Algeria Expels Reuters Reporter for Spreading Fake News

The Algerian authorities have expelled a Reuters reporter from the country after spreading fake news about clashes with protesters in its capital. Tarek Ammarah is a Tunisian reporter working for Reuters who entered Algeria a couple of days ago to cover the ‘events in the country’, seems not what’s happening but his own agenda. The […]

Freedom of Press or Freedom of Crime: Reuters Creates News in Syria for NATO

‘Beijing is trying to weaponize tourism’ is what Reuters called China’s version of the US State Department’s travel warnings and travel bans…! Reuters is one of the Pentagon’s leading tools in disinformation in the ‘War of Terror’ waged against Syria from the first days. Reuters office manager in Syria, a Jordanian Khaled Oweis, was caught on […]

Western Media Jump to Rescue Reuters Credibility

New York Times ‘Blogs’ have taken on their shoulders the mission to try to rescue whatever is left of Reuters credibility compromised by the incident yesterday, when the western News Agency, which is the source of all NATO aligned media, have posted at least 2 reports on its blog site, one of them an interview […]

Is Reuters A Credible News Agency?

Something funny happened today that is unthinkable in the news industry, Reuters conducts an interview with the so called head of the Turkey sponsored FSA terrorists Riad al Asaad who declared his troops had to withdraw from Aleppo after inflicting heavy losses on their sides: 1,000 killed and 1,500 arrested terrorists by the Syrian Army, […]