorists.

Continue reading: Damascus: 140 Workshops Reopen in Fadhloun Industrial Area

After the evicting of the ‘last terrorist’ from Douma and the whole of East Ghouta, the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian military police are sweeping the area and every day their findings are more astonishing with the volume of investments NATO & stooges invested to destroy Syria… Continue Reading: Terrorists Massive Network of Tunnels in Douma – Video Report

Breaking: The Syrian flag is now raised high over the main municipal building in Douma, East Ghouta, after the last batch of terrorists evicted from the city and the last batch of heavy weapons was confiscated by the Syrian Arab Army.

Continue Reading: Breaking: Douma and Ghouta is Completely Terrorists-Free

Even As Missiles Flies Over Riyadh, the EU Eurocontrol still warns of missiles that might fly over Syria…!

The ‘EU Europeans’ disregard for human lives can be obviously demonstrated in their double-standards especially when it comes to the lives of their own people traveling by airlines over and into Saudi Arabia, where money is and no ‘Regime Change’ is being executed, for now. European Organisation for the Safety of Air… Continue reading: European Hypocrisy Threatens Airlines and Commercial Flights | Syria News

Buoyed by disgraceful western leaders bowing before Saudi tyrants, the Saudi run Jaish al Islam faction of alQaeda today broke the Douma agreement, unleashing more atrocities against Syrian civilians.  The agreement was that all abducted military personnel and civilians be released, along with the bodies of martyrs,

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Syrian Arab Army units constantly combing the recently cleaned areas from Western-sponsored terrorists in East Ghouta discovered the headquarters and main prison used by the ‘Faylaq Rahman’ terrorist organization.

The discovery was in the town of Zamalka in East Ghouta, the town was cleaned from terrorists by the SAA end of last month March after the main defense trenches and fortifications of the terrorist group collapsed by the swift, surprise and forceful SAA attack from the east… Continue Reading: SAA Discovers Faylaq Rahman’s HQ and Prison in East Ghouta

On the eve of Sunday 25 March 2018 Yemeni Army fired a number of missiles against targets inside Saudi Arabia in retaliation to the non-stop bombardment of Yemen for over 3 years.

Saudi regime claimed its US-made and operated Patriot air-defense missiles intercepted the missile targeting Riyadh Airport over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) away, and other areas in the Al Saud regime large farm aka Saudi Arabia. This video clip by an unknown activist in the city of Riyadh tells another story, as usual… Continue Reading: US Patriots Fail to Intercept Yemeni Missile over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hundreds of terrorists from Ahrar Cham (al-Qaeda affiliate) and their families were evicted from Harasta City to Idlib in northwest of Syria as part of the agreement reached, which also included the releasing of 13 SAA soldiers who were kidnapped from Barzeh in 2016. Contrary to the vile lies of the western media…

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Source: Hundreds of Terrorists &

Their Families Evicted from Harasta to Idlib | Syria News